15 Timeless Tips

"We live only once, but if we live correctly, once is enough." Mae West

So, here are the 15 most important ideas on how to make your life amazing. I hope that you will find in the article something useful for yourself.

1. Woody Allen on the number of attempts

"80% of success depends on the number of attempts»

One of the most serious and the most simple things, with which you will be able to secure success in life - only the number of attempts in the desired area. This also applies to public life and to your career and to your health. For example, if you want to improve the health of the most important and effective to go to the gym when you should be there. The weather can be bad, you might not want to go there and you will find a lot of urgent matters. If you still went out and if you show in the gym, even when you do not have a strong motivation, your result will be faster than if you stay at home to lie on the couch.

I think this applies to many areas of our lives. If you write or draw a lot - for example, every day, you will gain the necessary skills quickly. If you do a lot of walking, you zavedet a lot of friends. If you often go out on dates, then you have more chances to find the right person. In any case, the success - the number of attempts. People who really achieved a lot, tried many times and suffered more setbacks than all other mortals.

2. Nike on the action

"Just do!»

Once upon a time I thought at leisure on the old Nike commercials, from time to time to catch the eye. I thought, "Yeah, it's so easy to say, but it is just so hard to do anything." I thought it was just an advertisement, which should be about something to talk about.

But now I realize that this advertising is really useful advice. So what has changed? I think I understand that you can not just sit and think about their actions. Often we think too long. Need to quickly identify with their thoughts and feelings.

This advice is related to the previous one. People find it difficult to constantly try to do anything. How Come? Because there is internal resistance and bad habits (such as excessive love thinking about). Sometimes it is helpful not to think about why you're trying to do something (to correct health, earn money, etc.).

But sometimes it does not work. These are the cases where a person can by means of bad thoughts slow down the process, but with the help of good ideas to deal with its acceleration. Because some people when they do something wrong, inclined to to throw something that does not work. And some people in such situations, on the contrary, continue to make plans, even if their mind and emotions are telling them, 'No, no, no! ".

Not too trust your thoughts and feelings, do not take them too seriously. You may want to change your life. But your mind may want stability. Thus, a conflict. And because of this there is internal resistance to change.

You should not get hung up on thinking about excessive or completely control your thoughts, emotions and actions. You need to stop listening to what he is talking (or shouting) your mind, keep moving forward and do what, deep down, you want to do.

3. Anais Nin that we see

"We see everything around you is not so, for what it really is, and so what we have."

It was the most important discovery in the beginning of my work over the individual. I realized that in the world there are many models. I realized that I was wrong when I thought that the world itself is a world. Because the world can be viewed from different perspectives. And it varies depending on who is looking at it. For example, an optimist sees the opportunity and something for which you can be thankful for, even now there are all hard and bad, the future is bound to be good. A pessimist is likely to get stuck on idle, considering that still nothing can be changed to be arrogant look at the optimist, as gullible and naive idiot and this will feel his superiority and will revel in them. In my life I've tried both, and more. And I strongly recommend that you follow the path of an optimist.

This quote is also interesting because it helps us to understand ourselves. After all, we are what we see.

If you're in my world see a lot of ill will and hostility towards you, then maybe this is what you want to see? And if you have something annoying in others, it is possible that these are the qualities that you do not like in ourselves?

Think about your world and what can you say about yourself. Think about yourself and how you perceive the environment that prevents you live.

4. Confucius about the simplicity of life

"In fact, life is simple, but we insist on its sophisticate."

The mind loves to think. He thought and thought about everything. He does things to think about more complicated than they really are. So you can get bogged down in thinking, and perhaps do not act because decide that all too easy and hard.

Do not go into the details and unimportant details. Highlight the most important thing in your life and throw away all unnecessary. And then spend more time and spend more energy on what is important in your life. And stop to think too much, and instead act, and you will understand better their lives and themselves.

5. Winnie the Pooh o values ​​trivia

"No one who has the ball, do not be sad."

