Even in the most terrible movies you will not see that. It's 20 most terrifying places on the planet.

These ruins give us an opportunity to see how the world would be without people. Kind of dark walls is an indescribable feeling.

Pripyat, Ukraine
Pripyat, a town of 50,000 people had been left by people after the Chernobyl AU in 1986 year. Since then, the city is in pristine condition because of high radiation levels and will remain so for many more thousands of years. Now the city is reminiscent of a scene from a film about the end of the world, nature is in charge.

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The field of diamonds in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia
Diamond mine "Mir", the second largest man-made hole in the world, was opened in Stalin's time to meet the needs of the Soviet Union in diamonds for industrial purposes. Diamond mining is stopped due to the complexity of further development.

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farmhouse, Seneca Lake, USA
Compound this abandoned house in upstate New York is a graveyard for many vintage cars, which are now represent only the outer shell of its former nature.

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Hotel Ruegen, Pyongyang, North Korea
Hotel Ruegen - proof of insanity Koreans. Work on the construction of the 105 floors of the hotel began a few years after the country broke a terrible famine. Abandoned for 16 years, construction work resumed in 2008, the year when the building is covered with glass worth $ 150 million. Foreign visitors have reported that despite its apparent willingness of the building, the interior of the hotel still needs work.

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Shelter Willard, NY
Willard shelter for the mentally ill was built in 1869, the year and closed in 1995. The shelter could accommodate 4000 people. More than half of those fifty thousand patients who called the shelter of his home died within its walls. This makes the morgue shelter the worst place imaginable. By the time of the closure of the shelter, the majority of patients had returned to a normal social life, but before these walls left only in a coffin.

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sanzhi ufo houses, Taiwan
The construction of these houses started in 1978 to the year, then they are going to sell US Army officer. In the 1980th year, work was suspended due to lack of investment.

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Amusement Park Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans, LA
Park Six Flags Jazzland vacant since that time, both badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Some attractions have survived as evidence of persistence of New Orleans. Several companies plan to restore the park, but so far it remains the ideal venue for shooting a horror movie.

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Park Gulliver's Travels, Kawaguchi, Japan
Built at the foot of Mount Fuji, this amusement park was opened in 1997th year. Despite the fact that the money allocated for the development of the park by the Japanese government, after 10 years it was abandoned.

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Castle Bannerman Island Pollepel, New York City
Owner Bannerman Castle, Francis Bannerman VI, built it for the purpose of storing military equipment purchased by him after the war with Spain. Once in 1920, the year blew up 200 pounds of ammunition, much of the castle was destroyed and abandoned the rest.

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Discovery Island amusement park in Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Rumor has it that the former natural landmark in the heart of Disney World is in a derelict state after in the surrounding waters of the deadly bacteria was discovered.

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Lighthouse on the Cape Aniva, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia
Russian is used as a place of exile for prisoners, Bay was coveted territory for Russian, and for the Japanese. Now this unpopulated areas in the sea between Japan and the Russian east coast is under the control of the Russian Federation.

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The railway station Canfranc, Spain
Canfranc Station was once was part of the international route, passing through the territory of Spain and France. The accident that occurred here in 1970, the year was destroyed bridge, a railway line was broken, and Canfranc station was abandoned.

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Chateau Miranda, Sel, Belgium
The castle was built by the French aristocrats who had fled the revolution. During and after World War II was located here orphanage. It was abandoned in 1980, the year when the family has banned the administration to look after the building. So now the abandoned castle attracts lovers of ghost stories.

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Abandoned coal-fired power, France

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Eilean Donan, Loch Duyh, Scotland
Located in the high part of Scotland, Eilean Donan, he was in an abandoned state until 1911, until it was restored a famous retired officer.

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Hasim Island, Japan
In the past, the island Hasim were rich deposits of coal, there lived about 5,000 miners. When the Japanese gasoline has replaced coal as the primary fuel, the miners left the island. Now the once thriving city is in terrible disrepair, there were only shadows.

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Abandoned Mill, Ontario, Canada

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City Hall Station, New York
Station City Hall was built in 1904, the year and closed at the 1945th, for the reason that every day she enjoyed just 600 people.

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Orpheum Concert Hall, New Bedford, MA
Concern This hall was opened on the same day when the Titanic sank on April 15 1912. Part of the building now occupied by a supermarket, and the rest remains in oblivion.

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«Holy Land", the USA, Waterbury, CT
"The Holy Land" theme park, built based on biblical stories. At the peak of the popularity of the park in the 60's, 70's of the 20th century it annually visited by some 40,000 people. The park closed in 1984, the year, but the area remained unchanged.

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