CUBA - not an incubator!

Live up to 65 years and do not visit Cuba I was ashamed. Decided to correct this mistake! My father, writer Nikolai Zadornov, who visited Cuba in 1964 and brought me out the first time in my life, jeans, dedicated.

Unfortunately, I arrived in Cuba at night. The first photos have not received. It Is A Pity. It turns out that the world's longest bench ... in Havana! But "work" it is only a bench at night. This parapet quay length ... seven kilometers! From Dusk Till Dawn at seven kilometers sploshnyakom sitting youth: hug, sing songs as we would say in the old days - miluyutsya ... dance to own singing or under polubomzhevatuyu guitar and then sit on the "bench". Seven kilometers of youth! Noisy Gamna, songs ... But! No addict! ... Anyone with a laptop! This "bench" just need to put in the Guinness Book of Records.

This diversity taxi in Cuba, I have not seen anywhere else in the world. From besporodistyh nags to lengthened Lincoln limousines. However, all these tlimuziny 40s, 30s, 50s. But still their owners are considered cool.

Taxi drivers in high esteem. About them Cubans say, "Oh, a taxi driver, so rich!" It was not sfotkat "rich" owners with their "luxurious" "Yo-mobile"?



No, no, it's not a parade of curiosities. These are the "workhorses", which still adorn the "cool" Cubans.



Often you can see a car without glasses, with a stretched plastic bag that is not particularly blew.

Even our "native" - ​​and then treated with respect: apparently, because he still goes ...!

We must pay tribute to the Cubans: they, like the former SSSernogo population, surprisingly developed soobrazhalka and savvy in the absence dumalka. Necessity is the mother of invention! If Japan's highly someone a flat tire, the driver calls the place "emergency" care center service, or read the instructions on how and what to change the wheel. Cubans, like most of us have not yet become a trained plankton western civilizations, photocopies of each other. One of the taxi drivers-Cubans, who spoke in Russian, (and there are many in Cuba - many were in the USSR), I asked how they manage these "polumumii" maintain "live" state? For example, they repair them? After all parts from the thirties and fifties, certainly, did not survive. He said fine, "We do not repair them. We compose them! "And he added:" From what comes their way! »

In support of his words I was told, as dreams of a life in America Cubans on any Ford or Lincoln thirties ... Now inhale a deep breath ... - swam from Cuba to America through the Strait! I can not explain how these four-wheel boats composed in terms of technical, how to manage them drove refugees: rowing oars or come up with something better, like set sail casts windmill and the "worm" broadcast traffic on the screw propeller, shot with Soviet maize ... I do not know. But such cases was enough, so admire Cuban soobrazhalku. Americans - well, stupid! - These refugees imprisoned. Unfairly. It was better to take a job in any scientific and design institutes. They have them as much supermehanizmov "they made up!" For example, as of the "shuttle" to go into space on a motor boat.

And this is the car that I wanted to rent, and while I'm at Cuba, to present themselves Al Capone.

In Cuba, everything - unformatted. Even pink sunsets, photographed from a pink car.

Monument to reliable, in terms of Cubans Vehicles - Soviet tank!

I am ashamed to admit it, but it's viewers come to my concert to the "concert hall".

Me as a permanent resident of the European Union in Latvia delighted eyes of Cuban children: all with a hitch! When I returned to Cuba after Latvia, the first time did not want to look at the children's faces. Most - lack of energy in the pupils, as if the sight of a white sheet: see nothing, hear nothing, nothing but the iPhone, I do not want!

With age, this look at all the discontented Russian Baltic states becomes hard and cold as the Baltic Sea in winter under the ice.

In the EU children no longer play hide and seek. Adolescent girls do not dress up in dresses. Once upon a time it was thought that skirt keeps the feminine energy. A sort of dome-ward. A men's trousers-pants that energy and dissect obezenergechivayut woman. Since then, both women became fashionable to wear jeans and trousers, dramatically increased the number of fruitless in the world.

In Cuba, as I proudly reported to guide women's diseases is much less than in Europe and America! I understand, believe it! The main female evrozabolevanie - the struggle for emancipation. The women decided to become men. It is a disease! Because the peasants and nothing left to become the women. In Cuba, the question can not be about gay parades. Gays certainly is, I do not know, did not elaborate, but they will not come to mind to come to the parade and public relations as a hormonal disease dedication to democracy.

In Cuba, the girls know about the emancipation of no more than children in Europe and America about the games of hide and seek and catch-up is not on the computer.

Happy faces in the streets of Cuban cities is much more than, say, in New York on Fifth Avenue, not to mention our Rublevskoye highway. Americans smile too, but only because we need the instructions, in order to appear politically correct. Cubans are smiling because they both want. They live as if dancing.