Daily happiness consists of small things. If you allow yourself to be happy only when they reach a large target or when you are in a big luck, you make my life more difficult than it might be.

Instead, pay attention to the little pleasant things and take them with gratitude. Find two minutes and think about what your life is worth to appreciate. If you need examples, here's what I appreciate in your life:

The Weather.
My health.
Friends and family.
My blog and to write what I want.
You, dear reader.
I and everything nice, that is connected with me.
Surprisingly, if you start just something to quickly assess, everything around becomes too valuable. For example, you can start with the food that you are currently eating. Then your attention switches to the phone and you will gratefully appreciate the opportunity to communicate. Then your focus can switch to the street - through the window you will see the amazing sunlight, then you will see that children play football in the street that goes such an interesting person, and so on.

Or you can highlight a couple of minutes in the evening and write his diary 5 things for which you are grateful. Constantly doing any of these exercises, you will be better able to make everyday life situations with great gratitude and become stronger than their value.

6. Audrey Hepburn about what others think about you

"I never saw itself as something special. What they think about me other people - not my concern. I just do as I saw fit. "

We need to try to do what we want and not worry about what others think about us humans. Most of the measures taken or, on the contrary, we have taken no action was based on the approval of others. In childhood and adolescence we get grades in school who say that we have accomplished something "perfectly well". Then it is easier to build their lives, based on the tacit approval of the world around us. This can be approved by our family, our boss, our friends, our colleagues and other people.

But thus we become dependent on the ratio of the people around us. And the demand creates supply. Other people will feel it. And with the help of approval you will hold or manipulate you. Or some people may simply not like your dependence on their opinions.

On the other hand, people who do not think too much on approval from others, often get more of what they want in their hearts. In addition, they can be considered brave. Because they live in their own way, and it is appreciated by people and even discouraged. Though this to some extent, and contrary to common sense.

7. Helen Keller about fear

"Trying to avoid the danger when a long-distance race no less dangerous than taking this risk. He who is afraid will fall rather than brave. "

"Safety - it's mostly a superstition. In nature, it does not exist ... Life - is a daring adventure, or, or life in general. "

You can not sit idly by and hope that everything is done by itself. At least, it concerns the fact that you want to get (and it can often be something for which you are afraid to take).

Why do people sit on their hands and no matter what, do not take the case? One of the main reasons is that they think that because of this they are responsible for their safety. But what I said Keller - true. Security in most cases is prejudice. It is created by your brain and makes you feel confident. But, actually, there is no security. Everything in the world is doubtful and unknown. You can get a reduction. You may unexpectedly quit your love. You can get sick and even die. Who knows what can happen in an hour?

This prejudice the safety of not only has negative sides. It is created by your brain and because of this you can live. Should not be manic thinking about what might happen in a minute or the next day. But, at the same time, we should not cling to the illusion of security. It is necessary to maintain a balance between uncertainty and painful awareness of what is happening at the moment and live accordingly.

When you stop clinging to their safety, your life becomes more interesting and richer. You are no longer limited to the illusion and realize that you isolate yourself from what you can afford to do, and realizing this, you largely create their life freedom. You do not build a wall, which should ensure your safety, because these walls still can not protect against everything. Instead, you can start your own daring adventure. Maybe at first it will turn out slowly, but still ...

8. Winston Churchill problems

"When I look back on all of their past difficulties, I am reminded of a story about an old man who said on his deathbed that he had in his life had a lot of problems, most of which never happened."

Basically, what you are afraid, does not happen. It's just a fear in your mind. And if it happens, very often it is not as painful or bad as you'd expect. Very often, worrying, you're just wasting your time.

Of course, it is easy to say. But if you look back, to remember all their concerns and see how many of them for life in vain, you dismiss the bulk of disturbing thoughts you. So it will be much easier to start doing in life what you really want. And you go from day to day with a light heart, happy and optimistic.

9. Wayne Dyer about what you teach people

"The principle of life: people treat you the way you taught them how to handle myself."

