10 of the most horrible places in Russia. When I heard what happened, his hair stood on end ...

You do not believe in ghosts and other anomalies? But, even the most obvious skeptics ceases not by themselves from the places shown in these pictures. From the horror stories associated with these abnormal areas, simply hair-raising. Supernatural phenomenon, mysterious deaths and disappearances that occurred here, really scary. It's 10 most horrible places in Russia. Now there is no denying that in nature there is something that defies human explanation ...

Ferris Cemetery, Krasnoyarsk region
This place is called the "Bermuda Triangle" of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Over the past 30 years, then disappeared without a trace dozens of people. Cattle that graze on this anomalous area is dying for unknown reasons. And it's not in the mystical legends that go about the place ... The fact is that at the top of the mountain of the "devil's Glade" is a huge hole, which was formed as a result of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. The people this place is called the Devil or the Devil cemetery clearing. This paranormal territory trying to learn about it, even made a film of the same name - "Ferris Cemetery." Several research teams have not returned from scientific expeditions. Just one thing is clear - this place is better not to approach closely.

Gore dead, Sverdlovsk region
This place goes notoriety. Tourists are still afraid to visit him, since February 1, 1959 was made quite famous expedition led by Igor Dyatlov wire on this mountain, which has led to tragic consequences. According to local legend it was at this time there is a mystical holiday called Kindlemas. The expedition members made themselves here for the night, but suddenly the night is something indescribable forced them to leave the camp half-naked in the bitter cold. Found the body of young people were terribly mutilated. Some had even pulled out a language. About what happened that day is still unknown, since a long time, information about the expedition Dyatlova simply silent. Later on this place was a thorough investigation ufologicheskiye. Many participants of the research have disappeared without a trace.

Devil's lair, Volgograd region
Locals are afraid of this place, because there are rumors that there is not a time spontaneously fire people. The most famous case was that of a local shepherd Yuri Mamaev. It seems no wonder this place was given the name that is associated with the forces of hell and the devil.

Labynkyr Lake, east of Yakutia
I heard about the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland? So the inhabitants of Yakutia has its own. According to the stories of people living in the lake Labynkyr incredibly huge animal origin relic. Rumor has it that this creature eats the entire animal and human. Already counted more than a dozen have disappeared in this area. But the reason for their disappearance is not restored.

Death Valley, Novgorod region
In the world there are many valleys. The most famous is in the US. In Russia, they, too, there are several. One of them is located in Valdai in the Novgorod region. How to tell the people in this area have no one unseen stump, near which a marvelous way people disappear and animals. But evidence of this phenomenon was not. In addition, the local police have not documented a single case of the mysterious disappearance.

Another Death Valley is located in Yakutia. But no terrible accident here, too, there have been no about mititsizme occurring at this place only go to various rumors.

The same Death Valley is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. According to the stories, there are often dying animals and humans. The death of animals could also be caused by poisoning by natural gas.

Devil's Gate, Kolyma
On this road section, which is located between two rocks, it recorded a large number of accidents. Due to the large number of deaths in road traffic accidents, this area is considered abnormal.

Sineus Kurgan, Vologda region
According to legend, near the town of Belozersk of the Vologda region is a mound of Rurik's brother, king of the Vikings - Sineus. During Soviet times, the grave dug up for construction needs, and from the other side made potato storage underground. All the potatoes, timber, and all that is in the basement, rotten, later on this place formed a pit filled with the stench. It has been recorded many cases fall into this groove. According to local legends, so the king Sineus expresses his anger, luring people into the pit because they violated his peace.

Meat Bor, Novgorod region
During the Great Patriotic War in place of the swamp a huge number of soldiers were killed. There are still finding their remains. Tranicheskaya story that happened in this place, leads to the fear of people.

The Cape Ryty Baikal
When you get here, for unknown reasons, compasses and various navigators stop working or start to behave very strangely. Also on this site from time to time record increase in background radiation, so in this area no one is home.

Bloody Ravine, Pskov region
There were several cases of disappearances. Some people still came back and told wonderful stories that have taken place here with them. However, official confirmation of all these strange events yet.

You're still as skeptical? Tell a friend about this frightening story, but do not do it at nightfall.

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