Ecological action Rob Greenfield

The average person consumes about 100 liters of water a day, and Rob for a year enough for two liters.

The idea of ​​the experiment came to him during a long bike ride across America. He forced himself to follow the rules of the heap - for example, to collect water only in natural or public sources. At the same time, he watched as the water consumed - because he wanted to show how little people really need.

Velopoezdka took 100 days, but after it, Rob decided to continue the experiment. As it turned out, to live without the soul of the whole year is much easier than expected: after the trip, Rob began to live at home as an ordinary person, and water consumption increased to 20 gallons per day, but it's still ten times less than the cost the average person. So for the next eight months sberёg Rob about 5000 gallons of water. When he bathed, shampooed and he just wiped myself with a damp cloth.

Here's what he says Rob:
"We believe that water should be poured upon his head - the only way we can become clean. But there are many other ways to clean up. You think of me stinks? No. What I did not use the shower, does not mean that I have not bathed. I swam almost every day, I bathed in the waterfalls, I have used eco-friendly biodegradable soap, when I wanted to wash thoroughly.
And I completely abandoned all the countless cosmetic products: everything I needed - a soap, toothpaste and essential oils. I threw all stuffed with chemicals, colognes, shampoos, deodorants, lotions. And what do you think? I had no lack of friends due to the fact that the unpleasant smell from me ».

By the way, from the relaxation in the shower Rob did not give up: at the same time he spent alone with nature and relax. These were the best moments of his life. And he learned to appreciate the water - all to the last drop.



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