Easy lifting and dangerous alarm

Easy and pleasant morning awakening is a sign of true health. Long been known that the morning sets the tone for the whole day, the people noticed it in the sayings: "as the morning and evening." Then, as you wind your internal clock and set the mood determines your entire day.

Alas, many every morning experiencing negative emotions, stress, and struggle with themselves. Surprisingly, if you send at least part of this energy to violence, and self-organization, that morning will be your favorite time of the day.

And it's easier than you think. Moreover, you will know that the usual alarm clock is more dangerous than it seems.

The negative effect of an alarm clock.

1. Violation of circadian rhythms.The use of artificial light in the late evening and the interruption of sleep by the alarm cancel the signal from the circadian oscillator and desynchronizing system for regulating the cycle "sleep-Wake". The disturbance of circadian rhythms (cyclical fluctuations of the intensity of various biological processes due to the change of day and night) negatively affects the state of immunity and can trigger obesity. In addition, those who use the alarm clock, usually enough sleep during the working week and the weekend sleeping it off. And this is not helpful, since disrupted circadian rhythm of the body that weakens the immune system and increases the likelihood of obesity.


2. Increased stress and worsening of mood. In addition, we should not forget about the danger of sharp awakening. Studies have shown that alarm clock more often than other household devices becomes a source of stress. A sharp sound increases blood pressure and causes the body to mobilize all the resources. In addition, the sharp sound, takes us back to the reality from the dream world, triggers strong release of adrenaline.

Chronic stress associated with sharp regular awakening, affects healthy people, provoking the development of various chronic diseases and reducing the health of person. Of course, such a violent awakening always spoils the mood.

3. Increases the risk of death. Japanese scientists have found that a sharp impulse on ring the alarm increases blood pressure and harmful for the heart. It is very dangerous for people suffering from various cardiovascular diseases, because a large surge of this hormone can lead to a mini stroke or little stroke.

Moreover, there are people who are strongly advised not to Wake up from the alarm clock. Few of them — just one in a million, they differ in that sounds of a certain frequency (trills some models of alarms, for example) cause them to have cardiac arrhythmia. By the way, this rare mutation was discovered in new York scientists in the analysis of deaths from the alarm clock.

Yes, and death was from the alarm. According to the weekly "national Eksaminer" in America over the last fifteen years so has already killed five people. Doctors explain the cause of their death. It turns out that one of the most dangerous stress is for a person, noise, arising from the loud and unexpected sound of the alarm clock calls at the door, etc.

Any stress increases the body's level of norepinephrine — the hormone of fear and aggression, which makes the heart beat more often than in a state of mental peace. With a relatively mild stress, the hormone of fear in the body grows 2.5 — 4 times, and the sudden noise — 15-20 times. The results of this overload — rapid heartbeat, sudden increase in blood pressure, shortness of breath, headache (fling blood to the brain causes rupture of blood vessels thin head). There is a threat of cardiac arrest, breathing, bleeding in the brain.

4. It is not necessary to use the alarm delay! A special button on the alarm clock, repeating alarm after a set time, can do more harm than good. Typically, your body begins to prepare for waking for another hour. The body temperature rises, sleep becomes less deep; hormones such as dopamine and cortisol, begin to be released to give you the necessary energy. The alarm often interrupts the sleep cycle and interrupts for all of the above processes. If you have not developed a regular sleep schedule, such a sharp spillage is particularly undesirable. Your body is still not quite ready to Wake. Severe morning sleep inertia provokes you to press the snooze button. Your body can resume your sleep cycle and put you on the deeper stage. Thus, the body will once again be preparing for the awakening – from scratch. Because of this, the second alarm may cause you to feel even more tired.

5. To get off on the wrong foot. It is no secret that sleep consists of 5 main phases, each lasting about 90 minutes. The first two phases is a period of relatively light sleep, while the third and the fourth phase is a time of deep dreams.

It is during these cycles occurs most intense recovery spent throughout the day resources. The fifth and final phase is called rapid eye movement is a unique period when the body has regained strength and the body returns to a phase of light sleep.

In period 1, 2 and 5 cycles higher is the probability that the person will Wake up. Sleeping is not only easier to Wake up, but after waking up it will feel relatively fresh and rested. If people Wake up during phase 3 and 4, you will feel worse.

Scientists conducted an interesting study, the results of which, if any sound effect or a simple alarm clock becomes a cause of delayed awakening in the period of the cycle of deep sleep, people not only feel sleepy, but responds to stress active release of adrenaline.

For the same reason during the day people are more prone to stress becomes very irritable, it is difficult for him to concentrate, his memory is getting worse, suffer cognitive skills, vision.

Over time, this can lead to neurological disorders, a significant reduction of brain activity, lower level of intelligence. The person feels overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed, which can lead to the development of depression.


To Wake up easily. Today I will tell you about the simple rules that will help you to get up easier and basic errors which prevent you to easily Wake up.

The main mistakes that prevent easy to get:

  • the excess of bright light in the evening (use the local yellow dim light),
  • late hearty dinner
  • excessive use of the computer
  • tablet and phone,
  • excess coffee and tea
  • TV and news.
For many, the morning starts with the alarm clock, but it's not the most healthy way of lifting. Set that alarm clock causes significant stress and can disrupt our internal clock. The fact that our sleep is composed of individual cycles of an hour and a half, and each cycle consists of phases of deep and superficial sleep.

If you Wake up in deep sleep, you will be broken and exhausted, as they say "get off on the wrong foot". To stand up easily, it is important to Wake up in a phase of a superficial sleep. So plan the duration of sleep in multiples of one and a half hours or use special devices (fitness bracelets, etc.) that Wake you up in the right phase. If you wish, you can use the "internal clock" — the subconscious, for that before falling asleep clearly visualize the time of awakening. And Wake up a few minutes before the appointed time! Alarm clock and use only as insurance, Wake up in a natural way, you will be assisted by the following simple rules.

The first two rules is durationand sleep mode. The secret light of awakening is enough time of quality sleep (7-8 hours). If you sleep not enough, can not easily Wake up. But the secret of good sleep lies in constant time to Wake up, including weekends. It's simple: you go when you want to sleep and get up strictly at the same time. If the weekend you're late, it confuses your internal clock.

The following two rules of easy awakening is light and temperature. And even if there's not sun, it is easy to make a sunrise at home by yourself. You can use a special light alarm clocks that gradually increases the illumination to the moment of awakening. And as soon as you Wake up, turn on as much light as possible – this will allow you more easier to get up and energizing for the whole day. The correct temperature in the bedroom is also very important, because for a good night's sleep well if you sleep in the cool. And it is easier to Wake up in the morning, when the bedroom has cooled down. This can be arranged by opening the kitchen window, putting a window mode mikroprovetrivaniya or decrease the intensity of heating in the apartment for the night. The morning was calm, create a sequence of actions, your personal awakening ritual. Wake up in stages, not jumping out of bed. Sit down, turn on the lights, good music, stretch, enjoy the morning bliss. Think of a wonderful present, after the first minute of the day is very important, for yourself as comfortable as possible. Think about the good things that await you today: maybe this is an important project, or maybe it's Hiking in the bath, or meeting with friends. Take the example of the heroes of the cartoon Winnie the Pooh: "what you think, Piglet? — I think I can imagine what fun awaits me today?". Finally, we advise you every morning to think about why you Wake up. The Japanese have a separate word ikigai. This word means something that makes you Wake up every morning with joy. Think about yourself, about loved ones, about the most important thing in your life and be grateful for it. Let your every morning will be really good! published Author: Andrey Blueskin P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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