Build a tandoor oven with his own hands

We will consider the question of building a tandoor oven. In this article the main focus will be the methods of construction and the device capabilities of a tandoor. But first, we believe it is necessary to digress from the purely technical side and here's why.


The word tandoor, though increasingly found in our lexicon, but mostly not all even seen the kiln, don't know about how it works, not to mention her device. Takdirnya furnace, is a kind of Russian furnaces in Asia. Intended mainly for baking bread and bread products, but it can be successfully cook meat, chicken, cook the vegetables and to cook many different dishes.



What is the difference between the Asian areas of Russia, why this furnace appeared there? The answer to this question is enclosed in economy of the tandoor. The notion of Asia, many associated with sand and mountains. Naturally, representing Asia, before the eyes will not sail the vast forest expanse. Of course, there are also trees, but they are clearly insufficient to as for Russia to use firewood for heating homes and cooking bread. Unlike the Russian stove, tandoor requires only a small bundle of saxaul, to be able to bake much bread. It is called in those places, tandyr – Nan. It's interesting – Nan – a Turkic dialect translates as bread. Accordingly, the tandoor Nan bread baked in the tandoor. Our reference – saxaul – a species of woody shrub growing in the sand in the desert. The combustion produces very high temperatures. Economical assistant

In Asia, almost in every private house has its own tandoor. But sometimes one large tandoor arranged on the street, used by several families together. The author of these lines, in his time in Uzbekistan, was able to observe an interesting picture. Early on the morning of Uzbek women to cut the bread for their homes. On the street flooded mounted tandoor for his firing was used a relatively small bunch of saxaul. After a couple of hours they returned to their homes. Each carried a decent stack of freshly baked tandyr – Nan. Weeks supply and numerous family. The smell was in the air is mind-blowing.


As you can see the stove consumes less fuel and thus it is possible to prepare enough food.

How is this achieved?

The principle of operation of the tandoor.

The tandoor is a clay pot turned upside down with the bottom and arranged with a hole on top. In the lower part there is a hole for blowing. Outside the tandoor obkladyvaetsya brick, between the brick and the tandoor filled with clay, sand, or salt. As becomes clear, all these materials are excellent heat batteries, and the form itself contributes to a great capture of thermal radiation from the fire. In fact, all the heat absorbed by the tandoor, and then he slowly begins to give, but not outward, but inward. Hence the high and even temperature and baking or cooking, even with a fully remote coals. Our inquiry is after the wood is burned, if you don't want to get food with "smoky" coal can be removed completely, it has no effect on the ability of the tandoor to cook. Skewer this method is more juicy, the main thing not to overdo.

Manufacturer of tandoor – the main challenges

Many readers have probably wondered how to make tahirou oven for their own needs and what will it take?

Let's build a tandoor oven with his own hands from the materials that can be purchased in Russia.

At home tandoor oven, in its construction in clay add sheep or camel wool. It provides good insulation, and with tandoor acquires the necessary strength. As became clear, the tandoor oven is a thick-walled ceramic dishes, lined for insulation with holes for blowing and immediate use.

Traditionally tandoor is manufactured as follows:

Typically, the height of the tandoor does not exceed 1 – 1.5 meters.

Diameter in the Central part of about one meter. The clay is prepared, carefully stretching, while stretching my hands, and to obtain the desired density feet. After that, the clay allowed to stand up during the day and again well kneaded. Though the tandoor and is shaped like a large clay pot, it is made not on the regular wheel, and the so-called method of tape molding. Clay roll cushions with a minimum thickness of 60 mm. followed by a layer with light to form the tandoor. The cushions are a bit flattened and suscipiat. The result is a vessel with a truncated form.

After that, tandoor leave to dry in the sun for at least a month. Error in the preparation – work on the wind

As you can see, the work is quite specific, it requires a certain skill. Not afraid to say what is right to make a tandoor with this technology the first time is unlikely and here's why. As you can see, you need to properly prepare the clay. It's not even that it is necessary to stretch properly, namely to observe the proportions of fat. The slightest deviation from the required standards will lead to cracking of the tandoor. We would love to provide you with the exact recipe of the solution, but I can assure you – it is not there. Even the solution for oven is not certain proportions, and according to the consistency of the available clay.

