How to develop the habit of getting up early. Believe me — it's worth it!

Entrepreneur Zdravko, Cvetic has published in his blog on Medium detailed material on how to learn to get up early and devote the morning to their own Affairs. According to the author, on production boards it took him about four years. Published an adapted translation notes.


"It took me four years of research, experiments and failures to develop the habit of getting up early. Now, finally, I can control the time of rise — and it was worth it. Probably, if you read this material, you also tried to learn to get up early and you failed," writes the author of the note.

Especially popular in recent years, have hacks on how to get up at five in the morning. In fact, waking up early doesn't mean waking up in five. I'm not saying you can't do that, but you're certainly not obligated to do so.

To learn to get up early, says the author, we first need to change your way of life. "One of the reasons why developing a habit it took me four years — I initially did not take into account your student (and then business) lifestyle. The time at which a stand is determined by what you do, having a job, family, social circle, Hobbies, frequency of travel and so on".

"To get up at 5 or 6 in the morning -- an impossible task if you are a doctor, which often has to work the night shift, or a student who works nights and having fun. But if you travel a lot and you are chased by jetlag, getting up at one time hard physically," he explains.

After an hour of the hoist is determined, based on professional and personal activities, will put things in order in several areas of life:

  • the purpose and attitude;
  • evening classes;
  • the quality of sleep;
  • awakening and morning routines.
 1. Goals and General attitude

"People who are looking for instant gratification. And therefore you will look for any excuse to sleep in, especially in the first few days. The main thing that you should know — you really have to sacrifice a lot. And you have to be ready," — explains the author of the material.

Initially, your productivity will suffer. And you will have to abandon the idea that you are just "not a morning person" is a myth.

The most important thing is to correctly goal. Goals motivate people. And the more emotional the goal, the harder people will go to her. In addition, the objectives define the activities of the system, you need to follow to achieve them. "First you need to define three main objectives for the coming year and the system that will help to achieve them".

For example. Goal: lose 5 kg by April 1, 2017. System: to eat less than 2000 calories a day, eat a healthy diet — eliminating sweets, fast food and snacks. Two times a week performing cardio (swimming or running). Twice a week, doing heavy lifting. Once yoga.

2. Evening classes

"Many people believe that you should start with ordering the morning's Affairs, but it is not. Firstly, before bedtime you need to tune in to the early awakening, "writes the author of the material. He suggests several ways how this can be done.

1. To stop using a smartphone, tablet or other technological devices before bedtime.

Blue light, says the entrepreneur, affects the quality of sleep. So about an hour or two before bedtime is to abandon the use of any device — smartphone, tablet, laptop, and devote them to other pursuits.

2. To prepare for tomorrow.

The author offers in the evening to take care of a few things, not to solve problems like this in the morning and free up time for more important things. He believes that from the evening you need to answer three questions:

  • What are the main priorities for tomorrow?
  • What clothes to wear?
  • How to hold a Breakfast, lunch and dinner?

3. To evaluate the day and to introduce a perfect morning

"Time flies fast and if you don't learn to stop and think about things that are important to you, you will feel that life lacks something. Every night ask yourself: what happened today the way you want? What did you do? What are you thankful for? What made you happy?".

Then the author recommends to introduce a perfect morning. In his opinion, this will help with the morning not to postpone the upgrade, and immediately proceed to business.

4. To read

"Modern man is hard to find even 30 minutes to read. But if you get rid of all technological devices before bedtime, you can actually find the time to read. No matter whether it will promote personal or professional growth", — says the author.


