Ancient wisdom says, "look the person in the eye when you talk to him, the eyes - a mirror of the soul." When you are communicating, you see the pupils partner, and you can understand their true feelings. Expression - is the key to true human thoughts. Over the centuries, people have attached great importance to their eyes and look at the impact of human behavior. Expressions like "It just incinerated his eyes," or "Her eyes of a child," or "His eyes ran," or "She enticing look," or "His eyes suspiciously glistening," or "He has an evil eye" firmly settled in our language.

Observation of pupils practiced more potential buyers jewelers of ancient China. They watched the eyes of customers in the process of discussing the price. In ancient times a prostitute buried in the eyes belladonna to broaden pupils and appear more desirable. Aristotle Onassis always wore sunglasses during transactions, so as not to betray his true intentions.

Eye movements
Like all other body language signals, the duration is determined by looking at him national traditions. In the south of Europe for a long time people look at each other, that might seem offensive, for example, the Japanese, who in the course of conversation prefer to look at the neck of the interlocutor, not in person. You always have to take into account national traditions, before drawing hasty conclusions.

Business glance
When you conduct business negotiations, imagine that on the face of the interlocutor drafted a kind of triangle. Focus your gaze inside this zone, you come across as a serious person. Your partner will feel that you are responsible and reliable. If your mind does not fall below eye level interlocutor, you will be able to keep under control the course of the conversation.

What distinguishes views:

Informal opinion
When the eyes of the interlocutor is below eye level partner, there is a friendly atmosphere. Experiments have shown that, during the informal dialogue on the face of the interlocutor can also distinguish a triangular zone. In this case, it is located between the eyes and mouth of the interlocutor.

An intimate look
In this case, the opinion can slide across the face of the interlocutor, to fall on the chin and other parts of the body. With close contact the triangle can be stretched up to his chest, as if the people are far apart, then descend to the level of genitals. Men and women use this view to show an interest in each other. If a person is interested in you, it will return you to the same view.

The eyes play a very important role in the process of courtship. Women use makeup to enhance this effect. If a woman in love with a man, then her eyes widen when she looks at him, and he correctly recognizes this signal, even without realizing it. That's why most romantic meeting held under the dim light that makes pupils dilate.

An intimate view of the man is not difficult to notice, but they do it almost never notice, to the utter dismay of women.

Looking askance
So watch the people who are interested in either you or hostile. If a person in this highly raises his eyebrows and smiles, he is clearly interested. This is a signal of courtship. If the eyebrows, on the contrary, frowned and wiped the nose and corners of the mouth are omitted, people treat you with suspicion, hostile or critical.

Drooping eyelids
If the person with whom we are talking, down forever, it acts very annoying.
Under certain lighting pupils can expand or contract, and the person's mood can change from negative to positive and vice versa. If a person is excited, then his pupils dilate. They can become four times its normal size. Conversely, if a person is set negative, irritable or angry, his pupils narrowed to a minimum - "beady eyes" or "snake eyes».

What is opinion?
1. Involuntary eye movement (notably "shifty eyes") - anxiety, shame, deception, fear, neurasthenia;
2. Brilliant view - fever, agitation;
3. Increase the pupils - a sense of interest and enjoyment of information, communication, photography, partner, food, music, and other external factors, the adoption of something, but also great suffering;
4. Confused movement of pupils - a sign of intoxication (the more such movements, the person is drunk);
5. Increased blinking - excitement, deceit;
6. Narrowing and dilation of the pupils is not subject to the consciousness, and so their reaction is very clearly shows an interest in your partner. Manage look can pupils - no;
7. Expansion of pupils showing increased interest to you, tell them about the hostility narrowing. However, such events should be monitored over time, because the pupil size also depends on the lighting conditions. In bright sunshine the pupils of a person narrow, the? 6?


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