Ecological culture – why it is so important to instill in its people?


Environmental problems at the moment are extremely important. Their decision to spend a large amount of money, but any significant positive results it brings, moreover – a natural phenomenon of an increasingly out of control modern man.

For a considerable amount of time, human civilization makes an attempt, involving the elimination of imbalance in nature, however, without apparent success. The emergence of the "green" movement fell on the 2nd half of the last century – it then came the realization that "civilization" changes are global and affect all living organisms. "Greenpeace" were and actively fought against the destruction of forests, different species of animals that are hunted by poachers, together with the authorities to decide questions relating to the protection of nature. The representatives of Greenpeace tried to convey to society the importance of a love of nature instilled in people from school. In addition to environmental education, they were active in copropagate, the most important element of their activities is eco-tourism.

In Russia, the organization appeared in the eighties. Activities in Greenpeace called projects. The office of the Russian Federation carries out dozens of projects, including volunteer, forest, toxic, energy, Ecohome, and others. Work "green" here is efficient, however, the efforts of environmentally conscious people are insufficient to radically change the situation.

Many citizens believe that environmental problems – it's only promothody, released into the environment and overflowing landfills with household garbage. Although ecological culture actually has a huge importance for the "right" interaction between nature and human society, fully understand this one, despite the huge amount of relevant information.

The misunderstanding concerning the impact of man on nature, derived from a poorly formed alsotana, based on which the society does certain things.

Only a few are fully aware that they can influence the state of nature, to rectify the situation with the environment, leading a corresponding lifestyle that ecological culture is very important to human existence.

At the moment in the country as not relevant to the search for effective technologies and strategies concerning education. Although they are very much supporters of each technology and strategy agree on the fact that without the formation of alsotana to raise a conscious eco-friendly in terms of personality – it is impossible. While so far there is no single approach to preschool education as a basis for further learning. Although the need for education of the individual, characterized by humanity, with environmental knowledge with respect to the value of every person and all living things around, who knows how to love, show compassion, be sympathetic and kind – all is also high.

As the person loses the ability to live in nature and harmoniously coexist with it, the connection between him and nature weaken, which affects the way of life of children, their actions and deeds.

Each child from the first months of life should be taught respect for nature, love for her. The lack of awareness is what will lead our planet to destruction, and with it, it will disappear and humanity. Thus, ecological culture must become one of priority directions of the education of the younger generation.

To help properly educate a child, he grew up environmentally conscious parents can institutions of additional education – environment centres for children. Now a word like "ecology", is very popular among the creators of various projects in the field of education. The science of the interaction between human and environment becomes the basis for the implementation of the environmental conferences, creating various circles. Thanks to all that formed the ecological culture (its Foundation) the younger generation, the children learn to respect the environment.

To form a basis of ecological culture in preschool children and schoolchildren, required certain forms, ways of working. Not do in such an important matter without creating conditions that allow their communication with the objects of nature.

The main objective of the events organized in the ecocentres is to instill in youth amidei, to interest her in the protection of nature, to further ensure the adoption of correct decisions, which at the moment do we.published


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