Power view: a view is extremely dangerous!


Eyes clearer than words
Words sometimes only the meaning of fog...
And look... Well, did he cheat
Someone who can read.


The look of a man has tremendous power. About the person and his character can tell a lot by his gestures, gait, facial features, but I think hardly anyone will deny that the main source of information about a person – his eyes – or rather his eye. The look is very much to say about the inner world of man.

It has long been noticed that eye person can influence others. A glance can convey a whole range of feelings – love, hate, contempt, regret, gratitude...... No coincidence there are such expressions as "kind to eyes", "look goosebumps", "admiring the view", "haughty look".

From all this one is tempted to conclude: look has energy.

Opinion is a powerful force, which can be used to dazzle, to charm, to control and manipulate people. Look to submit, look to neutralize the hostile intentions of man or beast.

If the person some time to stare, he will feel it. This ability to feel someone else's gaze, the researchers decided to test experimentally.

The experiment, which was attended by 100 people, was conducted as follows. In the center of the room planted a man, and behind him, planted a second so that the subject did not see him. This second had periodically to stare at sitting in front of him. If the subject felt the look, he was talking about. The results were stunning. In 95 cases people feel is aimed at them, the gaze of another person.

The history gives us the names of famous personalities who possessed special, magical eye, which sustain the people and could not look. Heavy, fascinating gaze, which for many became not on itself, possessed Caligula, Ivan the terrible, Paul I, Hitler, Stalin.

In the history of known cases where people were killed by the force of his gaze. Thus dealt with the objectionable members of the caste of assassins that existed in Alexandria in pre-Christian period. A similar feature had the look of a man who lived in the middle of the XIX century in Sicily.

Extremely dangerous look of a man in a state of extreme emotional excitement, in the heat of passion. Knew about it in ancient times. That's why people before execution blindfolded. By the way, the executioners, resulting in death, dying very early, usually before the age of 40 years.

How all this are the representatives of modern science?

Research in the field of telepathy and biological radio worked Soviet scientist Kazhinskiy (1890-1962). It was hypothesized that the human eye not only sees, but simultaneously radiates electromagnetic waves of defined frequency.

The same opinion was held by the Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine Ronald Ross (1857-1932). The scientist conducted a series of experiments during which subjects were asked using the sight to affect a tiny magnetic needle, suspended on a silk thread. Many could look to turn the arrow.

In 1989, Soviet scientists conducted some unusual for those years experiment, to test paranormal abilities known in those years, the healer Anna Lopatkina. She was asked with a glance to affect the laser beam passing through the hollow cylinder. A few minutes after the start of the experiment in the cylinder appeared gray haze, but after a few minutes, the laser beam simply disappeared. At this moment the device, which was carried out continuous monitoring of the eyes of the healer, there were short sharp dilated pupils women.

Based on several experiments and research was put forward a version that the main channel of energy transfer to the eye is the pupil.

Back in the olden days it was believed that the size of the pupils connected with the life force: the life of a human pupil more than the old or sick. Pupils dilate when a person has a need for information, and that is why children are expanded.

Pupils dilate in time of danger or stress, when a person to make a decision you need as much information as possible. Pupils have narrowed, tired, lost interest in human life, which also indirectly confirms the hypothesis that the energy is transmitted through the pupil – constriction of the pupil prevents the outflow of the body's supply of energy.


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To date in this area, many assumptions and hypotheses than proven facts. One can say with certainty that the sight of a man, which is one of the main means of communication between people, can have a beneficial effect, and cause immense and sometimes irreparable harm.published



Source: v-garmonii-s-soboi.ru/energetika-cheloveka-2/sila-vzglyada


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