Resort "Uncle Petit"

Their winter weekend pensioner Peter Grigoriev starts by checking school diaries. Uncle Peter, as it is called the neighbors, not a teacher, he - the creator of the first preferential ski resort in Russia. Movers and horoshist can ride for free.

"Diary brought?" - A question that can be heard in school, but not in nature, in the mountains. However, teenagers from Sorochinsk Orenburg region have become accustomed to carry a document proving their success in learning. So they can get a discount, if not free ride skiing or snowboarding. The first social resort in the country to its neighbors for several years, building a 70-year-old Peter Grigoriev.

In a small trailer, serving simultaneously dressing room, sports equipment storage and a kitchen, there is nowhere to turn. Noisy students arguing over who will get used to all the ski faster and will take the hill, adult, missing young athletes, the crowd near the "Petit office uncle" (the townspeople affectionately known metal booth). Before riding - a mandatory instruction, retired each time reminds visitors of its ski resort safety and is glad that for the six years of the base on it, there was not a single accident.
Metal trailer G. Peter calls his office

"I want to build the country's only full-fledged free Mamison ski resort. Need for a paid service, but there may be a service, if no one but me and my sons, this database is not involved? Sorochinsk difficult conditions for such sports until the new year snow does not, and after - a trained, the mountain does not pass. And from the heights, on the contrary, the snow blows, who wants to ride on gravel? "- Throws up his hands Uncle Peter.
To attract the slope of pupils and students, retired uses managerial trick: he asks to bring diaries and zachёtki. Movers and horoshist can ski on the slopes completely free troechniki go here for a nominal fee, but seek to correct grades and get into the privileged categories.
Retired developed a flexible system of discounts

"I write the best students in a separate list and eventually cease to ask them the documents. And why, I know them all, they have me here all weekend spend! And guys who do not learn very diligently, have an incentive to correct evaluation "- is proud of its system of" entrepreneur ».
Peter Grigoriev said that the Olympic reserve must be forged in the depths of ordinary boys and girls, and if they do not become the stars of world sport, it will grow healthy people. With adults Sorochintsy for their services Peter G. takes token money: the first hour of equipment rental costs only 200 rubles, the second and following - 100, with his equipment - admission is free.

"What are you still resorts to see these prices? I do income only diesel currently pays. In one day, I have one and a half - two cans goes to lift worked. And still need to constantly buy more inventory, repair. Kids ride, broken over the weekend, I have all week repaired, the following weekend - the same story, "- explains Uncle Peter.
The idea to build accessible to all resort Sorochinsk Uncle Pete came a long time: the younger son seriously interested in snowboarding, and riding at the time was nowhere. Of auto parts and improvised a mechanical engineer and designer by vocation he built the first lift. The driving force behind the whole mechanism pensioner made the car, on the age is almost the same age of Peter G..
"This jeep - a legend! He was released in Japan in 1947, then in the 70s it was bought by my brother, who lived in Vladivostok. And 20 years ago, he gave it to me. Car under its own power came to Orenburg, I have it repaired, still riding, and even for a good cause use "- rejoices Peter Grigoriev, simultaneously giving visitors their new shoes Mamison ski resort.
His Uncle Peter calls it by right - all efforts aimed at maintaining the equipment, the equipment, the most runs and neighborhoods lie on his shoulders. Saturday morning pensioner goes for firewood to heat your mobile office - inside a metal van he built his own stove. His wife Nina at this time pours tea in a large thermos to treat them frozen visitors.

On the porch of a house on a tripod mounted binoculars. This security system, through which Uncle Peter and watching the weather, and the order on the Mount: "Last year, he set a toilet, a metal, wrote on it" Infrastructure ", was stolen. All steal, even aluminum water tanks are cut and not stolen - so naughty. And so I went by the binoculars I run a hundred times a day, I glance ».
Like a real fan art, garage Peter Grigorieva takes up almost the entire first floor of his house: it is easy to fit several tools, trailer and three cars.
Pick up a booth to the old Japanese "dzhipke" Uncle Pete helps his eldest son - Andrew, the process takes about 5 minutes, and the mobile ski resort hits the road.
On the road jeep drives off confidently on a country road, its Peter G. built himself, with the help of like-minded people. Half kilometer from the two managed to do over the summer, the last few meters jeep stalled, but the visitors base shovels clearing the way for the Japanese "veteran».
Not far from the lift Uncle Peter is waiting for some families, ride on the mountain there is always willing, regardless of the weather, because more in a small town to do nothing. The owner of skis and snowboards habitually Team Men 'booth unhooks and expand the right to one window was visible lift, and in another - the slope ».
Security system uncle Petit - binoculars he was watching what was happening on the mountain.

An interesting fact, but before the creation of the unit, but its own ski resort Peter Grigoriev never been to a professional ski resort, equipped with the latest.
"Our Sorochyntsi me once said:" What are you, Uncle Peter, we are free to skate, and he had to present Mamison ski resort was not. " It's expensive, but the guys I was taken to free the Samara region. I liked it there, and now I'll skate skiing. And yet there I met with the director of the resort, a lot of useful contacts established ».

At the end of the season pensioner traveling on the ski bases of the country and on the cheap buys old or decommissioned equipment, repairs and he cherishes in the garage. So the man had already accumulated 50 pairs of skis, snowboards 15, and the shoes he had stopped counting.
In the same randomly Uncle Peter found in Bashkiria broken snowcat (track snowmobile used to prepare the ski slopes and the ski slopes).
"Lie underneath and a half years, repaired. But then there was another problem: that it is condensed to 300 meters of snow on the mountain, I need 4 km from the house to the slope on it to pass, as it is for driving on asphalt is not adapted. What to do? Or trawl order to snowcat back and forth svozit, or come up with another way. I came up with, put it on the wheels of trucks! On the mountain to remove them - and all! It is the only snowcat, which so moved, "- boasts a mechanic.

Uncle Peter got out of the situation and with the lack of snow - fashioned plant for the manufacture of artificial cover. However, not all problems can be solved pensioner himself. To make artificial snow, need water to get water from a drilled well, need electricity to conduct electricity, we need a lot of money.
"I have my first million already earned! Million Debt "- laughs Uncle Peter.
Fascinated skiing Sorochyntsi help Uncle Pete entire city. Who will give a tractor to clear the way up the slope, who will give the oil canister, who throws money, Peter Grigoriev glad all over.
"For six years, the budget I have not received a penny. The city says it's not their land, the area shrugs off the annoying old man, the area also says there is no money. And I'm on the All-Russian competition of non-profit projects "Promotion" took second place. Money was not given, though, if I were given prizes, maybe nothing would have won. I did not bring benefit to the state in terms of money, and I improve the morale of the young. To these young people need more? "- Reflects the pensioner.

To "the office" Uncle Petit pasted picture base with the inscription "Our future depends on us." This picture is called "The Future Sorochinskaya Mamison ski resort eyed dreamer." Dreamer Uncle Peter wants to build on the mountain hangar for snowcat, a small brick house on the hill and meet a string of athletes.
Past the trailer with a squeal sweep two boys skiing. "If you scream, then all is well and all intact. But come summer, I will be more Sorochintsy and waterskiing roll "- a retired ski boots and fastens itself goes to the slope.




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