Love at first sight: how our brain deceives us

Without any conscious intention on our part our subconscious mind forms an opinion about the people we meet. But this opinion is not always correct. And here problems can occur.

One very common mistake that makes our subconscious mind – it leads us to believe that the people who look the same, have the same character. And this error has a direct impact on when we fall in love at first sight.

Love at first sight implies some sense to someone I just met – even before you speak and know it better.

If we someone fall in love at first sight, then, something in his appearance caused us this reaction.

We all have different ideas about the attractiveness of a person. Because it is based on our experience.

For example, you met a new person, which is similar to:

— your ex-love,

the relative who makes you warm feelings,

— a good friend.


Most likely, this person will seem attractive, even if others consider it normal. That is, your subconscious instantly and automatically associates the new person with someone from your past with good memories. And all only one appearance.

Interestingly, on a conscious level you may not even notice this similarity, but the subconscious notices it immediately. And that's when you fall in love with this new person, not knowing why. That's why love at first sight so mysterious.


Love at first sight is not just a physical attraction.

The process through which your subconscious mind when interpreterpath facial features, refers to the formation of impressions. That's what all of us do. From a very young age we learn to associate certain facial features with possible traits of human nature.

Love at first sight cannot be explained only by physical attraction. Otherwise we fall every time she saw a handsome man. The thing in our subconscious, which considers a person attractive based on the factors from our past that really has nothing to do with this new person.

It's not fate.

Because many people think just because they felt "it" at first sight, then it's meant to be. But just because they can't explain such feelings. This is bad, because if the relationship will work out, and then you break up, will think he has lost his destiny. And a lot of this many years later to suffer, thinking that I missed the love of his life.

Because next time, when you think about why you did not succeed with the former, think: and suddenly it's your subconscious mind keeping you in love with him? Just because he resembled someone good from your past, but really wasn't.published


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