20 shocking facts about fast food that will forever change your attitude towards them

Quickly prepared, quickly served and quickly eaten. This is the essence of fast food in six words. Although really, more just a characteristic of these institutions would be poorly cooked, poorly served and quickly eaten.

It has long been proven that the so-called fast food is unhealthy food. However, it seems that for people it does not matter: in these institutions is still crowded queues and fast food restaurants earn more income.

Continues to amaze all McDonald's, managing to sell 75 hamburgers per second, and on U.S. roads, you are unlikely to be able to travel more than 100 miles and not see a famous gilded arches of this company, who tout inside hungry citizens.

Indeed, many people are willing from time to time to fill his stomach with that food, which, to put it mildly, not really for them. Obviously, in this case, they expect that a few solid workouts in the gym will help to get rid of the high calories contained in a Big Mac box.

However, there are far more worrying signals about food from fast food than the prospect to gain a few extra pounds. A recent comprehensive study revealed some terrible facts that lurk behind the attractive menu and colorful packaging. Below are some of them: shocking facts about fast food that will forever change your attitude to this food.

1. Mental exhaustion

Today it is perhaps the most disturbing information about fast food. Everyone knows that hamburgers, French fries and carbonated beverages that are served in these institutions, contains large amounts of fats and glucose. But not all of them know that food from fast food also have an adverse impact on the human brain.

Regular consumption of unhealthy foods inhibits blood flow to the brain and after a while this can lead to what you will look like a living corpse. If we do not promptly done ... with such power, that, in the end, the world of shuffling zombies may not seem like much of a fantasy and will turn into a terrible reality.

2. Soft feces

Some people may argue that they are not interested in where to prepare the food they eat. Importantly, it was delicious. But every rule has its exceptions. In this case, this exception is the fact that in thousands of dispensers, vending machines in fast food restaurants, had traces of fecal bacteria.

A special form of these bacteria (coliforms) detected in these machines, in small quantities, of course, not kill. But the fact that this kind of equipment is a source of proliferation of faeces, will cause enough revulsion in even the most inveterate dirt, and force him to permanently abandon the use of carbonated beverages.

While this kind of bacteria may not necessarily cause severe disease in humans, their other form, found in these dispensers machines will definitely be able. We are talking about a little bacteria called E. coli. It can cause severe symptoms of food poisoning, and in some cases lead to death.

The idea outlined here, clear as day: stay away from the machines with sodas.

3. Pathogenic syrup

Have you ever felt that after drinking a large portion of fizzy drink at a local fast food restaurant, thirst began to overcome you even more? And there's a reason.

To make these drinks concentrated sweet taste, many fast food restaurants with fun injected into their composition a large quantity of corn glucose-fructose syrup (NFCS) is a substance acting as a sugar substitute.

While the high concentration of NFCS allows you to fully enjoy the sweet taste and aroma of the drink, this substance also helps to remove enamel from your teeth, stretching of the gastric mucosa and cause damage to other vital organs of your body.

4. Unnatural eggs

After reading this paragraph you when you are overcome with morning hunger, most likely, will refuse from Breakfast at fast food restaurants, where the menu includes dishes prepared with eggs.

Trying to save on the cost of products, a network of fast food restaurants for Breakfast use unnatural eggs and their substitutes, known as "high-Quality egg mixture". So. Experts have established that the substitute contains a suspicious substance, called glycerin. Chances are you're not particularly familiar with this substance, but to face him, likely when you take a shower or shave.

Yes, the glycerin solution is one of the components included in the composition of shaving cream and soap. Of course, its consumption in this form and in small doses is unlikely to kill you, but agree that you hardly will are welcomed to use it as one of the ingredients in the Breakfast.

5. Elastic bread

You'll surely be surprised to learn that the largest supplier of food of fast food in the world is Subway. In this sense, it is even ahead of the well-known Golden arches colors that are literally on every corner and chase us around.

