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25 most unusual alarm clocks that wake you up any tsenoy.Utro. Calls Service. Remembering that took him 10 minutes ahead of schedule, safely turn off and sleep on. After 10 minutes, turn off and go to sleep again. Then again. And again. An hour later, with wild shouts of "slept!" Start rushing around the apartment. And so each morning. The situation is familiar to many.
But there is good news. Designers and manufacturers of hours continuously working in this direction, inventing ever more ingenious ways to wake up in the morning those given rise to difficulty. In the course are, and military techniques and financial interest and even love to eat.

This alarm clock after the signal begins to slowly but surely destroy the bill that is in it. The face value of large denomination, the greater the motivation to wake up.

Clocky Alarm Clock makes a nasty sound, and when you try to switch it off quickly "Happy Feet": jumps from the table and went to the owner, hiding in a secluded place.

Click on the alarm to go back to reality from the realm of dreams.

To turn off the alarm clock called the Blowfly, you need to catch him first. Small propeller rises into the air when it comes time to get up.

Alarm garnet is used, so you can wake up someone. It works on the following principle: you have to pull the pin and throw the grenade a toy under the bed, "the victim." After 20 seconds, alarm clock will start to publish all rising annoying sound.

First Service dynamite squeaks by activating the countdown. And if it does not respond, after a while he makes a deafening sound of an explosion of dynamite.

Off Service Dangerbomb Clock - it's like to defuse the bomb. Until you disconnect the wires in the correct sequence (randomly chosen each time), the house is spread siren.

When the alarm starts to ring, puzzle pieces are scattered in different directions. The only way to make the alarm silent - get out of bed to find all the items and put them in the right place.

To turn off the alarm clock, the ball, you need to throw it so that it hit the wall or other hard surface.

Alarm Sergeant wake using high-profile teams, gave a stern voice. Feel like there is a rise in the US Army.

Alarm target Laser Tag Alarm Clock consists of two parts: a clock mounted on the target and have a laser pointer, by means of which need to hit the bull's eye exactly.

The surface of this alarm has been specially designed for on it every morning punched. The only way it can be turned off.

Alarm sounding fire alarms, wake up not only you, but also alarmed the whole house.

It is a silent alarm. It does not ring. To wake up, you'll need before going to bed to put a finger on the wireless ring, which in due time will start to vibrate. To turn it off - just a little pull by hand. If you do not get up in the ring at regular intervals is switched on again and again, and shake his hand falls harder and harder.

Five tiny eggs that depart from this alarm clock, you need to collect and invest it back, only then it will cease to crow.

Watch as director numerator shows the date and time up to the hundredth of a second. A built-in alarm clock off slamming the top cover.

Pillow Service displays the time and slowly awakens, for 40 minutes increasing the intensity of the light emanating from it.

This alarm clock allows you to choose the appropriate sounds for the awakening, so to speak, in the "manual" mode.

This Service need to shoot, to turn it off.

Alarm Clock Shape Up Alarm Clock in the form of a dumbbell are not silenced until you lift it 30 times.

Alarm "Darth Vader" wake you up in the morning anthem of the Empire.

If before going to bed to put in a piece of frozen bacon Service, in the morning you wake up not only the sound of hours, but the flavor of freshly prepared meat.

Alarm-piggy Banclock will ring as long as you do not throw a coin into it.

Alarm-mat "Stand up to wake up» / «Stand up to wake up!» Can be switched off only by stepping on his feet.

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