Success on autopilot: 9 habits that changed my life

Habits change people. They can revive and kill, throw and drop to the bottom. All the everyday actions that we do on automatic — habit. They govern us: effect on mood, development and health. Making good habits, as an investment in the profitable project, the day has paid dividends almost without your participation. You just have to eliminate bad habits, to select useful and watch as the world changes around you.

All my achievements are: personal, professional and financial, was the result of entering into the life of a small changes that over time produced results.

Forty five million two hundred forty two thousand ninety five

Over the past three years I've worked as a web developer, the author of articles for a men's magazine, chief designer of the product. I visited two of the country, moved out of the Dorm in a comfortable apartment and continue to work with habits as one of the most important tools of development.

These 10 habits changed my life:



In 18 years I first came on to the stage to present the project. It took more than a day of continuous operation. I was the youngest in the team, but to present the draft sent me. It was scary. In the dark I was blinded by a bright light, and I almost didn't see anyone. Representatives of major it companies asking questions, and I tried to answer them. It was scary, but I knew that to miss this opportunity impossible. Since then several years have passed, and that moment remains one of the most memorable in my life.

Why overcome fear?

Every instance of leaving the comfort zone proves that we can do more. This gives you the confidence that all obstacles can be overcome. Because it is, but to develop the habit of ignoring fear is not easy.

As the start?

Fear is a signal that it is time to act. Two days ago I met a famous artist and immediately approached him. We talked a couple of minutes and parted. Nothing complicated. Saw a beautiful girl/man? Approach. Came up with a crazy idea to Wake up at sunrise to go Jogging? Stand! If you do not, you will be sorry. Over time, self-pity will become a habit, and dreams will remain dreams. What do you want? Write a book? Public company? Unimportantly. Act.


  • To understand what to be afraid of almost everything. This is normal.
  • To realize that fear is a normal feeling. Overcome it and discomfort will no longer bother you.
Twenty million six hundred eighty eight thousand three hundred thirty four

Early rise

Two years ago I started experimenting with early awakening. When I was in College, he worked as a project Manager, wrote articles and studied English. There wasn't much time, so I started to Wake up at 5:30, to check-out in College to have time to go to the gym and practicing a foreign language. I stood not long since to sleep in the dormitory before 11 PM as simple as the rise with the dawn. Then I had to change the schedule, but this summer a few days a week I would Wake up when the sun was just beginning to warm, went outside, did 10 sprints, came back, cooked food for the day, sometimes read a book and went to work.

Why Wake up early?

When one job is done, the second is given easier. Waking up early, perform the jog or simple task, you will become as a player, scored in the beginning of the match a goal and been filled with the certainty that score.

How to learn to get up early

You can list dozens of tips that will help you to get up early, but none of them beats the purpose, which is sufficiently strong and conscious, which is stronger than the desire to lie still for one hour. Why do you think the students sleep through class? Maybe because they do not see in the classroom make sense? It may well be. But sadly not it. Many adults sleep in, they work for the same reason.


  • Have a plan what you will do in the morning. Without this, it is better not to Wake up. Would be more useful.
  • To go at least 6.5 hours (preferably 7-8) to rise.
  • To eat smart. Errors in the diet greatly affect the tone (more on that below).
  • To understand that an early start is no guarantee of success. In the end, everyone in 24 hours.
Thirty six million five hundred twenty eight thousand twenty one


At 16, I weighed 84 kg. I was fat. By the end of school my weight dropped to 62 kg, and two years later again came to 80-84 with a healthy percentage of body fat of 10-12% (this is like Daniel Craig in the James bond movies). Fitness is not only a healthy body. He disciplinarum makes to overcome difficulties and achieve new goals. These qualities are transferred to all aspects of life.

Why a healthy lifestyle?

Discipline, self-confidence, emotional, mental and physical stability. And most importantly — life rod.

How to improve health?

Everyone knows it: eat right, sleep well, move.


  • To adhere to moderate exercise regimen. Not to overwork.
  • Allocate time for rest. There was a time when I was training 7-8 hours a week. It is permissible at some stage, but long term will be bad.
  • Attentive to every movement. This will help to avoid injury and to accelerate growth.
  • To progress, to do our best on each workout and setting new goals.
Ninety nine million three hundred fifteen thousand seven hundred eighty nine

Smart food

I didn't eat sweets and pastries for over two years. I say, "How can so limit?!". I do not limit. I eat what I want. It's not a diet. Smart nutrition is a way of life.

What for?

Your energy level depends on what you eat. Take a break and think about how you feel? Feel sleepy, fatigue, or vigor? Now, remember, what to eat all day.

The Sprinter need power to run the race no less than you to accomplish the task. It becomes obvious that healthy eating is the key to success. Of course, you can swallow a croissant, drink his frappuccino and get the necessary viplex energy. It works a couple of times, but in the long term will have a negative impact on health. Excess sugar, caffeine, fat is not good does not.

How to eat smart?

Imagine a fire. It burns, until he throws the branch. If you throw a lot at once, it goes out. If not enough he will die. Similarly, the body needs nourishment of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Morning meal enables the body to Wake up (make a fire), and a few meals during the day, maintain it in the right condition. To eat smart you need to know which products contain basic components: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


  • To understand what foods contain empty energy, and in some useful. Regular sugar is a useless thing, and fruit — no.
  • Consume sufficient amounts of protein. It is a building material of your body.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (I drink several times more). Without water everything dies.
Eighty seven million twenty nine thousand four hundred sixty nine


I started to set goals at 18. Remember how in the "Purpose" of the service MoiKrug wrote "Become project Manager". Stumbling on forgotten summary in a year, I only smiled, as the goal was achieved. Writing the objective, the likelihood of achievement increases significantly. It ceases to loom in the head, and you have the opportunity to do business.