This is a very important point, which I think is very often overlooked by people who want a better position in society and more recognition. They may think, "I am well behaved in relation to man for many months, but it seems that his attitude towards me has not changed much."

This is a problem of a man who tries to behave well. He's good, but he has no head. Nobody knows what people expect in relation to it from other people. Perhaps you behave well to get the approval of others. You have a strong need for this. Therefore, your chances of getting that approval is reduced.

We largely choose what we want to be treated. That's what you would expect from the relationship to you people, strongly influences the way you act and the way people around you perceive and how they apply to you. If you are modeling their behavior so that people do whatever they want, no regard for you, you're so bad walking on the path of self-destruction.

You can create an image of a man who used to having him always seek help. You bring a sacrifice, and even though they look quite happy in my heart you do not like. But since you are used to it, you finally agreed to this role and think, "Yes, actually, it's me."
You can imagine the image of a man in whom the people around you can relate so. Because you are always satisfied and all people think that everything is fine. Or some people can just use what you do not know how to say "No!".
Remember that you can not please everyone. As I remember, and Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Buddha said something that will always be people who do not like what you are doing. That is correct. It's OK.

Trying to please everyone when communicating at their own expense - this is not normal. Or even if you try to always be fair. You do not pull it morally or physically.

So, be a good person. Be positive. But try to fit their own installations, rules and regulations. And remember that you can always do what you think is necessary, because there will always be criticism.

10. Kahlil Gibran about sadness and joy

"The more sadness was in your life, the more joy you can contain. Do not the bowl, which is now poured wine was calcined in an oven? Is not this the clay plastered your soul, not that the tree did knife incisions? When you are happy, rummage in my soul, and you will realize that what once grieved you, now brings you joy. When you feel sad, and rummage in my soul, and you will truly see that you lёte tears over the fact that you are so loved. "

Your pain and sorrow often portend something good. They make you stronger. You start to feel sharper and more aware. It is in its own way to help you and guide you in the right direction. You can always look back and feel a sense of happiness from the fact that you are no longer there.

And very often, when a person grief, he tries to survive. A lot of athletes starting out, trying to get rid of health problems. And many great speakers or just a very sociable people in the youth were terribly shy. In many ways, all bad feelings and painful emotions, at least in the beginning, is a strong motivation for people to radically change their lives.

Your grief gives you the opportunity to learn all the human senses, experience all the emotions and understand many things. Through its sadness, you become strong. Penetrates deep sadness. But the deeper it penetrates, the more joy you can contain. Hard times make the good times even more happy.

11. Mahatma Gandhi's ability to change

"You have to change in yourself what you want to change the world."

"The greatness of a man in many respects is not the ability to remake the world. This myth of the atomic age. It is the ability to adapt himself. "

If you change yourself, you change your world. If you change your way of thinking, you change your feelings and actions that you undertake. And thus, you will change the world around them. Not only because you will perceive anew their environment, but also because this perception will allow you to act as you would not have acted, and even would not have thought that the way to proceed if you have not changed your perception.

A problem of changing their environment without changing yourself is that you remain the same as it was. With the same unchanged shortcomings, fears, negative, self-destructive tendencies and your other features.

And again, in a new situation, you also will not be able to get what you've always wanted to, because your brain is saturated with all this rubbish. But if suddenly you get something without changing yourself inside, it will feed your ego. And the ego loves to share, find enemies and separated from the others and this is the beginning of even larger problems and conflicts in your life and the world.

12. Ernest Hemingway that you need to follow the process execution

"Try never to err on the actions to perform."

It's easy to get lost in minor cases. You can spend a lot of time examining incoming messages or something filtering and organizing. But what do you perform at the end of the day or the end of the week?

The fact that you are moving, does not mean that you are moving in the direction you desire. Do what you need to do and what you know is really important and helps you achieve goals. And do not waste time on unnecessary stuff.

So, raise the level of its performance and productivity. And what is most important - always imagined a complete picture of the work required. And doing all that is necessary in order to achieve what you want to achieve.

13. Samuel Beckett failures

"Once tried. Does not matter.



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