29.04. Gideon Sundbek. How to make history

1913 - Issued patent for "zipper". Invented clasp was 20 years before Whitcomb Judson, who at the request of suffering from back pain at other carved the first prototype of the "lightning". And even managed to convince investors to invest in this event. But it is not burned - the design proved unreliable and difficult to manufacture: a row of hooks on one side and eyes - on the other, which engage with a special guide key (to uncouple them, it was necessary to turn the key).
Being on the verge of bankruptcy, Judson to find way out of the impasse in the case drew the engineer Gideon Sundbeka - shvedoamerikantsa. Tom was able to significantly simplify the design, make it more reliable: metal units were attached to the two textile ribbons staggered. Castle slider joined or severed portion of the fastener. However, manufacturers and gentlemen, remembering the sad fiasco of the previous version, in no hurry to take on mass production.
The breakthrough came when the president B.F. Goodrich Bertram Rock chose this fastener for mass production of rubber galoshes. His charmed sound fastener elements are produced when - zip (something like "vzhzhzhik"). It took the name of the model - Zipper Boots, which has become a household word in the English language
. Well, in 2012, Google in honor of the momentous event concocted clip.


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