But, it's probably the second most important fact about this is sold in Subway sandwiches. The "winner" is much more alarming news.

Until recently, the bread used in these institutions for preparation of the sandwiches contain chemical substance called azocarbonamide. Earlier this substance is used to make special mats for yoga.

As soon as this fact became known, the management of the Subway announced that azocarbonamide was removed from the bread, but memories of him and now it is enough to turn your stomach inside out. Especially if before this you had to eat at Subway's famous Italian sandwich TDC.

6. Sauce with larvae of flies

And now some shocking news for you, Americans. The instructions issued by the Office for quality control of products and medicines of the United States, effectively legalized the permissible content of 30 eggs of flies and 1 or more maggots per 100 grams of sauce made with tomatoes.

No doubt, the guys from the office are the people who are aware of their responsibilities. Especially when it comes to bacteria. But just the thought that along with food you will eat these larvae may be enough to permanently abandon the use of fast food containing such a sauce.

7. Cows, cows and cows again

If you have ever experienced guilt as an accomplice to the eating of some animal, licking her fingers and throwing it in the trash box from the Big Mac, the following tidbit could possibly hurt you for a living that you will never be buying a hamburger. Just one delicious, juicy, fatty piece of hamburger eaten by you, may mean that you actually eat the remains from more than hundreds of slaughtered cows.

After cattle are slaughtered, a "cheap" part of his carcass lumped together for further processing. Further, gristly meat is ground, it has added fat, and then from this mass of molded billets of round shape. The result is a typical, cheaply made hamburgers, which then enter a number of networks of fast food restaurants around the world, and then the shelves fall into the hands of eagerly awaiting customers.

Maybe if most of the buyers knew exactly what they eat, it probably would exclude from the diet of hamburgers and instead switched would grill made in the backyard of his home.

8. Cheese that you don't like it

Nothing makes a Burger better than a thick juicy piece of cheddar cheese, delicious stacked between the beef and bun. But there is one problem. In fast food restaurants the cheese – not cheddar. By and large, it can hardly even be called cheese.

Studies have shown that about half of the components used in the manufacture of cheese to fast food, it's chemicals, additives and fat that make up at least 50% of the required mass of the product. Isn't it food for thought?

9. Food with a beach flavor

There is a ingredient called silicon dioxide. It is very often present in such dishes from fast food like chili or Buffalo wings (chicken wings in sauce). Though, most likely, this substance is known you by another name: the sand. Hardly anyone asked to sprinkle your food with fine sand beach, but the fast food restaurants here ahead and do it against all odds.

10. Cocktails of chemicals

In bars, working in the fast food industry, know exactly how to give the necessary appeal milkshake. But if you just presented, what is included in the drinks, in disgust, would launch your milkshake straight into the wall. Indeed, these cheap mixtures contain all kinds of ingredients of dubious quality, which are introduced in their composition to impart a specific taste. In some cases this leads to the fact that these cocktails contain more chemicals than a conventional fertilizer for the garden.

11. The immortal hamburger

Often happens that you eye catches the food with expired shelf life, which for many weeks kept in the far corner of your refrigerator. And when that happens, you, holding your fingers on your nose, in disgust, throw it in the trash and think, "Why spoiled food look so disgusting?"

Well, if it works. But in McDonald's hamburgers can be stored up to 14 years, and while their appearance remains almost unchanged. Great, right? Wrong. When products are deteriorating, their appearance is disgusting. This is a natural process, and a warning signal for us humans, which tells us that this product can no longer be eaten.

And therefore, if after a dozen years the appearance of the Burger remains unchanged, then it remains to make only one conclusion: this is actually not a hamburger at all.

Normal product over the years is covered with a crust and harden, but the typical Burger from a fast food contains so little liquid and so small amount of natural ingredients that will be just lying in the refrigerator as long as necessary, while almost without changing their appearance. Almost like plastic. What, in fact, is most of the hamburgers sold in fast food restaurants.