What for?

The goal orientation of life. They indicate the direction of development and help to avoid confusion and stagnation.

How to work with targets

Now I use a paper notebook. One page is one week. I divide tasks by category. Point determine the priority.


  • To understand that reaching the goal, you will not be happy. Happy you can be only now. Target gives momentum to your life, and in movement something ambitious you feel happy and successful.
  • To abandon the goals if they have lost relevance. This happens with long-term goals.
Thirty eight million nine hundred thirty four thousand five hundred fifteen


The return of Steve jobs, CEO of Apple — my favorite moment in his career. When he returned, jobs reduced the product line to 4 devices. What happened further you know yourself.

In an interview with Chinese television, the founder of Apple said to create a breakthrough product need to focus on one idea and bring it to ideal.

What for?

Multitasking is relevant only when performing simple tasks like talking on the phone while making coffee or invisible looking at girls during workouts. More complex tasks requires a lot of mental strength. It's like juggling. The more balls, the harder it is. Now imagine that one ball (a big task) weighs 20 kg. to toss only one ball, you will need to concentrate on it all. Same thing with tasks.

How do you focus?

If you want to achieve anything in this business, you need to disable notifications social. networks close the unnecessary tabs and, if possible, to retire. Work in sprints, not marathons. On my laptop with Pomodoro Timer. I use it constantly. If you are disturbed by external sounds, use the services Noisli.


  • Remember that the world is changing the people who know how to focus.
Ten million two hundred ninety six thousand one hundred fifty six


I'm experimenting with diet, training regime and every month to discover something new and get to know your body. Don't stop finding a good solution. Everything can be improved.

What for?

Experimentation is movement, openness and self-knowledge. Experiments with coffee helped me to identify the appropriate dose and time of consumption that will allow to sleep for 6 hours a day and to work productively. Having tried various products, I know how to increase energy level without harm to the figures.

As the start

Change the time of awakening or bedtime. Move exercise to the morning or evening. Add or remove some foods from your diet.


  • To monitor the health, physical shape and tone. Guided by these indicators. I add new products and see how they affect my shape and tone. Because of this, find the best products for every time of day.
Thirty seven million seven hundred sixty thousand one hundred ten


Yesterday I met with renowned actor, a week ago with the writer Dan Waldsmith, six months ago, Igor Mann. Each conference, book or an interesting article — a reason to strike up an acquaintance.

What for?

I am familiar with the employees of the largest publishing houses of Russia, art Directors of leading it-companies, writers and just interesting people. Because of this, I can for a few minutes to get an authoritative answer to your question. Besides, the higher the circle of your communication, the better you become.

As the start

Liked the book? Find contacts the author and contact him. It will take no more than 15 minutes. Listened to an interesting speaker? Come and ask a question. Find interesting people online. Now it is very simple and fast.


  • Not to get person. To apply only in the case and an interesting question.
  • Be open to any dialogue. No matter a waiter or a famous writer.
Seven million ninety seven thousand fifty


A year and a half ago, I did some research. Every idea that came to mind, was recorded along with the occupation, during which time she appeared. With triple isolation reading was the most productive way of generating ideas.

Why read

New ideas, the ability to be distracted, to concentrate, to learn new skills, gain motivation…

As the start

Find three of the most popular books in your industry and read them. Read a book a week. It's not difficult. Imagine that in every book you'll find at least one idea. In the end, you will get 52 ideas a year. One of them could dramatically change your life.

Discover favorite books of interesting people and make a list to read.


  • Don't aim for quantity. A year and a half ago I took up the challenge and read 50 books in six months. The experiment is interesting, but some books I read again.
  • Take notes. I often read in iBooks. It's easy to export notes to mail. After reading, I treat them and all in the knowledge base.
  • To implement ideas!
Seventy six million four hundred forty four thousand seven hundred twelve

Useful book

How to get your Affairs in order. The art of stress-free productivity — David Allen
How to work four hours per week — Timothy Ferris

Speech and Talks
Turn on the charm by the method of intelligence — Jack Schafer, Marvin Karlins
Argue it! How to convince anyone of anything — Nikita Nepryakhin

How to come up with an idea, if you are Ogilvy — Alexey Ivanov
Steal like an artist — Austin kleon

Success story
The Corporation of geniuses. How to manage a team of creative people — ed Catmull, Amy Wallace
Losing my virginity. As I built the business by doing everything on your own and enjoying life — Richard Branson

1. How to become the best in what you do, Igor Mann
Art to learn. How to become the best in any case — Josh Waitzkin

At the limit. The week without pity — Erik Bertrand Larssen
Be the best version of myself. How ordinary people become extraordinary — Dan Waldschmidt

Develop value propositions — Alexander Osterwalder
Rework. Business without prejudice — Jason fried, David Hansson Heinemeier

Customers for life — Carl Sewell, Paul brown
More money from your business — Alex Levitas



Studying English, I used a table that has tick each day when paid employment at least 20 minutes. Thus, I've fixed the habit, and it worked.


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