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Zhavoronkov owls and there. On the other hand, there are people who are used to stay awake in the morning. Conversely, there are those who are accustomed to conduct all the activities in the afternoon. At the heart of the history of sleep, like most phenomena related to our body, it is a habit - pre-programmed for a specific set of actions and reactions.

Patterns of behavior, firmly seated in our minds form the overwhelming majority of our daily actions and, accordingly, their results.

You - this is the result of your minutes.

For the first time I was faced with Her Majesty habits and the hassle that it brings to our consciousness, forcing it to take guidance for the personal desires when to give up meat. Once a favorite product suddenly became tasteless.

Prepare for the internal confrontation, believing that I will now have a lifetime to restrain his impulses on "smells like barbecue," I was in complete disarray after a couple of months. Himself did not have to force or hinder. Meat is no longer seemed neither tasty nor desirable.

I was 21 years old. Understanding that the sincere desire of the body are not always sincere desire of our body has turned my world. It dawned on me that even the deepest habits that are at the level of instincts and experience of generations, can be changed. Now they will dance to my tune, but not vice versa. The first time I touched the reins of managing your life.

Since then, I was faced with the effect of habit many times. For example, food is especially evident. In the past, coffee maniac who can not start their day without two cups of coffee and write a couple of pages of text without even two, I once tied. And again, just a couple of months (even years!) It becomes obvious to you that coffee is not that he does not want to ... you frankly distasteful - bitter taste, broken artificial milk, with a strange short-term effect that chronically requires continued. < br />
The habit or the best of the maids or the most dangerous of the hosts

Man - the only creature in nature are able to change their habits. And doing it yourself. Pets are not capable, plants are not able to man - can. However, not everyone. Only those who are willing to believe and put into practice. There is still a large enough reservoir of people compare themselves with plants. They argue that if you have "apple", the fruit you will only be "applesĀ».

Plants - yes. It is their constant program. Man can become the "cherry" at any time. Change your program. In our brain is able and determined action. Examples hundreds. However, people often refuse these tools, relying on conditional fate and circumstances, it is much easier and more convenient to be a vegetable, oh, excuse me, an apple.

But the theme of the dream today.

I always thought that the best early recovery may be just a dream without an alarm clock. When you get up intuitively, without all the hooks of contemporary realities, happy about a new day and do what he likes. And this moment has come. Or rather, I created it in my life. I can wake up at any time and do things even when I'm comfortable.

Now is the time to try to live without an alarm clock.

Please get up at 8-9 am. Waking up in the 6-6.30 as alarm clock, it was not possible. But I spilled and was happy.

Then, imperceptibly, began to rise in 10, and sometimes at 11 am. Given that the morning rituals, which include including jogging, take me a total of about 3 hours, my working day shifts to dinner and started in 12 or even 14 hours of the day. The later I got up, the harder it was to fall asleep early, so bedtime was postponed each time for an hour. And if you lay down late, about the early rise is not out of the question. The circle is closed. Since humans and mutate into owls.

Frankly, it became scary. I realized that I was starting to get used to and I can not get up at the usual 8:00, not to mention the 6 in the morning. It would seem - well, get up later, work from 14.00 of the day, just can not afford it. But here came the first wort.

The already difficult process of getting texts from the depths of his soul, suddenly became overtly stop. If usually it takes me about 4 hours of full concentration on one material, now is the time to stretch and up to 8 hours. Keep attention has become more difficult. Text will remain in one piece is enough, but let me far more power consumption. It was the first call.

The habit of going to bed late and wake up late, packed with catchy phrase "life without an alarm clock," continued to grow stronger.

Then run. There were also changes. Running at 8am on the quality of filling different emotions and energy from running at 11am. I can not say what exactly was the difference, but something just is not enough.

And another unexpected phenomenon. I doubt worsened on some issues, I did not even catch their cause, until he suddenly noticed that if I'm awake after 12 o'clock at night, I start to worry a lot more on that for me mean nothing day to clear my head. < br />
By the way, the Vedas, loved by many, on this matter reads as follows:

If a person does not sleep between 23:00 and 1:00 am, he will have to suffer the activity of prana (life force), circulating in the body.

Morning - time force. I felt it on the physical level.

Question return to the morning regime is not even standing. I only had to decide: "How?" And never depart from that which gives you strength and lifting.

How to learn to get up early? Practical calculations.

1. Early wake up - this is an early bedtime. The thing is, how much you sleep
Very often, I hear talk of an early rise without the context of how many people go to bed, and it is a blunder that will cost you the strength and tone.

It's not only what time you get up, and how many hours you sleep.

Sleep - it's recuperation, it is necessary precisely to the extent that is needed for your body.

