Eternal hamburger (50 photos)

Photographer from New York, Sally Davis, conducted an interesting experiment.
She bought a McDonald's french fries and hamburger and left them lying within 979 days.
These products are not spoiled, not moldy and rotten.
How is it possible, what they are made, what we eat?

Of course, these experiments did not go unnoticed by McDonald's, and the company issued a statement in the spirit of "We are all normal, and the homes of the experimenters just very dry air».

Another explanation of "eternity" of the American McDonald's food may be that in the United States are allowed genetically modified foods (GMOs). In Europe and Russian standards for GMO stricter, but because it is the Russians themselves can verify the correctness of the above experiments, resting on a long storage of any products from McDonald's and see what happens to them during this time.


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