Unique bell furnace Kuznetsova, warms, cooks, does not require frequent cleansing!

Bell-type furnaces - one of the most common and characteristics are not inferior to channel furnaces. This stove is the latest development in the conservative sphere: the installation and design of furnaces. This stove is distinguished by a fundamentally new method of using hot gas. In the design of standard type cold and hot gas is due to the thrust of air, the flow which takes place through the ash pan.

Bell furnace Kuznetsova is a highly efficient design, which uses a different fuel type. I. V. Kuznetsov began to study the construction, design and improvement of brick stoves in a thousand nine hundred and sixty-second year. The wizard created the technology, which is unique, namely the system of "free gas movement". In this system, the heated gases circulate through its own gravity. This is a brand new and fundamentally different from the other kind of ovens because the designs is forced movement of gases.

Types and advantages of bell-type furnacesfurnaces Advantages are:

  • efficiency;
  • long-term preservation of the heat;
  • small soot;
  • the lack of frequent cleansing.
  • a choice of shapes and design.

By function can be divided into the following groups:

Furnace heating. The main purpose of these ovens is heating. Cooking stoves. They are used for cooking. This includes bread plates and ovens, which are adapted under the cauldron. Bath the stove. Fireplaces. BBQ and grills. Complexes and structures of the combined type. The most common are boiling and the heating furnace Kuznetsova. They are not only able to warm the house, but the food on them is delicious.

There are many varieties of bell-type furnaces, they differ in size, functionality and styles. Despite this, the principle on which these furnaces are built never changes.

Bell furnaces can be erected in almost any room. It can be an apartment, a house, outbuildings or bath. For example, for bath hooded microwave oven will be the ideal replacement for standard conventional ovens.

Having built this oven for a bath, it is possible to solve several problems at once. This design is able to heat several rooms: the sink and steam room, and relaxation room. In addition, the furnace is very convenient to heat the water, creating parallel pairs as necessary.

The house can be equipped dvuhlampovoe heating using a furnace, this unit is very functional. Before erecting such a structure, it is necessary to carefully consider the draft. The system, which burns raw fuel you need to organize the most optimal way. In the furnace must always maintain the correct temperature, otherwise the gases that are formed after combustion can be transformed into harmful waste soot and tar.

How to fold a furnace hoodedwith Their hands folded oven Kuznetsova easy. The following information will be needed for proper construction:

  • Gas can fill any amount to be granted. Accordingly, the form of a cap does not matter, it can be any size.
  • The walls of the cap are equally heated in each horizontal section. The tank top is the hottest.
  • The heat source can be placed arbitrarily, however, it needs to be in the bottom tier of the cap.
  • It is possible to use several heat sources.

It is not recommended to make their own the object, if this is the first experience of masonry. First, it is difficult, and secondly, there is a high probability to be wrong. It is better to use ready-made layouts, they are on the Internet. It is not necessary to select a complex design, it is better to start with something simple.

In order to fold the oven Kuznetsova needed:

  • Bulgarian;
  • Wire metal;
  • Angle steel;
  • Stove casting: door, gate and grille grate. The ash-pit, the fireplace and the flue plate;
  • Sand. It needs to be cleaned, it should be more clay twice.
  • The solution, intended for laying (water, clay and horse manure). The clay should be refractory;
  • A drill with paddle mixer or a rotary hammer;
  • Grate;
  • Steel plate;
  • Brick full-bodied, designed for these works. The brick should be fire resistant. As well as the necessary brick masonry on the outside.
The kiln is ready the solution can replace clay and sand, you can buy at the hardware store. In this mixture all the proportions already observed. To oven for a long time, all materials must be of high quality.

Bell furnace with his own hands: recommendationsfor the Person who first put the stove need to learn to be a bricklayer. We read a book and find information on the Internet. It is not necessary to shade, you need to calmly and slowly start putting bricks under the scheme row by row.

You need to remember:

  • When heated, the brick heats up. Accordingly, the inner shell, which is refractory needs to have empty space.
  • Every third row should be laid with wire of metal, this will make the ligament stronger.
  • All metal elements, including the door should be adapted to their expansion at high temperatures. Metal and brick to be divided by a special gasket.
  • When all works are finished it is recommended to apply special refractory brick composition.
  • Annealing oven need with a little heat, increase power gradually.

Beginners should remember that between the first two tiers of the spacer goes in a quarter of a brick, it increases the furnace in length. Overlap the upper to do in the seventeenth and eighteenth lining, and the twenty-first the order must be left along the side of the inner walls two passes. All porjadovki indicated on the drawings and usually does not cause difficulties.

After laying is complete, you need to spend the first kindling. You need to use the minimum amount of fuel because the heating should be gradual and slow. During the first firebox tested furnace, it is burning and tightness of all joints, especially where there is a gate and installed the door. If you find any shortcomings, they immediately need to be addressed.

To avoid cracks in the stove and its bias, it is necessary to put it on a solid Foundation. The finished construction has a considerable weight, so Foundation must be approached very seriously. It is recommended to lay a concrete Foundation during the construction of the house. The width of the Foundation should be ten centimeters more design heating. Embed yourself in your house ready to bake difficult, it is recommended to take the help of professionals.

The Foundation for furnace KuznetsovaTo their own hands to build the Foundation, you need the following tools and materials:

  • bayonet and shovel;
  • cement mortar (three parts sand shall be one part cement);
  • sand;
  • a reinforcing rod, having a medium size;
  • wooden formwork;
  • the polyethylene film.

First, you must dig a hole of the desired perimeter. Next, pour six inches of sand on the bottom of the pit and leave it for two days, so that the sand sinks. This will make the stove more stable. It is recommended that opalka was made of plywood, but you can also use old doors, unnecessary boards and other wooden products. This will not affect the final result.

Often used for reinforcement rods having an average thickness of, but not forbidden to use thinner bars. The solution must be poured slowly. To remove excess air from the solution, it must be frequently stirred with a shovel. After the pouring is finished, you need to leave the solution and allow it to harden. Typically, the solution solidifies during the week, but it happens that for full hardening to have to wait two or three weeks. It is not necessary to hurry in this case because because of how stable the Foundation depends on the reliability of the stove.published


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