Ten most vicious birds (10 photos)

These birds are known for their brutality.


If gulls feel their chicks in danger, they will attack with all the cruelty kite.


Yes, they have already become extinct, along with the other dinosaurs. Raptors were more aggressive than any now living bird. They were smart, hunt in packs and have very sharp claws that could easily cut the victim's throat, whether fish or other dinosaurs.


These birds catch on small rodents and fish, and pierce them with their sharp claws. This hunter-machine. Although they are trained to hunt for the man, falcons still do not lose their instincts and can cause serious damage, even at a young age.

Sineshapochnaya ifritah

Although this bird does not eat anything, large insects, it has a protective mechanism, to guard her from danger. Its diet includes a certain type of beetles producing batrachotoxin like poison frog poison dart frogs. Anyone who takes Ifrit hands, numbness and earn poisoning.

Shrike thrush

This bird, like the previous one, armed with the same deadly toxin. Shrike thrush inhabit the forests of Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. This olive thrush and often hidden among the trees, but her voice was very musical.


This was the first of the three birds poisonous, which is toxic to the skin and feathers. In Papua New Guinea, this bird is called "junk", as the food is not good. Almost. If famine comes, and there is nothing more, and she'll do it, but first it is necessary to remove the feathers and skin and fry the carcass on charcoal.


The danger of this bird - its potential harm. The eagle beautiful set of claws, beak and eyes, making it a great predator. It can carry the object in flight 2 kg. And it's pretty greedy to eat a pound of fish for 4 minutes.


Do vultures notorious reputation. And they have the stomach contains acid-resistant to different types of bacteria and viruses, deadly for other living things.


This is the largest bird on earth - they can reach a height of 2.5 meters, weigh up to 120 kg and reach speeds up to 70 km / h. Also ostriches are very sharp claws. If it were not for their cute face and fearful behavior, ostriches could be considered a monster.


This bird is considered the most dangerous in the world. She lives in New Guinea, its sharp claws can kill a person (which happened). Cassowary legs are very strong, and the speed that develops this bird - not less than 50 km / h.

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