Mobileye, the company will cease development of the autopilot for Tesla

The publisher of MarketWatch, the Israeli company Mobileye, which develops technology used by the EyeQ3 autopilot Tesla, announced its intention to cease cooperation with Tesla Motors.

It happened immediately after the announcement of financial results quarter (the company's shares Mobileye fell by 19% after the event of an accident Tesla with a fatal outcome, followed by a slow recovery). While Mobileye promises to continue support for the EyeQ3 and the release of important updates, but not its further development. Instead, the company will throw all the forces on the recently announced joint project with BMW and Intel to create a fully Autonomous vehicle by the year 2021.

The publication ArsTechnica quotes a statement from founder and technical Director of the Mobileye Amnon, Shashua: "Movement toward a more perfect autonomy is a paradigm shift both from the point of view of complexity and the need to provide an extremely high level of security. Much is at stake — the reputation of Mobileye and the industry in General. Mobileye believes that achieving this goal requires partnerships that go beyond the simple supply of components to OEM".

Elon Musk said that the dissolution of the partnership was to be expected and will not affect the plans of Tesla in the development of fully Autonomous autopilot for their vehicles.

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