Tricycle Off-Grid: home & garden in Chinese

It turns out that real estate could pursue its owner. Tricycle Off-Grid was invented in China, is ideal for those who want to acquire their own house and land, but don't have enough money.

Many people in China dream of owning land, house and garden, but until recently, not many could afford. But the situation changed dramatically with the advent of tricycle Off-Grid house and garden. Off-Grid fully functional and transportable dwelling with a garden on wheels.

Off-Grid is a tricycle on which is mounted a house-organ from a polypropylene. Plastic, from which the house, with one hand a sufficiently dense and strong to provide external protection and, on the other hand, it can be stretched, like an accordion. At first glance this may seem unbelievable, but, nevertheless, the house, mounted on a tricycle Off-Grid, equipped with a collapsible sink, stove, bathtub, a water tank and transforming furniture.

It is worth noting that the house and garden Off-Grid fully power Autonomous. This is achieved due to the fact that the case houses a translucent, so the light throughout the day the lighting from the sun, and at night – from street lighting.

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