Soviet childhood was happy

In Soviet times, it was clear and understandable: in junior Oktyabrenok you, in the middle - a pioneer and older - Komsomolets.

Each of us felt involved in some great common cause. The pioneers took everyone, but in stages. The first batch of the pioneers was taken on April 22, it included the most deserving - honors that are about himself. You vote for each candidate in the classroom - whether he is worthy to bear the high title and the shrine - pioneer tie - or not. I did not get the first train - though perfectly studied, the behavior was unsatisfactory, my grief was inconsolable.


The main part of the Pioneers was taken on May 19 as well Losers - at the end of May.

I was taken to the pioneers at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War: grand building, drumming, "white top, blue bottom," the oath, and finally, tie: "Pioneer! To fight for the cause of the Communist Party be ready! - Always ready !!! "How could he desire, this piece of red cloth! How proud they specifically went wide open to a tie he was visible to all. "How povyazhesh tie - take care of him, he's a red flag with the color of one '- we were very patriotic.


In the years of stagnation, as we know, the pioneers went all the children from the third to the seventh grade. In 1970 - the data the Great Soviet Encyclopedia - Union Pioneer Organization them. VI Lenin had 23 million members united in the 118 thousand warriors. Only full-time Pioneer leaders there were nearly 80 thousand people. By 1990, it was the children's mass organization in the world.

We memorized the oath, checking each other, and then getting out of house red satin tie, tried on before a mirror, studied his tie. Special glamor was "GDR" tie. He was not orange as we sold, and the bright red of higher quality fabric.

The adoption of the pioneers signified a new stage of school life, the confirmation "adulthood", because you're not a snotty kid from junior classes. I still lay a sheet with pictures of the tie and badge and the words of a solemn oath pioneer of the Soviet Union.


It should be noted that membership in this organization we especially do not "hovering" were clubs, societies, sports clubs and other associations of interest. Sometimes, we have built a solemn gathering of the Pioneer squads school. I remember that my voice was very shrill, so I was assigned to shout loud slogans: "Who walks amicably abreast ?! - Pioneer our group! - Who walks amicably abreast ?! - Pioneers Give way! ».

Every year, we organize the collection of waste paper and scrap metal. I loved the sort of old books and magazines that are warehoused in the cellars of the citizens (and not lazy as they were with us to walk into the basement or the attic and crawl to get it all!). The big success was to get filing magazine "Around the World", "Science and Life", "Knowledge - force" and other popular science magazines. We re-read them carefully, left the most valuable items yourself.

A scrap metal? In an effort to "catch up and overtake" parallel class or simply to perform a "driven" plan, handed over to scrap sometimes very necessary in an economy such as pieces of meat grinders or negligently left behind a garage in the yard of the neighbor's tools.


Girls pioneers loved to have the patronage of the Octobrists: they carried with them all the changes, it is literally leading the handle, bringing home ribbons and barrettes, braided pigtails Baby recess. The boys were taught their patronage to play football after school, skate, wards led to the movies after school, buying tickets to their pocket money saved on dinners. Pleasure for answering different questions kids, so the adults themselves, we then felt reluctant and tried to expand his horizons, in order to "keep the brand».

I once even persuaded the parents to subscribe to the "Pioneer truth". When it comes the latest issue, I am very self-important that I get this paper, as a dad, however, read it very rarely.

This pioneering happiness could fully experience the summer camp. I went to summer camp named Marat Kase. The permit issued to the parents for free. And despite the fact that the amenities there were not any, we liked it terribly, because childhood knows how to enjoy life under any circumstances. A whole month without parents, love, dance, forest, river, baked potato, meeting dawn boys smearing toothpaste, songs and campfire horror stories.


It is now in children's camps modern brick buildings, rooms for 2 persons with bathroom and toilet. And if we lived in wooden buildings, where there were only two chambers - the House Chamber of boys and girls of 10-15 people each. Beds were great, with iron springs, which we loved to jump when seen counselors. Suitcases handed over to the storage chamber, which worked only during certain hours.

Sinks were on the street, and about any hot water is not out of the question, standing near a wooden toilet with a hole in the ground. Cleaning was to only put to a lot of chlorine. Twice per shift led to the bath.

Everywhere there were systems, even in the canteen. Each detachment - their own slogans. But there were universal.

Who walks amicably abreast?
Pioneer our party!
Strong, brave. Dexterous, skillful.
You walk, do not fall behind,
Loud sang a song.

Or, on the way to the dining room:

One, two!
We did not eat!
Three, four!
We do want!
Open wide the doors!
And cook eat!

The food was like and varied - meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, but still were always hungry, so pulled the bread from the canteen. TV was not, but it was a movie theater, where sometimes brought films that we watched with great film projector. "Elusive Avengers", "dagger", "Huck and Chuck." And in the evenings for older groups dancing to the recorder. Younger is also allowed, but only up to 9 hours. First love, ballads under the Antonov or under "my Asterisk clear how far are you from me» ...


Be sure to play in the "heat lightning", prepared for the people's initiative looks, drew the wall newspaper, and ready for more "fire pioneer" in the end of the shift and giggling in anticipation as we smear toothpaste boys. Bake the potatoes (it was incredibly delicious), and the different horror stories told. How great it was to be afraid of all along! So sweet was frightening, describing in detail the stories of the red spot, white sheet, piano black, six-fingered hand of the captain and a plaster statue of a pioneer, bringing death to anyone who touches it up.

Horror begins, as a rule, because, one, the family moved into a new apartment, where the ceiling was a red spot or in the living room was a black grand piano, and so on. D. The bloody and murderous horror! Modern horror movies already scared as it used to scare these simple stories.

Who it is ridiculous, but horror stories were of all colors, even for hypochondriacs. The story of any particular microbes that live at the ends of the blades of grass (well, who does not chewed?). These microbes, according to legend, a long, painful and inevitable death. Frightened Wolfberry, everyone thought of them is a cleft palate.

"One boy did not want to join the Pioneers, because I do not consider myself worthy. Or what reason. In general, I do not like. But he was persuaded and accepted the Pioneers and solemnly tied red tie. Well, the boy came home happy, he wanted to change into pajamas and a tie and untie, but rather delayed tighter and tighter, and the boy's neck, strangling. The boy turned blue all over, wheezing, can not do anything. Then the boy's dad jumped up and tie with scissors cut the red! And there flowed from it black blood, and he burned with a blue flame ».


... Each of us in childhood sun shone brighter days were warmer and more fragrant strawberries. This, of course, but there were still ideals, inspiration and belief in morality. We felt a great happiness that we live in the best country and believed in a large and bright future. Pathetic, of course, but as a child always.




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