Former military works at McDonald's (3 photos)

In one of the Ryazan fast food restaurants, "McDonald's," among young students working 62-year-old Air Force Lt. Col. Ret.
Under the cut you will learn how Vladimir A. retired as chief of staff and has been a regular employee of the network fast food.

Vladimir A. Loginov in the fast food chain
It holds the position of an ordinary employee of the restaurant.
He is responsible to monitor the cleanliness in the room. Employees of the restaurant,
which called on the professional slang "krushniki»,
if necessary, help in the kitchen and at the box office. The main requirement
the gap - diligence and speed.
For example, McDonald's employees every visitor should not serve
more than 1 minute, and the total time spent in the queue visitor should not
more than 3 minutes, so often in American networks are young people.
Man aged in the form of an orange - the phenomenon is extremely unusual, not every
can sustain the required rate.
And got to McDonald's Vladimir Loginov due to a dispute with her daughter:
 - I was looking for a job: guard Doorman ... skukota. I do not like this kind of work.
I saw an ad in the newspaper that McDonald's employees are required,
I mean this place is only heard, he decided to consult with his daughter.
She laughed and said, well, there just take the young.
We argued with her that by law have no right to refuse.
I came, I wrote a statement and took no problems. The argument I won.

Vladimir A. From the army retired in 1996 as a lieutenant colonel
Air Force Chief of Staff with. In 1972 he graduated
Lugansk Flight School. During the service, he was the navigator, had to fly
almost all types of aircraft.
It has to fly on combat duty in the TU-95, cruising along the borders
with nuclear warheads. I engaged in more
preparation of graduates of military flight schools. In 1987, he moved from Vladivostok
in Ryazan, where he rose to the pension part of the Diaghilev.
On visiting the restaurant a former lieutenant colonel behaved politely and sincerely they
smiling, though job descriptions it is not registered,
He considers it his duty to talk with the guests places:
 - I have not written a single thanks, boss appreciates.
I wanted to fire a couple of months ago, but the restaurant manager persuaded to stay.
And since it is a very good girl, I agreed. Now the dismissal and did not think.
From the ad, which hangs in the restaurant, you know,
that McDonald's workers earn 23 tr
For Ryazan is the average, perhaps you can tell a good salary.
However, the calculation of the American company goes hourly,
at the moment "krushnik" in our region receives 121 rubles per hour.
In fact, many will work - and get so much.
Still working at McDonalds Vladimir Loginov is not because of money,
suffice it to life and military pensions.

 - The staff is good, and interesting to me here.
It's better than sitting in some booth guard.
But nowhere else in my age and I do not take.
And then I talk with young, teach them and learn from them.
Only the food that they prepare, Vladimir A. eats,
He prefers fast food salads and boiled potatoes.
Probably because the Soviet officers were taught that they are not afraid of any work.
Someone may strike: how is it that a retired lieutenant colonel,
navigator once fronted on duty with the nuclear bomb in the hatch,
today forced to sweep floors at McDonalds?
A strange metamorphosis.
 - For this guy can not be a bad job, - said Vladimir A., ​​
and in good faith, without any concessions, as once faithfully served in the Soviet army,
performs his duties in the company.



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