What are you hiding from us, the employees of McDonald's

A book written by Eric Schlosser "fast food Nation" has shocked all macdonaldtown institutions of the world. For some time the journalist Eric Schlosser studied systems fast food. As fast food has radically changed the human diet has changed the landscape of America, as influenced by other continents.

He found out where meat comes from ( and therefore did not eat minced beef), why fried potatoes are so tasty, what is the real cost of a hamburger you will not see over the counter. All this he wrote in his book. Thus he angered the sharks of the American food industry, and the responses to his book are as follows "Sit half an hour with this book will get the best diet", "This reading enough to turn Schwarzenegger into a vegetarian" and others.

"McDonalds" can be found in the school, and on the ship, and in the hospital. Look at the history, in 1970 year on this food in America has gone 6 billion dollars a year, in 2001, this amounts to over 110 billion. This amount exceeds the cost of higher education, computers, cars. Also exceeds the cost of books, movies, magazines, Newspapers, videos and music – combined. In the modern world of fast food will not disappear. Each year, only 90% of the jobs belong to McDonald's. Every year at McDonald's to work take a million people, with all this, there is the small salary. Salary less only the fields by immigrants.

The average American eats three hamburgers and four fries each week.

In the US, almost every eighth working person, worked at McDonald's.

For McDonald's brought a special breed of chickens with large Breasts, "Mr. MD". Of breast meat cook all the famous dish "chicken Mcnuggets".And it altered the entire industry chicken production. If 20 years ago the chicken was sold only as a whole, now cut into pieces. Almost all American preschool-aged children familiar with the clown Ronald McDonald. The only one who surpasses him in recognition is Santa Claus.

The creators of McDonald's primarily relied on family. In America in the mid 70's, just had the baby boom, but places to stay with family was very poor. As usual, the baby could come, and parents and grandparents. At this time opened a place of rest, with colorful slides, ball pools, clown Ronald. Organized these vacation spots, thanks to the TV show, the kids of course enjoyed it very much and especially the food in bright packaging.

"Lead sites kids, children, parents, parents – money". In addition to all these pleasures, children are attracted to toys included in the set along with a hamburger and Cola and is called "happy meal". After the release of the new cartoon or film, released a series of toys, and there is a desire to collect as many toys. All this led to the fact that today's children are eating burgers, drinking liters of coke, and all this more than 30 years ago. In America give a coke to drink already two year old kids.

In General, customers in the fast food are children. That's what feed the children, and the profit they make is also by children. The main working force in this cafe is this just high school students.

More than half of working there, not yet twenty years old. Work there for meager wages, and perform simple operations. Workers are constantly changing, the turnover is about 400%. A regular employee of fast food go with the job after 4 months.

To work not rarely take young people from poor families and immigrants, mostly from Latin America, many of them do not speak English, I only know the names of the dishes from the menu.

Meager wages and lack of labor protection is a substitute for the creation of "team spirit" among young workers. Managers of McDonald's know how to properly encourage young workers, so that they believed, how they are not interchangeable. It is much more profitable compared to an increase in salary.

As we all know young people like to joke and naughty. Some of the videos produced fast food Los Angeles, you can see how these young workers sneeze into the food, lick their fingers, pick your nose, extinguish cigarettes on products, drop products. In the year two thousand arrested three teenagers working in fast food in new York, because they are within eight months of spit and urinated in the food. In a blender, live roaches, rats roam at night to defrost foods...Even the shop employees do not eat in their fast food, unless you don't make it self serving.


The taste of French fries from McDonald's, like almost everything. Potato industry had developed in America in the 20 years of the twentieth century. At that time the Americans of the potato dishes were given preference, boiled potatoes, baked and mashed potatoes. But in 1802, the year President Jefferson brought back from France the recipe for French fries, it quickly spread everywhere. A successful potato farmer Jr Simplot quickly took advantage. His chemists quickly improved method of freezing potatoes. At first, buyers had little, while the founders of McDonald's potatoes were the problem. The potatoes were very popular, but it was a lot of fuss. Just started to buy from Simplot his frozen fries. Visitors of cafe spoofing not found. As the price of potatoes was less a demand, he began to use more and its consumption has increased in 8 times.

Modern potato plant potatoes are sorted, washed, dried fallow until fall off the skin. Automatically cut, by means of cameras located on different sides found the tubers with the defect, they blow steam in a special compartment where the defect is carefully cut. In large vats of sliced potatoes fried in boiling oil until light crunch, freeze, sorted by computer, special centrifuge is placed in the right direction, packaged and delivered to the restaurant. In the fall potatoes add sugar, spring is not added, this the taste of the potato is always the same. Initially, the taste of potatoes at McDonald's, directly dependent on the fat in which it is fried. This mixture consisted of 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef fat. In 1990, the year people began to actively fight cholesterol, for this reason fast food restaurants have switched to 100% vegetable oil. But the taste we had to leave the same!

If you want to see in "McDonald's" data on the composition of foods, at the end of this list notice it says "natural flavor". This explains why everything is so tasty.

If you want to know the recipe of potato or hamburger, in cookbooks you won't find him. Rather, it can be found in such books as "Technology of food industry" and "food Engineering". The bulk of products coming into the cafe pre-preserved or frozen, and sometimes dried. It is in the kitchen in a cafe, this is the last link in a complex chain of industrial process.

Approximately 90% of the products we purchase, already have been pre-processed. Although we all know that conservation, or heat processing destroys the natural flavor of the product. Therefore, no chemical plants here can not do. In America, in chemical plants new Jersey for 50 years work in fast food.

