Whether to teach your child the system zhokhov

Methods of teaching primary classes zhokhov has become very popular lately. The parents promise that the first class children will learn the multiplication table, will learn to read fluently, it will stop hurting and will be asked to complete homework as a reward for good behavior.

In addition, zochowski system children feel free in the class, can not sit behind a Desk if they want to walk and not to pull the hand, if you want to answer. Children learn with the use of multimedia technologies, and at the end of the fourth class is sure to become a students.

The author of this ambitious system — the deserved teacher of Russia Vladimir zhokhov. To get into this class, you must either apply for and join the open class or to start an organization yourself.

Parents for their money to equip the class and pay the teachers, as well as access to the program. But, in addition to many fans, zochowski classes there are opponents. We talked to parents whose children attended or continue to study in rogovskoy system and asked the opinion of an independent psychologist, a specialist in the education of children.


The most attractive thing in this system — focus on the intelligence and literacy of the child. I'm very dissatisfied with traditional programs of schools that do not adapt to the new realities and changes in the brain of the modern children. That children do not remain undereducated, have to find alternatives.

In the system zhokhov I was attracted by the fact that it is based on the study of the brain of the child and on real research prominent Soviet scientists. The examination was conducted by educators, psychologists, neuroscientists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, hygienists, our and foreign. At the beginning of each lesson special attention is paid to the moral education of the child in the class is respected as a person, listen to his opinion.

Welcome to our class was held at will, there were no interviews and meeting with families. Just everyone who wanted to get to class, wrote a statement, and the children were taken to class. And that was our mistake. We still need to meet the parents to understand that they are sufficiently aware of the program, adequate and they have no sverhozhirenie, and children should be checked for hyperactivity and other diagnoses.

Dissatisfied with the system are due to the fact that it is not open, parents give a minimum of detail. Not everyone is ready to trust and believe in the good.

My child likes to learn, he gladly goes to school. However, the homework to do at first disliked. Here's my own fault, " insisted on the execution, as did my parents. Sometimes we have to fight came. Only at the end of the year the child began truly to enjoy homework. And I'm even a little jealous. Why was I not taught? My school didn't. Vladimir Ivanovich zhokhov said at the seminars: "No offense, but you're from a generation of undereducated children." And I agree with that, so I want to do everything that my child loved school, was able to learn to operate the received knowledge, to analyze, to make informed choices, to live quality. In a regular school, which is available to us, it just will not.

Progress after a year of learning with your child I see.
He has a new character, new talent that were not in our family, and genus. The potential defies my assessment. I'm happy that we got the opportunity to learn that way.


I gave the child to class zhokhov quite spontaneously. The fact that my daughter at that time was five years and eight months and I was looking for courses to prepare for school. Although I always seemed wrong to prepare for school, as do courses — passing the first grade. After all, the children then have to re-learn the same in school.

But everyone is doing it, because I don't want the child in first class was worse than all. And in this moment of doubt I saw the offer to go to zochowski class where the author is strongly against pre-school. I liked that the children are free to behave in class and not sitting at their desks, and the students promised to honor is involved. Moreover to traditional schools year: if something doesn't like it, you can always leave.

In our case, the class gained the teacher has already been approved by Jehovam. We have not checked the availability of the diploma and some experience working with children. Each of the newcomers thought that those who came before, the common people and checked it out. The teacher was the mother of one of our students.

She collected a certain number of students, the goal was to collect more, that all was cheaper. Thus there was no selection, picked up a class of children aged four to eight years. Recruited, mainly raskleivaya ads and handing out flyers. All who came were fascinated by the beautiful advertising words on the freedom of the children of independence, of responsibility.

Almost all parents looking for an alternative to goscale and private school. We were adjusted very seriously and put a lot of money in the room, in the equipment made at the request zhokhov. Very patiently waited, and when a miracle will happen and children will stop crying and fight, but never came.

Total costs do these


If a class is open when public schools, there is no payment of rent and the teacher's work. Plus the rent in different areas are different.