In the manufacture of tandoor, the same rules, but in a more simple form. After all, if the furnace seam is 3 to 5 mm, it is possible to tolerate small deviations, and the resulting cracks in the masonry repaired during the operation. Error in the preparation of the solution for the tandoor, will completely destroy the work of several tens of days. There is required a very experienced master and not just master – Builder, namely a specialist in manufacturing of tandoors. What to do to give up the opportunity to get hold of on the private land great furnace and deprive yourself and your family to enjoy delicious kebabs and these tenderini cakes? In any case!

There is a solution – we know how

Today we will talk about what the availability of tandyr stove with your own hands is quite capable to anyone using the availability of skills and materials. We build a tandoor oven from bricks. The advantage of this furnace is that its manufacture will require standard materials that are used for the device of brick kilns is:

The brick masonry



The cement for the Foundation of the device


The main advantages of this model

Go directly to the tandoor. The figure below shows the tandoor was built of brick, with exposed brick lining and backfilling of sand. What is the advantage of this over traditional tandoor?

Material availability

The possibility of correcting mistakes after manufacturing

Good technical parameters

We are of course largely interested in the question about possible bug fixes. Indeed, since the main body is made of brick, with interior plaster in clay, it is always possible to lubricate the cracked seams formed due to mismatched clay. In this tandoor is impossible. Will have to redo all the work.

Sizes and ranks

We will start construction of the tandoor.

This tandoor has the following dimensions:

Height 1292 mm dia 1000 mm

In this case the vertical part of the tandoor has a height of 544 mm (8 rows)

Dome 544 mm (8 rows)

Our advice — arranging the Foundation, calculate the space under the brick facing.

The beginning of masonry — Trap in the first place

The Foundation is ready to start laying.

It will draw on the Foundation of the right circle. First laid out a circle and then is filled in the internal space. As you can see in the picture, don't forget about the channel blew. The bricks are placed on a stretcher, while the inner bonded side they touch each other.

Our advice – laying the tandoor, just make the interior plaster in clay. This is best suitable refractory mortar. The coating is moistened with water by hand.

Continue laying – grate

In the second row overlaps the channel blew. Unlike a furnace, there is no need of the Grand canal, in our tandoor it is 68Х200 mm.

On the second row is placed the fire grate.

The remaining rows are laid out similarly. Remember to make the coating. Do not forget about proper dressing of bricks. And so all 8 rows.

The shift depends on the diameter

9, the first series leads to the formation of the dome. Here you must correctly calculate the offset. Will need pruning. Use the grinding machine. Our tandoor basic hole is 500 mm. Then from the initial diameter 1000 mm we must come to 500 mm for 8 rows

Simple calculation – 500/8=62,5 mm. the number Is divided by two, since we are narrowing on both sides. The 62.5/2=31,25

First Protoka

Finish the clutch. Now you should have a good coat tandoor outside. Here you can use the clay used for masonry. Well fill in all the seams on the outside as such, the tandoor should be left to dry in the sun for a couple of hours. You can then fill it with firewood or wood to the top and burn. It is best to use the brushwood. After the fire burned, used for laying clay is well hardened.

Continue laying the Outer lining

Next, you need the outer lining of the tandoor. Tandoor draped vertically. Wall plates shall be in contact with the vertical walls of the tandoor closely. Well fill in all available gaps between them. This technology will allow the unit to accumulate a sufficient amount of heat for cooking without the need to use fuel.

When masonry is well dry, fill the space above the dome of clay or sand you Can use a tandoor for the purpose. Not sure of wood or metal to make him the cover.

We made ground.

Another option is earthen tandoor

There is a second method of installation of this unit. Using them is much easier.

Tandoor earthen

Dig a pit of appropriate size. Swipe all work on foundations. Lay out the tandoor as mentioned above. While the vertical part will remain under the ground, on the outside only the dome. Don't forget about the channel for blew. We won't go into his device, but to make it simple. The picture is clearly visible the upper part. The dome will require in this case a more thorough coating. New unknown aromas In conclusion I want to say one thing. Before baking bread in tandyr, coat the inside with sunflower oil and a good burn. After the cakes are well baked and not burnt to the surface.

The use of the tandoor for cooking Using rather voluminous the dishes or cook a special grid on the bore, it is possible to cook in the tandoor a real Uzbek pilaf or a kebab, skewers hanging down. You do not need to turn during cooking. We assure you that cooking them would be ideal.

However, that's a topic for a cooking page where you always can find the required recipe. Good luck and Bon appetit!


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