Shelter dog hearts "Loyalty"

Actually, I did not volunteer, nor zoozaschitniki. But the story of each dog in this shelter incredibly painful.
I know that many now say like street dogs have to shoot that they a threat to the lives of people, and most importantly children. But let's think together: where these dogs come from the streets and why they sometimes attack people? It's simple - they were driven out, and there is need to protect themselves. By the way, mostly stray dogs do not bite, and domestic, but now it's not about that.

I'll tell you about the orphanage and some of its soderzhantsah.

Shelter dog hearts "Fidelity" - a group of very young people who care, who can not throw in the lurch freezing puppy hungry old dog or cat no use to anyone.
At that moment, when we pass by and think "poor beast, I'm sorry I can not help," the boys are ready to abandon their plans to spend the last penny and come to the aid of our younger brothers. At his own expense, they built cages, kennels, shelters. At his own expense, they buy food, treat sick animals and operate in good clinics and then bezdomyshey nursed, fed and taught to trust a man again by helping them find a new home.

And when we are losing pets, these people also did not do as we often act "oh, stuff runs homeless." They find out where, when and who saw the dog, catch it, bring home, check his health, the food and looking for us! To safely restore us to our friend. Free. Just. From the heart.
And anyway, it is not easy to -30 in the evening after work to go home not long-awaited, and fly somewhere in a remote area and there to catch feral dog freezing to death.

They have nowhere to go, and never did they have a place where people would have been no violent concrete jungle king, loving and just as a friend.
They were born in the basement, there is first experienced in his life of cold and hunger. Instead of helping, people called shooting and the only window was boarded up metal cross, condemning the then trusting brood to die.
We have time. Found them caught, warmed, fed, we put the first shot, proglistovali. We are looking for good hands.

This dog is called Wind. He was found with a fractured paw that dragging and tried to gnaw. Exit. Cure.
The wind is more or less learned to trust people, became playful and good-natured dog.

The dog named Fox. Hit by a car and left to die. Spend a complicated operation on the spine. More on the treatment.

Bologna. Diagnosis: venereal sarcoma. I have been treated with antibiotics. The bleeding stopped. Did chemotherapy twice. The tumor has not diminished. The doctors decided to operate immediately. Surgeon: N. Skobelev Cost of operation - 7000 rubles.

she was found in the street a fierce winter, but now Bolon prettier to overexposure. She - a vivid example of a dog that is already disillusioned with life and people. If you have seen this miserable creature, ready to defend their last tiny life, when they came for him complete strangers and trying to catch.
Now Bolon has again become friendly to people. Affectionately he meets all his friends. Already out on the street without fear. A little afraid to ride in the car, so constantly gets on your hands. A little afraid to pass through the door. But every time we watch as this little creature is trying to cope with his fear and take another step into the new, so strange for her life, where there is always a person. The last visit vet. clinic she went out of the car to the door of the clinic.
She is learning to trust people. Those who care about her vet, who initially did not want to take.
It is very touching creature who reopened his little soul to meet people.

Found cat is now in hospital. Broken foot inside the dead kittens. In the coming days will make the operation. Condition is very bad.

Ray, flea dermatitis. He was selected from the "caring" hosts.

It mileyshee creating someone threw it away. Willfully.

On this puppy it was caused by the shooting. The girl had an umbilical hernia. Operated on, go out, he added in good hands.

Such a cute little girl that's found at a gas station, the frozen to the ice. Kitten warmed, fed, we found a temporary home. Kiske urgently needs a permanent home and a loving owner. Approximate age-3-4 months, no fleas, proglistovana, it goes into the tray with the filler.

All were picked up and are looking for a house. Black Cat is on treatment with severe otitis.

Do you think that people who engage in animals it is mostly old women, or untidy terrible lonely people? In this photo you can see the main initiator and organizer of the orphanage "Fidelity." Meet, Olesya

And this is true) stories of volunteers, but the smiles come.



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