Total 3 ingredients help to quickly grow strong and long nails!

Most long nails up the American singer Chris Walton, the total length of about 6 meters left. Of course, we will not go to that extreme, and grow a giant nails. But the secret of how to make them strong, healthy and shiny necessarily share.

Follow our method, and your nails will be much longer than in 2 weeks. And it does not need to buy expensive tools, all the ingredients can be found in any grocery store!

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100 ml orange juice 100 ml olive oil clove of garlic li >

grind the garlic clove and add it to orange juice. e10431359f.jpg

Hold nails in a mixture of garlic and the juice for 10 minutes. 036f02158c.jpg

Wash your hands and pour into a bowl of olive oil. Hold nails in oil 5 minutes. ec5751c74e.jpg

Do this procedure 2 times a week and after 14 days you will not believe your eyes!

Be sure to use this method and convince itself that can have strong nails each! If you liking these tips , tell them my friends!


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