14 brilliant tricks that will forever change your perspective on food and cooking

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The resourcefulness of people never ceases to amaze the editors Site. This time we share with you a small but bloody brilliant tricks that will change the way you eat many products.

1. Cook two pizzas at the same time

Before sending the pizza in the oven, just cut them in half. So you no longer have to cook two pizzas separately.

2. Do not give ice cream to harden in the freezer

To ice cream from the freezer was always soft, put it in a sealed plastic bag with "zip". One spoon will not be affected, pognavshis on stone the treat.

3. Leftovers "Nutella" right

Instead of having to throw away almost empty jar with a delicious chocolate paste, put into the ice cream. Cool dessert is ready!

4. Pour the milk into an empty partition packing biscuit

If the cookie doesn't fit in a mug with milk, pour milk into... a box of cookies!

5. Heated in the microwave two meals at once

Put a second plate on a mug or Cup and heat safely.

6. Make a sandwich of cupcake

Try to cut the cupcake in half and make a sandwich. So less likely to be soiled with cream and whatever tastes better.

7. Dunk a cookie in milk with a fork

This trick works best with types of cookies that have a layer of jam or cream, such as "Oreo".

8. Open difficult pistachios

Take one pistachio and slide it in the shell, the second — pistachio open! And not a single nail is not broken.

9. The purified mango peel in a jiffy

For this we need only the glass, and dexterity. To see it done by real professionals here.

10. Use a colander to get rid of crumbs in the cereal, granola and other prepared Breakfast

Pour the pasta into a colander and how would sift them, separating whole pieces of crumbs.

11. Dip cookies in milk and freeze

If dipping cookies in milk and then put in the fridge for a few hours, you get a delicious frozen treat.

12. Put a rubber band on a box of Chinese food

Now you'll never have problems with cover, always interfering to enjoy your favorite foods.

13. Open the "complicated" Bank

If the jar lid does not Unscrew, pry the lid with a spoon or can opener. After the Bank gets air, it will easily open.

14. Bake eggs in the oven (still in the shell!)

Eggs can not only cook, but bake in the oven. It is believed that because they are softer, however, preparation takes more time than conventional cooking: 25 to 30 minutes at 160 °C.

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