Anyone who has ever traveled to the Crimea - certainly pay attention to road signs standing along the "samosa tandyrnaya" and next to them - rather strange buildings ...

Well, what a samosa - known to all. And that's what - tandoor ...
Tandoor (if in a few words ... - Asian oven. A sort of a cost-effective analogue of the well known Russian oven. Why is "economical" ?! Yes, because in Asia, as it is known, in the form of fuel wood - definitely "napryazhenka." Deficit since say ... Well, there was the vast forests and mighty oaks ... Only saxaul and other sparse vegetation. Therefore - to cook, of course - you need ... But there are certain requirements for the composition and quality of wood. Or rather - their absence! So we gradually come one of the main "quality" tandoor: undemanding to a particular type of wood, and their volume and quality.

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Tandoor in principle - can be any firewood to heat (well, except for particleboard and fiberboard, of course ...). The principle of "work" of the oven - standard From Fire burning wood and coal - heated wall (vault) of the furnace and due to their weight, they store heat for a few "working" hours. Russian oven also operates on the same principle. But it has incomparably greater mass, it is a complex engineering (Yes! It - engineering ...) and the construction of "classics" - is also the home for heating (our winter - they are harsh ...).

So we gradually come to the second "quality" tandoor. And it may be called - simplicity of design ... constructively in the tandoor - nothing fancy and outstanding ... It is - or "well" -bochka (and such structures - the majority),

or - the oven with side loading (well, like a washing machine "window-" type).

Small-sized (compared to the usual we oven ...) and simple construction. Fire divorces within the furnace and after firing (burning coal) - it is ready for cooking.

And what the same food can be cooked in the tandoor ?! And almost any ...! You can cook - and tableware. Though, of course, it is considered a classic of the genre tandyrnaya pastries (Samsa, tortillas, pita bread) and meat dishes from the tandoor on skewers or in one piece.

It is clear - in the range of dishes certainly affect national and religious "flavor." East, as you know - a delicate matter ... and Oriental cuisine - even more so. A tandoor - under one name or another exist in completely different parts of Asia. And it is not clear, however - who still belong to the "Laura" inventor tandoor: India, Persia, Central Asia or China ...

In the Soviet Union - Russia tandoor came from Central Asia. And, perhaps, the most famous of the ancient guardian of "tandyrnyh" tradition - is Uzbekistan. It was there - the most famous bake cakes and pies in the furnaces-tandyrs.

It Uzbek masters are doing the highest quality Tandoor and are "trendsetters" in this ancient craft.

Today we can observe everywhere in the markets of many "points", where the so-called "Migrant workers", and in fact - cooks - baked tortillas, pita bread and other goodies ... By the way - many Muscovites (from "neponaehavshih ...") - has long been "hooked" on the pastries. "Market" - responded immediately! And if the "point" to the tandoor markets - almost always differs due cleanliness and even basic sanitation (that is - that is ...) - Tandoor appear in more respectable establishments: cafes, restaurants. Yes, and independent open "bakery". And besides - enterprising "craftsmen" mastered the production of mini-tandyrs for personal (holiday ...) use.

True - their price ranges from 9,000 rubles - and up ... But it - worth it.
The fact is that in addition to "exotic" - in the tandoor dishes are more tasty than the usual cooked (traditional ...) method. Experts say that the skewers from the tandoor - get tastier than on the coals and grill.
The idea will catch a "device" - very, very tempting. But - on the basis of plainness and simplicity of design - build yourself a tandoor for home "needs" - quite feasible thing ...! And on the Internet quite a lot of different information "bloggers" about their experiences on the construction tandyrs and cooking in the add.

Last fall, I was determined to build at his dacha tandoor. Well - sort of a "male whim," ... long studied mat.chast and feedback network. Determined by the material and dimensions. Basic "requirements" to the appointment of tandoor - cooking meat / poultry and, if possible, - baked cakes and samosas. I confess that I chose for myself a long time "constructive" tandoor.
Internet - was to help ...!

And I stayed the same - at the simplest: "well».

Tandoor in the form of the well with smooth walls. Most pitchers have tandyrs shape with narrower at the top. This is - due to the lower outflow of heat and more uniform heating of the furnace body. And the wood, most likely - will protopki for less. But we have these criteria are not so important. A building roof dome (without sustainable Navka in this issue) - a rather difficult task. So - stop at "cylinder».

The basic material of the furnace has been chosen (to be exact - was taken ...) ordinary red brick oven baked clay. Simple - he was in there and calmly lay stacked in the shed. Brick left after dismantling the coal stove, boiler parents (before switching to gas heating). Assessing the quality - I have decided that it is appropriate to use it. Season two will serve it well, and there - if there is a desire and need - remake of the rules and with the fanaticism of a refractory-refractory! In the end - the majority of "amateur" designs tandyrs in Uzbekistan - is not out of fire clay, but from ordinary clay ...