This is not a carnival, not a holiday. Just Sunday morning. And why in such suits? So wanted!

In the evening the habit zabredёsh in poor- quarter - uncomfortable poёzhivaeshsya. It seems that just about bricks ogreyut, undress, everything will be taken away. But after an hour or two you know - even to walk to the poor quarters of Havana safer than in Moscow on Saturday evening around the Kremlin.



Soon, calm down, and even want to sit, relax and talk quietly with the most reasonable of the animal world.

And what in Cuba "unformatted" Girls! And most importantly - funny! As they were not zadruzhilis ?!

Human billboard sacred triangle Cuban rum, coffee and cigarettes! At the same time the Cuban anti-advertising dentistry. This is not otfotoshopit no American PR company.

I understand why women in Cuba entirely from small to large wickedly attractive. Because in Cuba that no man, the macho.

Any resident of Cuba, when he smiles - it is an advertisement teeth.

Under American law, if the elevator man looks at a woman for more than two minutes, it is possible to sue for sexual harassment. If such a law to enter Cuba, have put all Cubans.

How can you not remember the name of Nikolai Ostrovsky's play "Poverty Is No Crime"?

Cuba infects the natural hormone. Most want to be macho.

In Cuba, much wonder. For example, for tourists, there is one currency and another for locals. Sometime in the late USSR spill were so-called certificates: yellow, black, red. Something in the likeness of "invented" and in Cuba today. Simple currency, for Cubans, and the national currency for tourists called the same - pesos. As a joke Russian, etymology of the word lies in the fact that at one peso in Cuba can only pee in the pay toilets ».

And on the way, I once saw a cyclist who was driving, holding the tail in front of a galloping horse. Unfortunately we do not have time to take a picture.

Yeah, what did not you see sometimes on Cuban roads! This can be seen "mix" of the past and present.

On ordinary days, evenings in small cities, towns, villages Cubans like to go out to the terrace, to sit in a rocking chair, watch the sunset, on those walking down the street, to think, to dream ... Scan, who wore what? How would we have said - to hold a "casting". Rocking chairs on the terraces at the entrance of almost every house.

When there is no rush and traffic jams, then there is no congestion in the head.

Most large-caliber graffiti that I've ever seen in my life. Descendants forcibly brought from other continents slaves find their homeland Cuba. They love it regardless of whether it is a mulatto, mestizo, Arab or Negro ... in Cuba there is only one nationality - Cuban! Cuba does not need hypocritical political correctness. And without it they do not insult each other.

In memory of the distant past of his native island first settlers created a cliff graffiti in the place where there was once a sacred place of Aboriginal-Indians.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, before the discovery of America by Columbus in Cuba Indians lived. No more ... no! Spanish conquerors destroyed all. How Come? Not obey! Do not become slaves. Had to destroy and to deliver slaves from other continents. Of course, under the guise of Christianity idea ...

But this time the oppressors wrong. The memory of freedom-Aboriginal settlers forever galvanized.

Not to recall, as we have in the Soviet Union as a young man called Cuba Liberty Island!

Mystical fact of history: after all destroyed Aboriginal and threw them into the river, the river dried up.



Of course, in these sacred caves Indians could hide from the same Spanish conquistadors. But they were naive people nature. And when you consider that in the myths of the American Indians all the gods, bearded, blond and blue-eyed, it becomes clear why they initially Spaniards trust and not hiding from them. Taken ... for gods! And the "gods" immediately showed what they are capable of sverhchudesa!

In Cuba, I admired all the best that we have lost in Russia, once in the pursuit of democracy and the development of capitalism in the western world consumption. Nature is not disfigured insatiable "civilization" not poisoned rivers, not to defile the air ...

And make friends and fall in love Cubans not out of expediency.

At first, when you travel to cities and roads of Cuba, you feel: something is missing. Only a day later it dawned on me - nowhere advertisements, neither along the roads or in the woods, nor the fields, nor the hills, nor between the mountains ...


I was watching TV, enjoying the fact that there is no advertising, but understood nothing of what he saw. Just enjoyed the lack of advertising.

Incredibly, no McDonald's! Imagine the world is a country where there is no McDonald's!

Young people do not myshkobludit for computers.

True freedom - the ability to always remain faithful to the laws of nature.


Often tourists returning from Cuba, saying that he had been in the past, in the Soviet Union. This is not entirely true. In Cuba, there is not only advertisements zamanuha, traps and zazyvalok, but those posters that hit our Soviet expanse. Traveled around the island, visiting almost all major Cuban cities, I only twice seen a portrait of Fidel Castro. Do not believe it - no sign of the cult of personality. Cubans in the majority do not worship Fidel as an idol. They love him, as his own father, even if not agree with it. And the opposition expressed freely, without fear that their upekut behind bars.

