10 tricky ways to Wake up with perfect hair

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If you think to get up in the morning with perfect hair is possible only in the movies, you're mistaken.

The website has collected the best advice on how to achieve this. Try it — and soon you will feel like a girl from the commercials of shampoo for the hair.

Before you start using tricks, remember these simple rules:

  • Never go to sleep with wet hair because they are quicker damaged.
  • If you dry your hair, always use cold air. This will help to avoid frizzy hair. Never dry your hair with a Hairdryer until the end — just leave them a bit wet so they dry themselves.
  • Always brush your hair before bed.
1. Braid his hair blond hair before sleep

Braid his hair blond hair before bedtime to avoid frizzy hair and static from the sheets. Braids also will give your hair to tangle and become unruly. It is very important to do braids on the hair then, when they are dry or slightly damp. And, no matter what pigtail are you going to do, make sure you braid it not too tight.

2. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is usually applied on your hair: it helps to eliminate static and leaves hair superbissima. Important: use a small amount of oil and only for hair not for scalp.

3. Consider buying a silk bedding

Sleeping on silk and satin sheets and pillowcases reduce the friction that causes breakage and damages the hair and leads to split ends. The magic of silk and satin give even curly hair.

To tame curly hair, you can try to wrap them in a silk scarf before bed.

4. Apply few drops of aloe Vera gel before going to sleep

Mix a few drops of aloe Vera gel with mineral water and pour the mixture into a jar from under the spray. Spray the spray on the hair before each going to sleep. Aloe Vera is a great remedy to moisturize hair and control static.

5. Use lotions

Drop of body lotion can actually nourish your hair while you sleep. Take some lotion and just run your hands through your hair, focusing on ends. Then comb the hair.

6. Make the beam

If you have long hair, you can make a bundle instead of braids. First make a high ponytail and then twist it into a bun. In the morning you'll Wake up with manageable and shiny hair.

7. Use cosmetics for children

Products designed to care for the child, such as oils, shampoos and sprays are natural and therefore much safer and softer than products developed for adults. Try to wash your hair baby shampoo and apply a little baby oil on your hair especially on the ends, right before bedtime. In the morning you Wake up with lovely soft hair, smelling like a baby.

8. The talc will help create waves

If you want to Wake up with wavy hair, sprinkle a little baby powder on the roots to degrease them. Then comb your hair and braid them into a braid. In the morning you will get Hollywood waves!

9. Nylon stockings against static

Due to this trick you will Wake up with soft and manageable hair. First, comb your hair and make a bun. Then use a nylon stocking as a cap for sleeping, if necessary, secure with hairpin. The war on static hair is finally over!

10. Use a plastic hair accessories

If you want to style your hair before bed, for example to stab the bangs, use only plastic clips. Forget about the metal accessories because they can easily damage your hair while you sleep.

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