In the country it has been selected the place (in the border area), marked ploschadochka (120x120 cm).
It leveled the ground and made of sand prosypka (cushion).

The same site was made for a groove tube-blower.

The pipe itself was made from a piece of asbestos-cement pipes with a diameter of 100mm. (Those who fear that asbestos is present in the design - the request to treat this fact calmly ... heating and destructive effects this element is not exposed. But wishing - may be replaced by a metal, for example)

The site is laid out in three rows of silicate (white) brick. For dry, without cords and solution. The solution makes no sense, because all the same joints will crack from the heat. You can, in principle, - pour a bed-slab of reinforced concrete ... But we are still "train" ... So - our "sole" -ploschadka tandoor ready.

It is worth it to check on the construction level. Now - it's up to the walls. They - red brick stove, put on end. "Drawing" brick circle. You can use the template.

I - I have done "by eye". In one such circle inner diameter of 40 cm - 19 fit bricks.

And only three "levels" of our tandoor went 57 bricks. The inner diameter of the tandoor and the number of bricks - selected purely individual.
I understand that you need to pre-calibrate the brick length (in this case, adjustment ...). To our circle is not broken up and raspolzsya (and on top after two will!) - We tied (contractible) ordinary wire.

Wire - annealed steel and bears the name of the corrupt "knitting." It differs from the usual that even the soft and curled his fingers. Aligns the first layer and begin to put a second ... Well, and so on. Customized, podstukivaem, we align, communicate. We get quite a smooth "well" in height three rows of bricks (75 cm.).


Primitive man (and starving on a desert island, too ...) - this would have stopped. But we can afford to be patient and enjoy the "creative" ... Then - we knead special masonry structure on the basis of chamotte

and accurately - handles ... (gloves) to plug the gap between the bricks sector.

Ideally - masonry tandoor should be like rivetting in barrel - chiselled and fitted. But this - can be done easily with refractory bricks. A cut and grind the calcined clay - it is unreal ... And in this volume. So - to plug the gap.

Important! Before closing up cracks - a brick foundation is necessary to thoroughly moisten the state of impregnation! To brick, like a sponge - not immediately absorbed the water from the solution. In total, this operation took me 2 bags of 20 kg. mixture.

It does - in 2 divided doses (two "floors"). And the first - immediately after drying smeared special "reinforcing" the clay composition.



Simply - kneaded clay in water with a straw cool and dense - and smeared it tandoor. How graduated termination of seams - smeared it all! Daubed - in two layers with drying of every 2-3 days. Cracks - but let it does not frighten you ...!

Firstly, they no significant effect on the strength and do not have a monolithic coating and durable. And secondly - these fine cracks are sealed liquid clay without straw weight

Dry them. At the time, until the tandoor will "cement" - leaving the garden certainly sheltering and wraps its p / e film. Clay - afraid of water and rain!

Next - armiruem our tandoor masonry net - and daubed it again.




You can - just ... And you can - just arbitrarily. The thicker the layer, - and so it would be better to keep warm! And on top of clay - again wrap cylinder of mesh are buried neck-top vents.

And on the very neck set of pre-cooked strip ring.




Tying this very "fitting" of the same binding wire.

And - now coated with cement mortar.

I used a mixture of Portland cement + sand + screenings. The result was in fact - lightweight concrete with enough "plasticity." Tip: To at the concrete longer than "sit" - add to it when mixing a little (half a spoon on a 15-liter bucket) "fairy" ... And kneaded me and concrete and clay - the usual "mixer" for drill ... Conveniently and efficiently stir. That's it…! Our tandoor is almost ready! We will not bring in a utilitarian constructive frills and frills. This is - by then ... Again dry them. Better - week. Better (for cool climate) - into an ordinary incandescent bulb hung on 60-100Vt - for better drying. But from the outside - also have reason to hide plastic wrap. I dried week ...

The truth is - without lights. We are enough hot.
And now - the first came the solemn moment of the furnace!

We will hold it gently. Ie - Gradually heating tandoor but not up to operating temperature. Zhzhem paper, hay, twigs and brushwood firewood. I drowned somewhere 1, 5 hours. Along the way - doing chores at the cottage ...
By the way - greetings from the sunny Crimea! We, on the Don blossomed this lavender bush ...

We drown ... Watch and palpate. Surprisingly - the outer wall barely warmed up! Absolutely.
And while there is time - realizing cover tandoor. It is a necessary attribute.


Protopit - look into the mouth. The walls inside the black soot.

