20 Habits of American women, who appeared with That after living in Russia

American and blogger Joanna Stein for some time lived in Russia, and of course this could not affect its outlook and some habits that are included in its everyday American life, becoming an integral part of it. For us, a lot of these things are commonplace, but for a man who has lived all his life in another country, some of them may seem strange, as for most of Joanna, and others seem weird even for us, the residents of Mother Russia.

Wear slippers home

In Russia, the whole culture of slippers. When you come to visit, they take off their shoes, and you have to give them slippers. Coming home, you take off your shoes and put on slippers himself. I had this habit, because: a) coming home, I always took off the dirty street shoes; b) in my apartment it was cold; c) the floors in my apartment was not of very high quality; g) slippers - it's really very easy! I kept this habit, and on his return to the US, I can not imagine that I'll go around the house barefoot or in stocking feet.

< Dancing the Night

The US bars and clubs usually close at midnight, but in Russia they are open until six in the morning. Therefore, we often hang out with friends all night and returned home only about seven.

< Drinking alcohol in public places

In public places - in the sense of outside bars, clubs and restaurants. I often see people drinking beer on the street. Once even I myself drank alcohol on the bus, returning from a night party with friends. But I did not used to see people sipping beer in the trains.

< ride public transport

In Russia, I really missed my car. Fortunately, I lived in a small town and almost all go on foot. But if I'm in a hurry and had to travel long distances, I used public transport - bus, train, subway. Russians living in big cities, often travel by public transport. I had to get used to at first.

Buy all cash

In the US, they rule the credit in the world is ruled by Russian cash. I do not remember if I ever seen the cash before I arrived in Russia. Houses for almost all purchases I use a credit or debit card. But Russia had always carry cash and pay them. Salaries also were given cash - it was a very strange time in two weeks to return home with a large sum of money

Show your passport to buy something

. When I arrived in Russia I went to buy a local sim card, and I demanded a passport. For me the passport - it's something very formal. But the Russians have two passports - one internal, they often use it for identification, and the second - for travel abroad. So please show your passport was similar request to show a driver's license here in the United States. I thought it was something important, although in reality such was not.

< There is a McDonald's

I would not do if the food in the Russian and American McDonald's did not differ significantly in taste. In my opinion, the food in the Russian McDonald's is better. It is fragrant, with not so fat and disgusting. I never eat at McDonald's in America, but to me it did not seem so terrible in Russia.

< Drink soda

Before coming to Russia, I, of course, drinking water with gas, but do not say that very often. The restaurants and shops of the USA it is quite rare. And this is the norm in Russia. When you are ordering water in a restaurant or buy from street stalls, it is important to clarify what it is you want - with or without gas. Soda is the same as an ordinary water, which is quite cheap. So I finally began to drink water with gas, and in large quantities, it has become to me like it even more.

< Catch wheelbarrow

In Russia there is a licensed taxi and truck drivers' bombily ": they go on conventional machines and can give you a lift for money. I've never caught a wheelbarrow. But when we were with friends, we have from time to time a ride "fish is." At first it shocked me, but soon began to seem normal, especially when pressed for time, and there is a free taxi.

< Drink vodka

Many people know that between Russia and vodka there is a connection. Before I came to Russia, I rarely drank vodka. And if I saw her, it was only somewhere in a bar or club, when I had a goal to drink straight. But in Russia, I caught myself on the fact that vodka drink for lunch or dinner, and I heard an opinion that it is not necessary to sip vodka small sips and drink in one gulp.

< Drink tea

Like most people, I have tea has always been associated with England. I had no idea that the Russian drink so much tea. But in my work in Russia tea it was something of a public event, and I soon discovered that was the tea - cup after cup during the working day. At home I never drink tea, but now became to keep it in case you suddenly come to me friends from Russia.

< To surprise people with its thinness

In the US, your body may discuss only if the weight is significantly deviates from the norm. But America has established itself as a country of fat people, and the Russians are well aware of this. I have always been tiny, but no one let comments about my weight before I arrived in Russia. Upon learning that I was from the US, one Russian woman exclaimed: "But you lean!" She was genuinely shocked, as if the fullness was mandatory feature of all, without exception, Americans

Wash hands each. just coming home

This may sound very casually, but I really do not remember that I have so often washed his hands before coming to Russia. I think this is due to the fact that the city is so dirty that, back home, you feel in the hands of the mud layer. The habit of constantly washing your hands after the street and I still have after I returned to my home.

< Buy milk in the package

I was very amused by this point - to keep milk in a cardboard package seems a little pointless thing. How to use this package, how to store the milk? Some packages have a neck with a screw cap, but many do not. People that milk is poured into a separate container or drink all the milk in one sitting? Very strange!

< Fend off intrusive questions about why I do not have a boyfriend

I came to Russia immediately after the university where no one had not occurred to ask, if I have a husband or boyfriend. But in Russia to start a family very early. I knew guys younger than me, who already had his family, and with several children. My boss often particularly bother me with questions, if I have someone, and talk about what we need to have a guy to not be alone. My students sometimes also could not believe that I am not married and do not intend to acquire a family in the near future.

< Two doors in the apartment

No, not in my apartment were two entrances. In one doorway for some reason, it has been established just two doors. It looked rather odd, and I never knew what prompted the owners to do so - whether safety considerations, or hope, that this will be better to keep heat in the house

Wearing high heels every day.

In Russia, people dress a little more formally than I used to. For women, this includes among other things, and high heels. In Russia, I came right after university, where, of course, never wore heels. If I had before, for example, worked in the office, it is likely so to me, and this option would not surprise was not included in my list. One friend of mine said that in Russia every day, she wears heels, but, returning home to the UK once again put on sneakers. In Russia, I would not for the world would not have agreed to go to the sneakers. Always wear boots or shoes with a heel.

< Do not show documents

Nobody asked me to show documents, when I ordered a drink at a club or restaurant - it was a pleasant surprise for me. In Russia, alcohol can be purchased from 18 years, and I look at it is this age. For comparison: in the US the sellers are asked to show documents of all who want to buy alcohol if they look younger than 30. Now that I'm back in the US, I often forget to bring along your identification card, and for that reason I refused to sell alcohol many times <. br>
There are no special reason to spawn

Many people associated with Russian caviar, it is believed that it is eaten on holidays. It argued that the champagne (or vodka) with caviar - it's just the top of sophistication. But in fact, in Russia there can spawn at any time - often with pancakes or smeared it on bread and butter

please all food home


I love to cook, especially desserts. Many Russians are prepared at home first and second, but a sweet, usually buy. When I regaled friends with his own prepared Russian chocolate cheesecake or even some dessert, they at first could not believe that it's true, I did, and then said that they are nothing more delicious in my life have not tried.

Carrying a toilet paper into the booth

Despite the fact that most of the toilets there are now toilet paper in the cabins, so far there are places where one roll is only in the common room. For the first time I was faced with a situation where, as a student, arrived in St. Petersburg.

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