Ecotourism in Mexico: hotel resort Eco-Luxe Resort Cuixmala for the comfortable stay

On the Pacific coast of Mexico is the stunning private resort of Cuixmala, which is an ideal place of rest for lovers of eco-tourism. The resort is owned by sir James Goldsmith, who acquired 25 thousand acres of land, improved them in apartments and bungalows for a romantic eco-tourists.

The list of world-class hotels have joined the hotel Cuixmala on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Cuixmala is not just a hotel. This ecological reserve, which is a specially designed program of environmental protection.

According to sir James goldsmith, he decided to create a ecological reserve near his country house. The magnificent hotel resort is located just a short walk from the Golden sandy beaches on top of a hill and offers a beautiful view of the ocean and nearby nature reserve.

On site the resort is home to many parrots and other tropical birds, which creates a special atmosphere. Cuixmala is a unique combination of virgin nature and comfortable conditions for rest.

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