Business idea: open design Studio

The design market is rapidly growing, and even if some seven years ago, this service could only afford a few, but today, a growing number of our fellow citizens to create in your home stylish, cozy space and unique atmosphere seek the services of designers.

Many creative people dream of creating their design Studio interiors, it is a beautiful and interesting type of business.

But, nevertheless, this is a business, and so the dominant must still be business-like approach.


The successful work of the design Studio of interiors is based on two "elephants":

  • on the one hand, effective supply and sale to customers of design services, successful marketing,
  • on the other — the creative architectural component.

The concept of a design Studio If You do not intend to join the ranks of one-day companies, to the creation of this business should be approached very responsibly. First things first, you need to identify the format of the enterprise:

1) this is an additional business line to the parent company (for example, Studio furniture shop or company that sells finishing),

2) a full Bureau that provides a full range of services from interior design to home design.

Then you need to choose the business plan design Studio that suits You.

You know, specialization in types of clients from studios not happen, they simultaneously cooperate both with legal entities and with private, the only feature of the Studio is aimed at cooperation with customers, the wealth which is above average.

The newcomer in such an elite market segment is better not to go here and the responsibility for the outcome increases, and more experience is required.


The choice of personnel for Studio design

As a rule, its own interior design Studio open to professionals who already have extensive portfolio and experience in this field, or it will be two people – Manager and designer, each a master of his craft.

Without experience and knowledge in this area has its own design Studio to open does not.

Therefore, if you have a desire to start in this area own business, initially examine the finished business plan design Studio, work in an established design Studio, get the right connections, gain experience.

Remember, free labor will be rewarded in the future, because it is always a tremendous experience.

At the initial stage of a large number of staff is not required, the more employees, the greater the expenses will be covered by the company. And in the first months, when everything is unstable and unclear, the cost should be reduced to a minimum.

To increase office space and to increase the number of staff you can always have time, but it is better to start small, will be enough of one sales Manager, a few designers (in addition, the head may occupy one of the posts) and accountant.


Advertising design Studio

In order to get customers, you need to go two or three ways:

  • to create a website
  • give ads in the print media/Internet
  • look for clients among your friends, acquaintances.
Experienced managers of such companies are recommended to start from the first option, because the client often acts in the standard way: finds contact information in the design studios, visits the site to him, and if he was satisfied with everything comes to a meeting in the office.

Cost of creation of a site of 1-2 thousand dollars. It contains all contact information, pricing scale, a portfolio with the best works of designers, etc.

To promote their services on specialized websites – post links to your website are used actively posts on forums, etc.

As for the print media, it is best to place advertisements in the directories, and specialized publications.

In the first three or four months on the promotion experts advise to lay at least 2 thousand dollars. Late charges will be reduced twice.


Return of a design Studio

Prices on design projects 30-40$./m2 (20-200 m2 of premises). Developing Studio will have to start with the lowest cost.

In a month the average designer can make the project 120-150 m2. Often he has several projects simultaneously, and to service one customer, which is the typical apartment of 100 m2, can take up to 3-4 months.

Studio three designers in a month earns $ 8000-14000.

According to experts, the volume of orders any budding enterprises of this sector will grow gradually. In the first two years the firm can obtain and perform six orders for flats of 100 m2 each, at least. The number of orders will increase over time up to 4-5 clients per month.

Managers-professionals design studios are confident that will investments pay off in about a year. In order to keep within the specified period, the company with 3 employees for the year would have to receive orders, the income from which will be 30 thousand dollars.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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