The immune system and the success of a person is synchronized with the balance of brain hemispheres

"Why, tell me the most successful people of this world are former losers and underachievers?!" asked me Director of the school in which I studied my children, waving the newspaper which learned of these impressive details. "Yes, because they really are excellent!" – emotionally broke me.

I'll try to explain. In humans the two hemispheres of the brain — logical-analytical and emotional-intuitive. Before meeting with the child equally uses both: when he's sad — sad, I want to think — thinking, I want to play a game, I want to do — doing it. Learning to use all aspects of your consciousness. Taken in the most "developed" countries of the world education system is not designed to develop both hemispheres. Moreover, the function of the second hemisphere (emotions, the desire to appeal to intuition, seek alternative, not provided for in the school program decisions) are not welcome. The system needs nuts, why would she screw that screw today, and tomorrow a flower? Where it to stick?

But for a full life you need both. Have you ever seen a cat with a distorted face? But she also has two hemispheres and in society, it feels good.

It turns out that those children who are not particularly success in logico-analytic rating scale can be the pride of the district at the emotional-intuitive scale. It turns out that for the amount of points they are easy to bypass ”good” students. Be the first to loudly said Robert Kiyosaki the book's title: "I Want to be rich do not go to school." It absolutely is remarked that in any school in the world don't train the skills of teamwork and mutual support, so that even in the framework of the left brain are welcome, not all functions. The cog needs to be polished.

As a former virologist-immunologist and specialist in the field of psychosomatic medicine can notice that the balance of the immune system is synchronized with the balance of the hemispheres, inhibition of the activity of one of them automatically leads to oppression of immune system. The best the flu vaccine — can be given the opportunity manifest the oppressed functions. Yes there is the flu. The doctor of traditional Oriental medicine will tell you that all diseases arise from imbalance of Yin and Yang, left and right. The person who continuously activates and one inhibits the other can't be healthy. There is no way. Yes, but it's not someone to ignore as the guardian of health left hemisphere of people is exactly the same medicine with half a brain, which is to include the missing function seeks to replace them one way or another. Procrustean medicine. To paraphrase a famous phrase: "And judges who?" you can also pronounce the sacramental: "who cures?". The same polished screws. Curtain.

I'm at a seminar devoted to the work asked his students to go out and produce something creative, no matter what, from the heart something. There came a deep meaningful pause. Then someone came out and sang a verse of the song of Kirkorov. "But the creativity in that?" – I asked. “The Creator” didn't know what to say. "Okay, now to share the rules that come into your mind". Oh yeah! The whole group has changed, happily, and excitedly started rattling off the rules: "ZHI – SHI write with the letter And" to the rules of crossing the street... Included a trained half a brain.

There is no free education. Any free someone pays. Sometimes their whole life.

And only when half-dead existence unbearable comes completely zonked excellent System to some kind of Gestalt-therapist and the sets of the legendary in certain circles the question: "What do you feel?" And gets the answer: "Nothing." I usually retorted: "Live always senses something. And you?"

Begin the long road to healing. Difficult attempt to return at least part of what was given by nature.

Author: Vyacheslav Gusev.

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