Losers VS honors

Yesterday's losers — the genius of tomorrow, why underachieving students are better attuned to life, more successful and more prosperous of the movers and horoshist. About the dangers evaluation system, the danger of labels and the "paradox of excellence".

Why yesterday's losers today, successful and self-sufficient person? In recent times this practice the rule rather than the exception.

And what is there to actually wonder. Traditional school with a far from perfect evaluation system is not able to identify the potential of the child to determine the level of knowledge and skills. Children's train on the tasks, tests, forced to memorize instead of learning to think, to think logically, to apply innovative approaches.

Students solve simple tasks, while the purpose of education to teach the child to apply knowledge in practice. Twoness and Threeness, most of them rebels, going against the system. Not lazy and not stupid people. These are children who are insufficiently motivated. They refuse to memorize boring rules and write under the dictation because I see no point in cramming.

Give them the opportunity to make discoveries, explore science, history, biology in practice. No child can resist an interesting experience or experiment. Then there is no need to force him to learn, he wants to get knowledge. I am convinced that parents should show your child to give to try as possible not to limit his choice.

Today more and more often in elementary school a five-point grading system changed to "nakleeno". Children for success in school does not give out stamps and stickers, tokens or chips, fearing to injure the fragile psyche of the traditional tests of knowledge. However, school psychologists have less work did not. Anyway, one of the children stands out from the others, intentionally involving in the competition. Replaced the points with stickers, but the meaning remains the same. More and more children in the lower grades suffer from neurotic disorders, disorders of emotional state, have problems in communicating with classmates.

Already in the younger group of kindergarten teachers are willing to use evaluation system. But unlike schools, not to check the level and quality of knowledge and for the development of children's motivation: ate all the porridge in the afternoon – got nakleechka to the locker, he made the bed, dressed quickly, well-doing exercises – even nakleechki. And now Vanya five nakleechek, and Tanya only one.

Each earned a sticker Vanya Tanya growing self-doubt, disappointment. With nursery children are taught to live in conditions of ranking, fight for the opportunity to stand out. But if in this age you can still give nakleechka, assessing the obedience, diligence, perseverance, attention, crossing the threshold of schools, the main criterion is academic performance. Even if you are very well written essay, but it does not correspond with traditional views on the subject — take the average or the lowest score.

Who are the standouts? To a lesser extent do gifted children who are easily given the science and learning fun. More opportunists, good performers, often performing jobs on the machine. Unlike the poor mediocre students – they do not ask themselves the question: "why do I need it?".

School grading system provides that all children are different in character and mentality, and the level of development. Many educators will disagree with me, saying that one of the main tasks of the evaluation system – motivation, and nothing better has not yet been invented, citing the positive results of school competitions and contests, competitions, team sports in which children participate with great pleasure, not under pressure. But every game has clear temporal and spatial boundaries, and life is a constant competition, at the hour of his rules are not always fair.

With time losers "written" into difficult teenagers, plagued by Tutors and educational conversations, crook forcing him to learn and earn good grades. In society there is a stereotype of identity concepts: losers so stupid, lazy, incapable, distressed. Excellent – clever, promising child. But life puts everything in its place. Inveterate losers in a few years become famous scientists, actors, sportsmen from around the world, politicians and public figures. The best students often remain in their shadow.

Among my friends there are parents, from whom I continually hear: "Son all day sitting at the computer, the study is not interested in doing homework for the show, and we've been eighth grade, will have somewhere to do...already my height, and all the robots plays. We and music school and drove to a hockey game – all the devil's the use...".

Parents forget how they themselves were once children. Listen to teachers, are inspired by friends and "other" children, forgetting about the most important – the uniqueness of your child and his interests. One such dad I said, "Maybe you have a future engineer growing, and you're his violin torture!".

What am I, You ask? So that every child has the right to self-determination. Listen to your children, and not to the opinions of others. Do not customize children educational standards and templates. He is little in math and write errors, even with the labor at the end of term corrects the two fails, but draws very well, easily gets acquainted with their peers, communicative and attentive, confident, fastest runs. published

Author: Alexander Kostin

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