That disappointed me, perhaps I should say the points. A lot of them.

Two months later, the teacher brought himself to a nervous breakdown. In an attempt to restore discipline, she began to drag kids by the ears. As she later confessed, the punishment invented by the children themselves. Seeing as teachers, we called Johova. Instead got a rude response: "You are to blame, your children are inadequate, so either this teacher is, or I'm closing the class." So it became clear that the uncomfortable questions no one will not answer. And it is easier to close the class because there is no class — no problem. And that this will happen with children in the middle of the school year, zhokhov don't care.

NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS AMONG CHILDREN. We were able to study until the New year. All this time my daughter leaving the school, crying from exhaustion, she began to twitch. Similar symptoms were even a few children. Also one of the girls began regular bouts of vomiting, and one constantly combed his hands. All this can hardly be called a coincidence: the same symptoms described by the parents in Kopeysk and Belgrade, where the system has come earlier than in Moscow.

THE UNEVEN CLASS. Methodist says it is a great blessing, because the children teach each other. Actually my child is in a six-year period was among eight children of a big wuss. To go to school she didn't. Adult children are no better: they have not only to learn but to teach a girl of five years, which is mathematics prefers to feed plush pony sitting under the Desk.

THERE IS NO SELECTION. No matter, ready or not, the main thing — to more people and cheaper rent. And then it becomes clear that it is fundamentally wrong. If the class has a child who does well is not ready, he just knocks the whole class. So even if you have checked the readiness of their child, then there is no guarantee that it will do anything.


THE PROCESS OF LEARNING. Most of all I am confused by the screen. All lessons are constructed in a fast-changing slides. Between presentations there are breaks, but parents have no information, how they pass and how long. Going to class zhokhov, we are enthusiastic the parents were so happy that we came up with technical progress. But when our class was closed and we rented the projector from the wall, we stuck to the happy children who were glad that the head and eyes no longer hurt. And only this moment reached us: iPad children we prohibit, but themselves hung screen.

THE CLOSENESS OF THE METHODOLOGY. No manuals, no plan. There are only promises that the child will be three classes for the first year of study.

THE RELUCTANCE TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. All the criticism, the tough questions from the official page erase or aggressively react to them — say, it's a great system, it just need to believe.

METHODS OF LEARNING. To read, children are taught: the screen shows the letters one by one and children have to read them quickly, thus you should get the word. We have by this method is not read by anybody. Moreover, those who already knew how to read by syllables, degraded. Attached to the letter is not taught, the children make rubbings of the letters anyhow. Mathematics for rogovskoy the technique is really good — give a lot of techniques for folding, subtraction and multiplication, but children do not perceive it.

Exercise is strange: children in the process of joint cross-dressing should RUB each other's backs. I teach the daughter not to be naked in front of boys to change separately, for my family it is unacceptable.

Even children have lessons where they sing. It's kind of good, but they sing only Soviet songs. With the advent of the zhokhov in our house things have gotten a little Soviet Union.

Drawing and work is not provided — these things parents should teach kids on the side. Even as a designer I want to say that slides in zochowski presentations made in violation of the composition and work with fonts, pictures and low artistic and technical quality.

System zhokhov is a profanation. Say this without fear of being too categorical. The fact that the author of this system could not explain on what research it was based. And just recites that the system is so advanced that none of the parents simply do not understand, and therefore do not need the details. It is quite convenient.
And relieves a lot of the questions are sure to arise among parents. The author is illiterate, inarticulate, and incompetent, in my opinion. I do not see in the system neither for the child nor for the teacher, there is only the ego of the zhokhov. In the description of the system — continuous slogans, there is not an ounce of science, or at least references to simple didactic concepts and principles. Everything is blurred and veiled.


Review of the education development Center named after I. G Pestalozzi

We can all agree that the greatest influence on the process and result of learning (using any method) provided by the teacher. We provide enthusiastic, loving children the teacher is very effective tool for the job, taking into account a huge number of aspects affecting the development of the child, allowing the process of training and education the majority of children taking into account their characteristics in the feasible to the complex.