Fidel delights! Not only longevity. Still, despite his age, and sanity. I understand why he did not create around themselves maodzedunovskogo worship. Fidel Castro from a wealthy family, with a good education - not "from rags to riches." Revolution is not conceived in order to get to the very power of the purse and to the treasury, but because from childhood hated slavery thinking, speculation that the Liberals called business and democracy. Let a small piece of the earth, but he managed this falsehood still win. Yes, Cubans live a wealthy life, but as a true leader Fidel gave them the freedom of thought. And because all the feelings of Cubans as if in a "cube". Cuba is not an incubator.

Even Russian serious businessmen told me after the meeting with Fidel, they were delighted with them, he still believes in the mind ... without a calculator! One of our dealers told Fidel personally find out what is the cheapest in the world to buy refrigerators for Cubans - learned all brands, including Belarus. And decided to conclude a contract with a Korean company whose refrigerators, according to his calculations, the best Morozov at the lowest energy consumption.

When the Soviet Union shamelessly, in treacherously, in modern language, threw Cuba, none of the Cubans Russian traitors called. Rather sorry that lost senior companion. Cuba was very difficult. Still, Cubans are still grateful for the fact that the Soviet Union received their education, many scientists, teachers, artists, writers ... In memory of friendship with the Soviet Union to the Russian tourists in Cuba is still treated with special warmth.

In the early nineties, Fidel put it quite vividly: "We built the house, put on a brick wall, and suddenly from under us removed scaffolding."

Much more common in Cuba portraits of Che Guevara. He was a romantic-revolutionary. After Fidel helped in the liberation of Cuba - so that the revolution is not idle! - Immediately rushed to Africa to help organize a coup in the Congo. However, as is characteristic of all romantics, quickly disillusioned morning Africans demanded revolution and change, and in the evening returned home to their wives and relaxing. For them, the revolution was something fun. As if nothing else to do.

Che Guevara went to Latin America in the hope that the world revolution starts at least from the Latin of the proletariat. But there he was betrayed, and he died. In Cuba, Che Guevara Mausoleum. Here and there, although quite rare, you can find quotes from his speeches and portraits. From Lenin cult Che Guevara saved the Cuban freedom. Nowhere slogans like "Che Guevara lived Che Guevara alive, Che Guevara will live!»

I do not know to what extent in Cuba there is freedom of speech. Moreover, it is not sure that it is generally necessary to people. After all, those who give their slaves freedom of speech has its own guaranteed freedom - these "free" word does not listen. And freedom of speech is transformed into freedom verbiage.

Freedom of speech - that give the rulers to their people when he has nothing more to give.

However, in Cuba there is something more important than freedom of speech - freedom and freedom of dance music. The main event of the year for most - a carnival. To prepare for it in advance, sew costumes, learn to dance. Different provinces for several months rehearsing their colorful musical penetration front of the main grandstand of the city of Santiago de Cuba.


When the owners of the Cubans were Spaniards about the carnival is not out of the question. Spanish slavery is one of the most violent in the world. In place of the Spaniards came to the French, and much has changed. French slave owners were more salon than the army. With them and began the tradition of the popular annual carnival. They seemed to have said to his servants, "will gather the harvest of sugar cane, and be merry. And we'll drink wine, look at you, make merry, and your maidservants, who will excite us with their dancing to the extent that we would like even our French-wives. So let's Ignite! »

And Cubans lit!

The French were right: cane crops have increased dramatically!

But in Cuba, Cuban sold apples. Unbelievable for us, Russian, who have forgotten how to even grow their apples.

Cubans preotlichnye peasants. Organize economic blockade Cuba pointless. They still survive at the expense of villages and hamlets. Of course, such backward by modern standards, non-farm does not provide a strong economic development, but also makes the country self-sufficient ...!

I often say that was good in our Soviet past. But the Soviet leaders have committed a terrible crime - to destroy the peasantry! These guardians of Russia have always been farmers. Without agriculture Russia will never rise. Call it whatever you like ... farming, but our Russian man can not be truly happy with any officials or on an oil rig. He feels happy in their garden of ...! In the native heart three or six acres.

However, now it is considered crap. Most of our people want to be entrepreneurs, designers, politicians and prophets ...!

And yet we wonder why in the Russian economy is so wasteful.

Think about it: if all become businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians, designers, psychologists, managers and psychics, who are then going to work?


Cuban peasants are very hospitable people. Once when moving from one city to another had to ask a local farmhouse in the toilet. Do not just let him go, and still did not take the money and tried to drink the juice from sugar cane. Try traveling to France, asked to pee in any home? In Italy you start up, but ... just for the money and still you try to simultaneously sell something.


It is not true!


I left.








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