Tank. An Inside Look

We've all seen movies about the war and the brave soldiers. But I bet not everyone was able to visit within these combat monsters.

Photo above the tank OT-34 (T-34 flamethrower) .a now climbed inside. Place the driver. By the way, the car on the go!

Behind the back of the driver, turret space

The main difference from the usual by-34 T-34 - the presence of a flame thrower instead of a course machine gun on the right of the driver. In the photo he is - a flamethrower ATO-42.

Tower. Top view. Anguish and only. In such a confined space is very difficult to photograph, even a submarine was much easier to remove. But people in these boxes fought ...

The same tower just below

Place commander. Miracle devices seem even more archaic view of the device after the T-62, but more on that later. In the photo at the bottom of the driver is also seen in the vest ...

We now turn to the T-62, produced from 1961.

Now let's look at it from the inside. But first, for a consideration of cognitive viscera, is a diagram of the driver's compartment T-62:

Separation of management: 1 - air cylinders; 2 - Rack mounting-box store; 3 - speedometer; 4 - IF-1 device; 5 - booster hydropneumatic actuator control the main clutch; 6 - lightbar; 7 - power supply lightbar; 8 - surveillance device of the driver; 9 - The device CUW-3; 10 - box for dry rations from the rack for spare prism of the driver; 11 - automatic system AS-2; 12 - panel instrumentation; 13 - hour meter; 14 - socket external trigger; 15 - bracket for remote measuring DP-ST; 16 - switch panels; 17.19 - Shop-box; 18 - box for TVN-2; 20 - portable fire extinguisher; 21 -rychag gear; 22 - the lever toplivopodkachieayuschego pump; 23 - the drive lever control PMP, right; 24 - fuel pedal; 25 - a tank for drinking water; 26 - the brake pedal; 27 - the main clutch pedal; 28 - the seat of the driver

And here is how it looks in reality

Gearshift lever

Dashboard or "shield of instrumentation»

The driver, a view from the charging

Now consider the fighting compartment in the turret of a tank. There are places charging (to the right of the gun), gunner (bottom left and front) and commander (top left and rear). But in the middle - the gun, and not just a 115-mm smoothbore U-5TS with stabilization in two planes (for the first time on the serial Soviet tank).

The scheme of the crew compartment:

Fighting compartment: 1 - radio R-123; 2 - power supply station; 3 - azimuth pointer; 4, 20 fans; 5 - a protective cap antenna input; 6 - night sight TPN-1; 7-surveillance device TNP-165; 8- sight TSH2B-41; 9 - RFI filter; 10 - switchboard; 11 - rod actuating cylinder; 12 - gun; 13 - popolnitelny tank; 14 - coaxial machine gun; 15 - the water tank; 16 - voltage converter; 17 - surveillance device charging; 18 - junction box stabilizer; 19 - control box ejection mechanism; 21 - Bag with spare parts guns; 22 - unit number 4 TPU; 23 - seat loader; 24 - boeukladki in tanks, racks; 25 - first aid kit; 26, 27 - Shop-box; 28 - block amplifiers; 29 - seat gunner; 30 - control panel; 31- compressed air cylinders; 32 - turret mechanism

Place commander. Two of sight, left the night (with IR illumination), the right day. Generally, all those "black spotlight" on the outside of the tank - this is the system of IR illumination for infrared observation devices of various crew members.

Bottom view of the place of the commander. Picture taken from the gunner's station.

And now the actual place gunner (won his sidushka centered and footrest below). The view from behind the driver. Gunner in the most remote places in general sits down towers. And behind him, just above the sitting commander. They are selected through a hatch through the site commander. So claustrophobic gunner particularly contraindicated)

What a place to the right of the breech loader gun. Here, for obvious reasons somewhat freer than elsewhere crew members. Even sidushka develops. Left front - machine gun (or rather what is left). Below - tank rack that contained shells and hanilos fuel.

Surveillance device charging. Brown box at the bottom right - control mechanism ejection. This is such a feature shestdesyatdvoyki compared to its predecessors - it through a hatch in the stern of the tower eject spent cartridges.

Here is the hatch to eject spent cartridges

Well, perhaps the most important battle of the inside of the tank - the breech of the gun.

And finally, "Object 140". This prototype was created in 1957 as a brand new car. However, before the series is not reached. Chassis was later used to create the T-72. Externally catches the eye is different from the T-54/55 and T-62 chassis (ground - six rollers instead of five) as well as a large round tower.

Alas, it was kept inside even worse than T-34. Rather T-34 is given in divine form, and this is not. Even then look nothing special. But the size of the tower is striking, especially in comparison with the same thirty-four.

Top view of the place of charging, the bottom of the photo - gun.

Same place loader. In contrast to the T-62 here there is practically nothing from the equipment. Only a gaping hole tank rack ...

Gun barrel in oiled paper.

Place gunner

The turret


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