We say that the basic requirements for a teacher is a love for children and ability to organize them. This is a very capacious concept. The ability to organize a large group of children, especially in the beginning of training, in the first quarter, is a very difficult task, requiring huge labor and patience and support from the school administration and parents.

Choice teachers — the task of the head of the educational organization. In the case when parents choose family education and organize the family class, the task and the responsibility falls on them. Every parent must decide for himself whether he is ready to entrust the education of their child to this teacher. Not school, not methodical system, namely man. Then one of the parents does the decision to accept can not, how much we wanted to help everyone.

It is important to note that the system was created for public schools as a tool to help the teacher in carrying out his work in the normal school programs. The system was created for full classes of 25 people, where children learn without input selection.

The Director and parents, and the teacher must consciously and completely voluntarily make the decision to start this complicated work and seek mutual support. Under these conditions, the work method gives the maximum effect, which we described on the website and in the videos. We remain extremely do not recommend to create a family of classes: the number of organizational issues in this case so great that often can affect the educational process.

Our lessons are very high pace. Just what the kids need at this age. Intensive work in the classroom eliminates idleness, boredom, conformity, forms the skills of educational work, develops all kinds of attention. While no one is driving: if the child is not yet ready to become fully involved in his work, he first time maybe even to go about their business until you are drawn into the process.

Throughout the 2008/09 academic year in one of Moscow schools a class by the method of V. I. Zhokhova studied a group of doctors-hygienists, Institute of hygiene and health of children and adolescents RAMS under the guidance of doctor of medical Sciences M. I. Stepanova.

The study showed that pedagogical technology takes into account the functionality and health of the student, and the classes are structured hygienically efficiently. The scientists noted that special attention is given to creating in the classroom a comfortable, hygienic educational environment and favorable psychological climate, and learning continuously is related to education. All this allowed the scientists to evaluate their work as health Claregalway.

Experts of the research Institute attended classes in the last academic year, and we intend to continue cooperation with scientific institutions for in-depth studies of the learning process using the technique.

We love the mixed age classrooms. Because the learning process is also life, but in real life we are dealing with people of different ages. Kids reach for the older ones, older children learn to care for and to help kids, and sometimes kids can teach those who are older. Too many educational systems and approaches share the same principles. But then you need to be very careful and the teacher, and parents. To compare the results of the child can only be his own, previous, note should be on his accomplishments, not mistakes.

Of course, if when the children go to school before six and a half years, or if you have any special needs should consult with your pediatrician and specialists. Just as when doing any other method and in any school, it should be done before and during the study.

For each slide system created by Vladimir Ivanovich, you can write a doctoral thesis. When developing a system to consider more than 1 700 of the factors, influencing the development of the child. The slides each element is important: the background color and letters, fonts, incline, speed, and angle of departure of the letters, strain of font, the presence or absence of shadows, sounds, pictures, even built-in "mistakes" that kids have to find.

Each class has the opportunity to work, understand the issues, consult the author of the methodology to other teachers participating in the project. Detailed weekly seminars of the author, the experience of many classes, successfully using the methodology, Internet resources, many years of practice — all available to teachers and parents.


Mikhail Kazinik: to Take the children's childhood, to tell them a bunch of information — it is criminal

If the child walks on tiptoe


The learning process for this technique is very difficult. Tested by centuries of pedagogical techniques is not appropriate here. A particularly challenging first and second quarters. Vladimir Ivanovich and experienced teachers throughout the year in connection with the selected teachers. We organizers sometimes for hours discussing those or other problems and their solutions.

It is important to know that until recently the system was developed only at the expense of the author, and private contributions. The service was offered free to all comers. In the past year we have introduced a voluntary payment. The project is still no staff, only volunteers. This year we decided to introduce a mandatory payment for the refresher course. We intend to use these funds for system development, research, improvement of services and infrastructure. published


Author: Julia Elcova


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