Mysteries of the human mind

Sonia Shatalina lives in Moscow. She is autistic, can not speak, can only make monotone monotonous movements while interacting with it does not react completely disabled and non-contact. Doctors took out a diagnosis of "severe mental handicap." So it was as long as seven years of Sony did not have a pen, and my mother did not touch at this point to Sonya's hand. And Sonia began to write. Yes, it appears that Sonia is able to read and write, she had an absolute literacy, photographic memory and inscrutable cognition of our world.
Some doctors are very long could not believe it. It is difficult to see in a child who may issue only muffled sounds, screams for hours and can not even bring your own spoon to his mouth something reasonable. However, after reading what he writes Sonja your children's handwriting, you will realize that it is unlikely we do know something about the mind.
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Sonia a lot of things written, poems, stories, blogs, aphorisms. There are over every line you can think and reflect.
Here Sonin record after classes at the Dolphinarium: & quot; ... Today I swam with Vahom without a dad. Vahusya comforted me and said I was the girl-delfinka, and I have a tail and fins, and I am in harmony with the water. It was the image of such. And yet the free flow of the will, there is no need to strain it, and just let go in the right direction. A direction - well, listen to the Creator, there are always feelings for harmony. This is not mental images, I realized somehow, it is floated. Vahusya I have three times the fish took.
... I must me a lot to think about, especially on the free flow of will. Dolphins are so harmonious that their will is always directed toward the Creator. & Quot; This here is a mismatch of external and internal ...

Aphorisms Sony:

Excitement - this hobby when nothing else to do, it is impossible as long as there is power. 8 years
African - the best scout for night reconnaissance. 10 years
BUTTERFLY - the main sign of summer happiness. 8 years
WIND - air that does not like to rest. 8 years
Free verse - a verse that can not obey the laws of poetry and not feel any worse. 8 years
SIN - scab on the soul, which separates man from God. 9 years
- Thought or action against the image of God in himself. 9 years
CHILDHOOD - Sunrise fate in human life. 10 years
SOUL - a void in man, which he fills God or Satan. 8 years
LIFE - a whiff of the generosity of God in the created them by nature. 8 years
Dating - meeting different understandings of the world, or even different worlds. 8 years
GAME - vzapravdashny ponaroshnost. 8 years
IMPROVISATION - imagination with words, sounds and colors to quickly get something new. 8 years
BOOK - thing that can save the knowledge and feelings of people over time. 8 years
- Way to talk with many people through time. 8 years
Cat - a symbol of independence cozy.
HORSE - great warm chetyrёhkopytnoe happiness.
MASK - a person of expression. 10 years
WISDOM - measure between "small" and "a lot." 10 years
MUSEUM - canned time. 8 years
Music - the song of God in human perception
- A harmonious blend of sounds and emotions
THOUGHT - after love most powerful force in the world. 8 years
- The courage of the mind to make out words, images. 8 years
- What separates the world from chaos. 8 years
SCIENCE - knowledge based on doubt. 10 years
- A system of knowledge in which there is no room for faith. 10 years
NOVELTY - a phenomenon that a meeting with him your world becomes richer. 8 years
NIGHT - black umbrella with the stars. 10 years
HOLIDAYS - work with pleasure. 8 years
OVERCOMING - the force of the soul, in which the mind and body to cope with all sorts of obstacles. 9 years
Adventure - an unusual event that changes in something you and your world. 8 years
BIRD - embodied God's thought about the song and flight. 8 years
ROLE - a life that live in the game. 8 years
ROMANCE - mood when you see all over the ordinary miracle. 8 years
TALE - that's life, invented soul when it does not suit her real life. 8 years
BRACKET - a wall of words in writing. 8 years
LAUGHTER - the doctor for a sad soul. 8 years
DOG - barking embodiment of loyalty and obedience. 10 years
Competitions - a joint doing something with the aim to find out who makes it better. 8 years
HELIX - frozen in a dance line. 10 years
TABLE - the area in which life is played out dishes and everything else that is on it. 8 years
SHAME - fire, burning out the sin of the human soul. 9 years
FATE - a tough event-border life of an individual. 8 years
FEAR - the causative agent of cowardice
- Brakes on the way to action
ALARM - Tickling itching in the heart, waiting for something bad or incomprehensible
Fun - this is where a lot of goodies can work wonders with a bad mood. 8 years
HURRICANE - gone mad wind. 8 years
CWD - a trap for the sounds of living beings. 8 years
FANTASY - fabric for decoration of the soul. 10 years
PHOTOGRAPHY - is preserved image. 10 years
MAN - is a living being that has intelligence, speech, skillful hands and the ability to decide how it is used. 8 years
HUMANITY - all people together when viewed as a big man.
SKULL - a small box of bone in the skeleton which lies Universe 8 years
BALL - Cube without corners and edges. 10 years
ESSAY - emotion, expressed as thought. 8 years

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