At the "gentle" combustion chamber - as it should be. But in the "working" mode, the temperature inside is that the soot is burned completely and the walls are pink or white - and clean! And only at the very top is "rim" of the soot.

In general - our tandoor itself is quite ready for testing already "on the meat» ...!

Swings directly on the cake - not raised a hand ... somehow "scary" is. By this - come. And I think - quickly.

And yet - will experiment on the meat! Again - "people on the network," claims that the accumulated heat tandoor is enough to bookmark quite a large amount of food and even a few cycles! Barashkin prepared in the tandoor and pork ribs (bacon ...), baked legs entirely.
Make skewers in the tandoor.
Tandoori whole (or in part) baked bird ...

So we opted for a shish kebab and chicken on the whole ...

And our tests - came just at the Trinity! Ie - On the day when according to legend the grass gain "power" ... That's our chicken we nafarshiruem herbs. Without fanaticism, of course. Meat, we have three kinds:

1. Good pork neck portion of the market.
2. Pork shoulder.
3. Pork tenderloin. But! Alas - the meat bought in "Velikie meat-packing plant." Let's try ...

Marinade - my "standard": onion, smchp, salt, apple juice and a bit of vinegar only fruit for a delicious unobtrusive acidity. You can - a little splash of wine. For example - "Madeira" and "Sherry" (for flavor).
Marinated and drove to the cottage! A first step in the country - fanned the flames in the tandoor.

Now thoroughly - with laying the wood ... Wood used good - fruit from the tree. We melt our tandoor, fill up more wood on top and you can go about their business.

After 20 minutes - will throw more firewood ... Tandoor drown hour to ensure good heat walls. Generally the heating time-protopki tandoor - an indicator of a purely individual. And it depends on very different factors: the size (volume), the thickness of the walls and insulation, time of year etc. All selected empirically. Thermometer I have not, so we will be guided "by eye" (the feelings ...).

While heated tandoor - have time to go to the steppes of herbs ... It is - next. For flavor, we need thyme and oregano ("motherboard" Ukr.).
On the horizon seemed menacing cloud. And the forecast - is not comforting. Before bad weather, it remains a maximum hour and a half ...

return to the country.

The tandoor is already complete burn firewood.

The walls really cleansed from soot and turned white.

Start stringing meat on skewers and cook the chicken ...

Hen we shall rub with salt and pepper and put into our grass, plus a couple of grape leaves. We associate the carcass and spread on skewers. Since I do everything for the first time - there is concern that a vertically arranged meat skewers "peel" on the coals or half tandoor. So - I tied the ends (pulled) the same binding wire and a chicken - spits bent. (As subsequent "practice" - meat and did not think to slip).

As soon as everything is ready - go to Tandoor. Hand in "not tolerate" the heat. It's good! Quickly set in tandoor ring suspension (which we did beforehand ...)

and hung it in a circle in the center and a skewer - chicken ... I sprinkled on top of all this herb thyme.

Close the lid tightly and tandoor top throws a thick cloth.

All heat - goes up. Well, the bottom ash pit-stop up the pipe, too, cloth (or cover flap).

Ideally - you need humbly to wait 30-40 minutes ... Right now ... !!! Within 15 - I went "to see the" Open ..., admire. All kinds of shish kebab is almost ready ...

Again and again we are waiting for close. A storm cloud with rain - very near to ...!

And the family at the table - to the "mainland" periodically cheer on the phone ...

Humbly we are waiting for more infinitely long 20 minutes and then open the tandoor. Skewers ready already visually ... Hand in glove remove the skewers and lay them on a baking sheet. Make an incision and remove the sample.

Result: Visually - kebab turned out beautiful, not overcooked or burnt. The taste - one that of "shops" ... clippings turned dry (which itself was expected). But skewer of neck and shoulder part - turned out pretty good. Not the same as on the coals. Taste - the other! But - very tasty ... Juiciness - almost lost and the meat is uniformly "protomai" the entire thickness. I can not say that as well as on the grill - but also very tasty. Soft and pleasant to "bite».

A chicken, which in anyone else would have to be 20-30 minutes ... - it was decided to seize and bring in the oven ... For the patience of the people was not enough. Nevertheless - and the chicken was a success! With the "smoke" and juicy ... It "brought" just half an hour until cooked.

Skewer liked.
But on the tandoor - it can be concluded №1 ... Tandoor get up and running! And the food, cooked in it - it is good! The meat - tasty and does not burn unattended on the barbecue coals. You can cook large pieces and the poultry carcasses.

The plans for the near future - after all master cake in the tandoor. Well, after them - and to the samosas, I think, come all ... (Let's go to the Crimea - take an interest "secrets" of the local ...)

That's - as long as all the first experience ...
As they say, - continued follow!
Enjoy all appetite and success!

© weber2005



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