Observations of psychologists:

Observations psychologists show that the personal contacts interlocutors are not able to look at each other constantly, but only less than 60% of the time. However, the time of eye contact may extend beyond these limits in two cases: the lovers and aggressive people. Therefore, if a person unfamiliar and long stares at you, often it shows hidden aggression.

The duration of eye contact depends on the distance between the interlocutors. The greater the distance, the longer the eye contact is possible between them. Therefore, communication will be more effective if the partners are sitting on opposite sides of the table - in this case, increasing the distance between them will be offset by an increase in the duration of eye contact.

Women longer look at those who do cute, and men - to those who like them. Observations show that more women than men use direct view, but because they are less likely to take a closer look as a threat. On the contrary, the woman said straight look expression of interest and desire to make contact. Although by no means all direct views of men women perceive favorably, much depends on the person.

We should not think that direct gaze is a sign of honesty and openness. Able to lie man can stare at the eyes of the interlocutor, and control their own hands, not allowing them to approach the person. However, if the liar is not so trained, such as a child, cheating can be easily recognized: his hands and stretch-to-face, blocking the mouth and nose, and eyes run along the sides.

Narrowing and dilation of the pupils is not subject to the consciousness, and so their reaction is very clearly shows the interest of a partner in vas.Rasshirenie pupils shows growing interest to you, tell them about the hostility narrowing. However, such effects should be monitored over time, because the size of the pupil also depends on the lighting conditions. In bright sun pupils in humans narrow, dark room pupils dilate.

The theory of neurolinguistic programming argues that the movement of the eye companion can find out exactly what the images are now in the human mind and what he was doing at the moment: invents or recalls.

If your partner is looking to the left up or just up, then it is immersed in the visual memories. Such a view can be seen in person, answering the question "looks like a hundred-ruble banknote».

Look up toward the right gives a visual design. Man tries to imagine that he had never seen. For example, try to imagine your close friend astronaut in a spacesuit.

Look left toward talks about auditory memories. For example, remember the sounds of the piano. If the sight is directed toward the right - this is a sign of the auditory design. For example, imagine talking aliens.

Look left down - internal conversation with him.

Look right down or just down the issue kinesthetic representation. For example, emotional and tactile. It is there that seeks your opinion, when you remember the sensations of a soft warm bed, in which lay.


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