Most sources claim that the optimal sleep time for an adult healthy person - is 8 hours. Cast your vote to this view - repeatedly tested on personal practice, again in conditions without an alarm clock and plenty of sleep. 9:00 - if you are tired, but within the permissible norm. 10 hours - for pribolevshy person. 12 hours - after a serious physical or emotional overload. Moreover, overweight can be both negative and positive connotations in.

It is believed that a person is enough, and 6 hours on a permanent basis. Maybe. In perfect condition of the body and nervous system, as well as additional energy stimulants - if you're in love, you burn crazy project, a very young child or there are other things kryshesnosnye. Then the person will be of little sleep and not get tired, but it is usually short-term history, which is better not to abuse.

I would not shorten the time of their sleep for no reason: that restful sleep provides a full life.

This begs the obvious and the most desirable for some conclusion early rise - it is going to bed early.

And other options, including the alignment of the idealistic "go to bed late and wake up early," there is unfortunately not. Especially if you are over 25 years of age and the nature of your longer lends extra energy.

In Haruki Murakami has a wonderful book, "What I say when I talk about the race." This autobiographical story of a man who at 33 has completely changed my life. Because the owner of a small bar, he became a writer. A writer of world renown. From a heavy smoker - marathon runners. Because owls - lark. He shows by example what it means to practice before the person is aware of.

That's what it says on the account of the daily routine:

I am, without a doubt, one morning. In the morning I feel better just to focus on making all important and necessary cases. In the afternoon I go in for sports, economic affairs or just something so it does not require much effort, mental strength. Toward the end of the day I save all work and relax with a book or listen to music. I go to bed early. I adhere to this routine so far, and because of this the last twenty-three years of work, I think, quite effectively. However, this way of life can not be combined with the night and even the evening entertainment, which sometimes complicates our relationships with people. Some literally fall into a rage because of the fact that where we have no night hither, we always refuse.

But I now believe that an adult (youth do not count) is very important to determine for themselves the priorities in life. In life should be routine whereby you spend time and energy. If, having reached a certain age, you still have not chosen such regulations, very soon your life will lose sharpness and contrast

2. The first month it is necessary to be patient
If you go for an early lifting of the state of "owl", the first time you will not escape the turbulence. It is necessary simply to survive. The body gets used much faster than it seems.

How to learn to go to bed early if you do not want to sleep?

We must force yourself to get up early.

If you are over just 3 days get up at 6 am (or another time, which for you means "early") and wait a day, then on the fourth day, you simply "cut down" in 22-23 hours in the evening. And once you have laid down early, then recovery will be already easier. The circle is closed again. Only now you become a lark. Congratulations!

3. Place the two clock away from the bed
Alarms away, call poprotivnee interval between calls 5 minutes. Banal Council, but it works fairly well, if you really want to learn to get up early.

4. Turn the music immediately after waking
My music has always been a strange relationship. The fact is that when the composition falls to my playlist - it bothers me quickly. Therefore, a personal selection of quality I have never evolved. I love the music in the distance, somewhere overheard accidentally hurt. I do not know any names or album or song titles. Therefore, the council with the music in the morning was a breakthrough for me. It turns out that music can evoke. Thoughts totally immersed in the melody and the desire to sleep is dissolved.

In my case - is the mantra of the Virgin Premal. One of the few singers who remained stable in my meager playlist.

5. Do not eat at least 3 hours before bedtime
Do not overload your stomach and intestines digestion. You will be better and easier to sleep. If today you regularly eat before going to bed, it's still the same habit. Try an experiment to live at least a week (ideally - a month) - in a different way and you will feel the difference, which impact not only on your dreams, but also in the whole state of health and physical appearance.

6. Start the morning rituals
Drink a glass of water, wash, do exercises to the music, and there will be no sleep or, as minimum, it will not be as obvious as a further 15 minutes ago. Enter these steps in the habit. Healthy rituals lay a healthy track for the whole day. A healthy day generates a healthy life.

You - this is the result of your minutes

The general recommendation for any conscious progress - from smallest to largest. Do not try to drastically implement all the good habits progressively better from week to week to move to the desired rhythm. For a month you will completely adjust itself convenient schedule.

When the body is rebuilt and you enter the track the new habits, you will be able to catch yourself that waking up earlier than planned call for 5 minutes (but this does not mean that the alarm is not necessary to put, or fall asleep again). However, it happens with those who have to get up and what their life as a whole, it is quite cute.

When there is no power to tear yourself away from the bed because the full identify itself with its current reality - is another problem. Here alarm clocks and other tips will help. Here it is necessary to dismantle itself, and then re-assemble, what it in fact is not worth it. If in the morning do not want to go out into the world - so you can not live. Become even punk, though a novice, though the president - any target in front of you and go, but would not get bogged down in the muddy waters of the lack of zest for life.

Early risers have!

Olesya Novikova


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