Quantum Psychology: we believe in what we see, we see what we believe in !!!

Simply put on the act of observation, that the act of observation - it is an act of creation. Observation - is not to look at something aside, we simply create a projection of thought that witness. These projections are functioning from our assumptions. At a time when we are beginning to see something, we assume something, and this assumption is our belief, faith. Thus, observations are based on the beliefs. At the quantum level, there is speculation the reality of the observer, everything in the universe as determined by us.

Subconscious thoughts are equivalent to subatomic particles

We are not dealing with physical reality, it seems to us at the macroscopic level, but with the energy and information. We are dealing here not with the particles, and on the fields. In these fields of consciousness and energy is easy to interact with, until the surface levels they are perceived separately. From us, this was hidden deep connection between mind and matter. Greg Breydon single box connects atoms and feelings, people and objects. Our inner feelings change perceived as an external state of matter at the subatomic level. He says that the physical and psychological levels interact with one field.

Two sides of the same coin: the same space-field combines both concepts. These fields, or clouds are kept together - the string (string theory), they are full of information of life. And the further we go, the more we find the psycho-physical and physical and emotional reality. Our unconscious level, one with the objects around us, because they are on a single field.

Thoughts - is an expression of our deep subconscious beliefs. So our deep unconscious belief system controls a reality, also a physical reality!

All our beliefs imprinted (imprinted) throughout life and come together in the form of our programming. But there is a problem - a large part of the thought process and belief systems operate on an unconscious level. Because of this, we are blocked from the perception of deep connection outside the matrix. Matrix - is the illusion of separation and the hardness of the bodies in which we fall under the supervision of, behind which hides a deep reality.

The physicist Albert Einstein showed us that the perceived hardness - it is a mirage. All the physical matter around us is obtained from the frequency of vibration energy, and changing the frequency of the vibrations, you can change the structure of matter.

Most of us are locked in a matrix, convinced that visible separated from us. But the deep part of us operates in this subatomic subconscious level.

What we create unconsciously?

Unconsciously, we create undesirable results, we show hidden desires. So, what do not want to remember. We are stuck in patterns in the programs.

Individual programs that enter into our sense of separateness and exclusiveness. It was found that in adult life we ​​live according to the same patterns that have acquired in childhood. It is something like karma.

The essence of the problem of observation that is the work of observation and the observed, and this has important implications for everyone, because at the time of observation of something or someone, we begin to believe so - to create. David Icke: When you are in a state of fear, and fear - it is a very slow and low-frequency vibration, the more you see the embodiment of fear around. And the whole system is built on the manipulation of the masses through fear management. We were trying to keep under the stress of worrying about tomorrow and regret about yesterday. It puts us in a state of slow vibrations. We must be very careful with that, what we believe about the future.

The holographic reality, the more you depend on the belief system, the more you create what believe what you believe. Every thought creates reality itself, which grows like a spider web.

Unconscious - is the creative force contained within us and that creates what is programmed in the back of us. It exists on the border with the conscious, and it returns all of our memories erased and stolen. And to think that we are going through the experience of as separate from us that we ourselves are automatically created - dangerous!


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