7 facts about what your alarm clock may tell about your personality (8 photos)

Perhaps one of the least favorite moments of the day is the moment of awakening, especially if you have sweet dreams of tears rude wake-up call. Shuts down whether you install it immediately, or so that it is ahead of time, your relationship with your alarm clock can tell a lot about your personality.

1. You turn off the alarm several times

Personality type: avoid


Dawn can wait a little longer, if you so choose. To push reality even further, you press the alarm, and then - 10 minutes later. Re-hang the alarm can also indicate that you tend to wait until the critical moment, leaving himself a few minutes getting dressed and prompt care to work.

If you press the curfew began at the alarm clock more often than before, it can be a clear sign that you have problems sleeping. Most often, the culprit becomes insomnia. And even if you sleep position 8 hours and quality of your sleep may suffer due to sleep apnea, that is disorder in which there are often temporary disruptions in breathing.

If you remove the time of awakening, even after the bell alarm clock because it can not bear the thought of to get out of bed, it may also indicate problems such as anxiety and depression.

2. You set the clock, turning arrows forward

Personality type: Amateur create crisis

Even if you know that the clock is 15 minutes ahead of you and found such a move can cause you to wake up faster. A sudden panic when the clock shows 6:30 instead of 6:15 - this is something that will stir you in the morning.

If you need an adrenaline rush, it is better to get up on the wrong time, rather than waiting until the last moment to pack up and flee in a hurry.

3. You wake up earlier than necessary

Personality type: Perfectionist

Are you a typical "early bird" that rises earlier than necessary, perhaps even too soon for your partner who loves to sleep. These people want to be sure that they are fully prepared for the correct time and set the alarm to never be late. Do you use that time to read the latest news or clean the apartment, it can be a productive way to start your day.

Another sign of perfectionism can be a well-organized alarm repeat mode. For example, you set the alarm for 5:45 to take a nap for an hour or more before the bell a second wake-up call at 6:45, when you really time to get up. You know that your body needs time to wake up, so plan ahead.

4. Do you prefer to call the music

Personality type: Strict


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