The first McDonald's in the world

Let's learn the history of McDonald's fast food restaurant.
We spend so much time in this institution, but does not know where it all started.
Let's go ...

Education McDonald's began with the fact that in 1940, Maurice Richard ("Mac" and "Dick") MacDonalds restaurant relocated their father from Monrovia to San Bernardino, California. At the new location the restaurant was renamed "The famous barbecue MacDonalds." The restaurant had about 40 different kinds of dishes cooked on the barbecue. After some time, the brothers noticed that almost all of their income they receive from the sale of hamburgers. After that, they simplified the menu, focusing on the sale of that later formed the basis of fast food: burgers, fries, milkshakes, sweet drinks and apple pie.

After reorganitsatsii, simplifying menus and titles in this updated "McDonalds" I was brought to the world in 1948. But that was only the beginning ...


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