15 puzzles that will make your head to work and get away from everyday thoughts

1. This person is given three times: first two times for free, and for the third you need to pay?

2. One of my friends can completely shave the beard off a dozen times a day. And he still walks with a beard. How is that possible?

3. One day at lunch, the girl dropped her ring in a Cup full of coffee. Why the ring is still dry?


4. In any case, looking at figure 2, we say "ten"?

5. A man bought apples at 5 cents apiece, and then sold them for 3 rubles apiece. After some time he became a millionaire. How did he do it?

6. You stand before two identical doors, one of which leads to death, the other to happiness. Doors guarded by two identical guards, one of whom always tells the truth and the other lies all the time. But you don't know who is who. You can only ask one question to any of the guards.

What is the question you need to ask, not to be mistaken with a choice of doors?

7. You are invited to work as a financial analyst in Gazprom. Promise a starting salary of $100,000 per year and two options of its improvement:

1) Once a year, you increase the salary to $15 000

2) every six months — $5 000

Which option do you think is more profitable?

8. In one room — three light bulbs. In the other three switch. You need to determine which switch from a light bulb. Go into the room with bulbs only once.

9. You have five - and three-liter bottles, and lots and lots of water. How to gain in a five-liter bottle with exactly 4 litres of water?

10. You sit in a boat that swims in the pool. In the boat lies a heavy cast-iron anchor, not tied to the boat. What will happen to the water level in the pool if you drop the anchor in the water?

11. A father and his two sons went camping. On their way met the river, the shore of which was the raft. It can withstand water or father or two sons. How to cross to the other side father and sons?


12. From aboard the ship was lowered a steel ladder. 4 lower steps of ladder is immersed in water. Each rung has a thickness of 5 cm; the distance between two adjacent rungs is 30 cm the tide at which the water level began to rise with a speed of 40 cm per hour. What do You think, how many steps will be under water in 2 hours?

13. Three chicken, three days are three eggs. How many eggs will carry the same 12 chickens for 12 days?

14. Peter and Mike played dirty and dark attic of the house. Then they went down. Petya face was dirty and Micha's face miraculously remained clean. Despite this, only Mike went to wash up. Why?

15. The day before Pete was 17 years old. Next year it will be 20 years. How can this be?




1. Teeth.

2. He is a Barber.

3. Coffee beans, ground coffee or instant.

4. When we look at a clock that shows ten minutes of any hour.

5. He was a billionaire.

6. One solution: "If I asked you to point me to the door, fortunately, which door will the other guard show?" And then you need to choose another door.

7. Second.
The balance of the first option: 1 year — $100 000, 2 years — $115 000, 3 year at $130 000, year 4 — $145 000 and so on.The balance of the second option: 1 year— $50 000 + $55 000 = $105 000, 2 year— $60 000 + $65 000 = $125 000, 3 year— $70 000 + $75 000 = $145 000, 4 year— $80 000 + $85 000 = $165 000 and so on.

8. You need to include at first one bulb and wait then not for long to include the second, then both off. The first will be the hot, the second warm and the third cold.

9. To gain a five-liter bottle to pour from it 3 liters per three-liter. Pour from a three-liter, pour into it the remaining two liters. To gain a five-gallon again and dump her extra liter to three-liter bottle, which left so much space.

10. The water level will drop. While the anchor is in the boat it displaces a volume of water weighing the same as the anchor, its weight and the weight of the load. If the anchor overboard, it will displace only a volume of water equal to the volume of the anchor, not the weight, i.e., less as the density of anchors is more than water.

11. Initially ferried two sons. One of the sons back to the father. His father moved to the opposite shore to son. The father remains on the shore, and the son is forwarded to the source bridge for a brother, then they both cross to the father.

12. After two hours under water will have the same 4 steps, because at high tide the ladder rises with the boat.

13. One hen lays one egg in three days. For 12 days, one hen will carry four eggs, therefore, 12 chickens for 12 days will carry 12×4=48 eggs.

14. Mike saw that Tom's dirty face and thought that he also has a dirty face, Peter saw the clean face of Misha, I thought that his face is also all right.

15. If the current day is 1 January and the birthday of Petya 31 Dec. The day before yesterday (December 30) he was still 17 years old, yesterday (31 December) under the age of 18, this year 19 years old, and next year — 20 years.published


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