3. The quality of sleep

"Most people don't know what and how affects their sleep and what can be done to improve its quality," writes the author of the note. He cites several factors that improve or worsen the quality of sleep:

  • Stimulants. At least six hours before sleeping stop drinking coffee and alcohol, and leave the drinks in the diet only green tea and water.
  • Heavy foods. Before bed do not eat heavy food — it burdens the digestive system and reduces the quality of sleep. The author recommends that before going to bed to eat a small snack, nuts, or drink a glass of milk, to not Wake up hungry.
  • Water. Before going to sleep is to drink at least one glass of water. If the person is drinking one glass of water before bed, you can increase the number to two.
  • Sports. Before bed you should avoid physical exertion at least three hours. "Exercise invigorates, and sleep after them, will be more difficult".
  • The conditions of sleep. You need to purchase a quality mattress and pillow, and make sure the room is dark (if you set the darkness cannot, will fit a sleeping mask). Also pay attention to the temperature in the room.
  • Time. Bedtime is at the same time each day. At first, says entrepreneur, it will be difficult, but soon the body will get used and people will start to feel tired just to the right time.
  • Optimization of sleep. Entrepreneur advises to find the perfect time to bedtime — is that after waking up to really feel rested. "When you sleep, you go through certain cycles. Light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. A full cycle lasts about 90 minutes and is repeated several times during the night. To feel rested, you need to Wake up when the cycle is complete — an hour and a half, three, four and-a-half, six, and so on. Of course, you won't guess the exact minute, but with time you will understand how comfortable your body".
4. Awakening and morning businessEntrepreneur offers two strategies that will help to Wake up early:

  • The immersion method. The man sets the desired Wake-up time and immediately begins to stick. "This method has a right to exist, but you have to consider that such a dramatic change initially will affect your energy."
  • Gradual method. This way the entrepreneur believes the most effective. The idea is to gradually approach the desired time, every three or four days setting a time of awakening for 10-15 minutes before. "It will take time, but the impact energy will be minimal."

Once the reader has determined the method the author proposes to test a few things.

  • Alarm clock. "The day should not begin with the tone that scares you, or annoys — it distorts the whole meaning of new habits. Need to find a melody that gradually helps to Wake up, and that makes you happy. Over time it may become hated — then you need to find another".
  • Responsibility. The author proposes to talk about his idea of one loved one. He will have to ensure that he woke up on time. "All you have to do is send a message or call that person in 10-15 minutes after waking up".
  • Gamification according to the method of Jerry Seinfeld. "Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says on his wall in a conspicuous place hangs a one-page calendar for the whole year. Every day when he performs the task and writes something, he criss-cross crosses red marker. Few day formed a chain of crosses. And you will have no other purpose but to continue this chain."
  • Activity. The entrepreneur helps to find something that will help you to quickly exit the sleeping state. "For example, try just to drink a glass of water, wash your face and brush your teeth. Fill the bed. Open the window and let light in the room (even if you get up at five in the morning, a little fresh air won't kill you". The author then offers to do something especially nice for what I would like to Wake up — for example, a coffee and a book.

What to do after you Wake up — depends on the goals and objectives of the person. The basic rule that should be followed, — to devote to the Affairs about an hour. "The attempt to devote three hours to the new habits will most likely fail," he says.

Entrepreneur offers several options classes in the displayed time, but notes that the final decision lies with the man — he can choose anything:

  • install and reassessment of goals;
  • physical activity;
  • meditation;
  • reading (or viewing courses);
  • work on third party projects;
  • communication with loved ones;
  • cooking.

For the first time will inevitably fall in energy — this should be prepared. If in the middle of the day tend to start to sleep, need a NAP, 20-30 minutes. We must not forget that the development of habits is a long process, and not expect that can immediately follow all instructions. They need consistent implementation:

  • first determine goals,
  • then deal with the evening chores,
  • and then go to the early awakening.
 Frequently asked questions

Question: "How about this weekend?"

Answer: "it All depends on personal preference. But if you are just beginning to develop a habit, I would advise you to stick to the new schedule and on the weekends. Later can afford one or two extra hours of sleep."

Question: "How many times in a row you can Wake up early and not to lose the habit?"

Answer: "When a habit is produced only after 2-3 days and return to the reached the bar will not be easy. When the habit developed, 2-3 days wouldn't hurt".

Question: "What happens when I'm traveling and changing environment?"

Answer: "Difficult question. First, take yourself. Try to stick to their habits, but if it does not — should not do it yourself."

Question: "What if you suddenly have to go to the party?"

Answer: "It is very good. It's just fun. No need to force yourself to Wake up at the same time as usual — sleep as long as need be".published


Author: Daria Khokhlova


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