12. French fries forever

Unfortunately and fries, which offers McDonalds, shows the same passionate commitment to spoiled foods, and in the case of a typical hamburger from fast food. Done a few years ago an experiment showed that the party of French fries in schools one famous chain of fast food restaurants three years later looked like he just stepped off the pan. Even if the ruthless bacteria are not wanted for such period to izgryzt this snack, you especially should not do.

13. The sweet taste of beaver

And now it's time to stop to quench the thirst of vanilla, raspberry and other cocktails, the list of which in different fast food menu is impressive.

For greater sweetness in the cooking process in these drinks are mixed such repulsive component as castoreum, which is extracted from the anal glands of a beaver. Therefore it is also called "beaver stream".

14. Fake nuggets

There are Golden, crispy chicken nuggets is a real treat. But only if they are properly cooked. In fast food restaurants, however, their method of preparation, to put it mildly, wrong. Studies have shown that these disgusting nuggets contain a miserly amount of chicken meat, instead of which they contain mostly fat, bones, nerves and tissues.

15. Pies with duck feathers

Apple pie looks so mouth-watering as it may seem at first sight. At least in fast food restaurants. In these institutions, at the stage of preparation, in juicy pies adds a bunch of weird chemicals that supposedly make it faster and easier process of obtaining the finished product. Very often in the role of one of these dubious supplements is the extract called L-cysteine.

Unfortunately, this ingredient comes from areas of the body, stimulating potiranie selection – including pig's wool, human hair and what is most incredible, duck feathers. Recommend you in future to refrain from eating Apple pie.

16. Salads that increase your size

To order in a fast food restaurant salad, it's all the same what to smoke electronic cigarette in bar Smoking. Without a doubt, you are done and make a choice in favor of health, but you are in such an environment where harmful substances are produced at lightning speed. And how would you may belong to this, but from this institution you will obviously be in a much worse state than entered it.

He expressed concern about the fact, that many typical salads offered at fast food restaurants, stuffed with fat high in saturated fatty acids and sodium. Therefore, in some cases they are even more harmful to your health than the good old hamburger to the Big Mac.

17. Pictures that fooled thousands of times

The posters that you see burgers from fast food, according to the deliciousness – it's not real hamburgers. Perhaps you knew about it before, but was unaware of what efforts the fast food restaurants are making to clean up and revise their posters, giving, thus, your dishes look mouth-watering.

Every junk food restaurant contains a state, which is what gives their dishes placed on printed media, flawless look. To accomplish this goal, ladies and gentlemen designers do not stop at nothing.

18. Crazy kids

Many of the most colorful dishes that are served in fast food restaurants contain food dyes that are trying to give the end product a form close to that which they have glossy posters placed inside the Windows of the restaurant.

If you often take in such places of their children, the presence in the diet of this ingredient is quite sufficient reason to change their habits. Food dyes, proven to actively affect the behavior of children, making them more hyperactive, lively, angry and irritable, and the children suffering from attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, the condition has been further deteriorated.

19. Beetle in a cocktail

The above mentioned nutritional supplements, in addition to the ability to plunge your kids in a high state of hyperactivity, another negative property. The composition of some of them is red, the cochineal beetle is an insect that is specifically caught, dried and then milled in order to obtain "artificial color", which is able to improve the appearance of your milkshake or any other meals ordered in fast food.

Used in small doses, this special food coloring made from processed insects will not cause significant harm to your health. But to be honest, you would like to eat something like a bug in a blanket?


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20. Pass by

If any of the above facts failed to convince you not to buy food at fast food outlets, listen to last thoughts: If you right now went to MacDonald's and bought a small hamburger, small portion of fries and a small coke, you know – the amount of calories, salt and saturated fat contained in this modest serving is that your body will need more than four hours of activity to get them away.

And let's face the truth: the last thing you ever wanted to do once gobbled down the Burger from MacDonald's is to take a walk, with a duration of 240 minutes.


Author: Andrew Lozhnikov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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