Industry taste is a secret process. Major American companies will never tell you the formula of your product, will not disclose names of its customers. All this in order that the visitors of fast food thought that work here are wonderful chefs and excellent cuisine. Before you visit one of the factories of the company "international Flavors and Fragrances" ( "International flavors"), Schlosser had to sign a pledge about not disclosing the names of the products constituting the company's products.


He visited the laboratory of "snacks", there are responsible for the taste of bread, chips, crackers, cereal. In the confectionery laboratory "doing" flavor of ice cream, candy, cakes and toothpaste. In the laboratory of drinks responsible for the taste "100%" juice and proper beer. Using 350 chemicals can "make" the smell of strawberries. The large number of additives and dyes go into the soda. This way you can any dish to "make" the smell of freshly cut grass, and you can smell the unwashed bodies....

Moreover, the difference between "natural" and "artificial" flavors are almost nonexistent. And those and others produced at the same plant using highly advanced technology, and consist of one and the same. The only difference is that "natural" flavors are getting, exposing the chemical reactions of natural products. And "artificial" is produced from chemicals. In addition to the taste of the food, there's also produce scents, detergents, shampoos, etc. Odors such as popular brands of spirits: "biutiful" "Estee Lauder" and "Tresor" "Lankoma", also produced at the plant.

All this is the result of the same action. And wash and shave you almost what you eat for lunch. A proven truth that tastes and personality, is also determined in early childhood. The kids eat at fast food restaurants, and it is the most common meal. Cowboys and ranchers have always been heroes of the American West. But over the last twenty years more than half a million of them, sold their livestock and changed the field of activities. Almost the entire meat industry, the subjugation of corporations supplying fast food. Changed everything from feed for livestock to the earnings of a butcher. Work at the factory in America is considered the most dangerous.

Also changed the way of slaughter. However, it is the last link in the chain of those changes in the meat industry. The farmers cows were grazing on pasture and eating grass. The same cow which is raised for fast food before slaughter the whole herd being driven on a special platform, where they feed exclusively grain and anabolics.

One cow eats about 3,000 pounds of grain, at the same time gaining weight, like 400 pounds. While the meat is greasy, very suitable for stuffing.

The rise in price of grain, have exacerbated the situation. Prior to 1997, 75% of cattle in America was fed the remains of sheep, cows, dogs and sometimes cats from shelters for homeless animals. In 1994, cows in the United States ate 3 million pounds of chicken manure.

Since 1997 cattle feed consisted of supplementation of pigs, horses and chickens mixed with sawdust from the chicken coop. In the early twentieth century, hamburgers were considered food for the poor, which were sold on the street mainly in factories or fairs. In the local press of that time could read "eating McDonald's is like eating from the trash." However, the company White castle was established in sight of all their grills, and thereby corrected a bad reputation of the hamburger. Then was formed the "McDonald's" with its family policy. A loaf of bread with a cutlet is considered the most good food for kids, easy to chew, easy to hold in hand, hearty and cheap. And again suffered from hamburgers also children.


More than 700 children in Seattle became ill, and in 1993-m to year six children died after eating in fast food "Jack in ze Box". After this sad event for eight years this infection has received a half a million people. Stuffing found colibacteria it hundreds of people were killed. In 1982 colibacteria 0157Н7 allocated for the first time. This bacterium normal bacteria of the intestine mutates releasing a toxin, which affects his inner shell. 5% of people with this infection die in terrible pain, do not save antibiotics. Colibacteria hard to kill, acid, bleach, salt, frost powerless, she lives in the water for weeks on the shelves, in order to infect the body enough for five such bacteria. Also the bacteria you can pick up a refreshing swim in the lake or sit on your carpet.

This stuff lives in cows for decades. All the innovations that have occurred in the breeding, slaughtering, constituted the perfect conditions for the spread of the infection. In cow pens, the terrible sanitary conditions, which can be compared only with the medieval city, where flowed the river of sewage. When Stripping the skins at the factory, particles of manure and dirt fall into the meat. Because of this, a piece of raw meat in our kitchen, it is a danger. The results of the tests carried out by microbiologists, found that the kitchen sink are more bacteria than on a toilet seat.

Not so dangerous to eat a carrot that fell in the toilet, than if she fell in the kitchen sink.

As for meat, then things are even worse. According to the research results in 78.6% of ground beef are bacteria spreads through the feces. In the medical literature in the Chapter on food poisoning often occur, such euphemisms: "the level of forms of colibacterin", "aerobic number"... However, everything is much easier to explain: the meat is crap, so the hamburger can get sick. All this further complicated by the fact that the meat in one hamburger contains meat from dozens or even hundreds of cows. Therefore, even without colibacteria there is a lot of infection. Every day in America, approximately 200,000 people get food poisoning, 900 are in the hospital, 14 die.

Those who constantly eats fast food a few years be the fat. 54 million Americans are obese, 6 million incredibly fatty their weight is above the norm of 100 pounds(45 kg). It is the only nation in the world that grew fat very quickly. And the portions in fasfudah only become more and more. Had invented a "three-Decker" hamburger sandwich "Great American", and "Monster", and big Macs.

Soda drink in 4 times more. In 50-ies of the serving of coke was 230 g, it is now a "child's" portion 340 grams and the adult 900 grams. More and more people began to absorb the grease and sugar. Obesity has become the second after Smoking reason of death in the United States. From obesity annually 28 thousand people. British fans of fast food the obesity rate has increased in 2 times. Food in Japan is mainly consisted of seafood and vegetables and thick they almost was not. Today, the Japanese "thanks" fashoda caught up with everyone. published


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