★ How to strengthen your nails in the cold?

Five tips on how to properly care for your nails in the autumn-winter period.

1. In the autumn-winter period of the supply nails from the inside with the help of vitamin complexes. Also be sure to include in your diet foods rich in calcium, iron and iodine (cottage cheese, fish, sea kale, apples, carrots).

2. Limit contact of hands with powders and detergents. When homework wear gloves. After grease hands nourishing cream.

3. Twice a month, polish nails nail file with a mild abrasive. Polishing stimulates blood circulation at the base of the nail, enhancing their growth, as well as gives them a beautiful luster and well-groomed appearance.

4. Regularly use cuticle oil: they protect the cuticle and skin around the nails from drying and water.

5. When performing a manicure Stick a couple of millimeters from the cuticle - at this point the nail breathes and receives nutrients. Nails will be much stronger if you will attach them to an oval shape - a sharp fingernail break faster.


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