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calls "leave the comfort zone" recently began to give beaten, and at all annoying. What is a "comfort zone"? The place where you feel good, does not it? So why do you need to leave it? < Website published a very interesting article about the comfort zone and that whether we perceive it.


My name is Pauline Rychalova. I am the mother-ultramarafonets, author of several educational and outreach projects, including the project on development will Willding.

For three years I ran 7 marathons and 50 half-marathon ultramarathon 4, including a 100-mile ultra-trail, which took third place. Usually, people like me, like to encourage other people to come out of your comfort zone.

The image of a coach for personal growth, an expert in personal effectiveness - is the image coach with a stick, which calls to put my whole life into question and go beyond the cozy swamp, under which is understood comfort zone.

What comfort zone? It is believed that comfort zone - a place where nothing happens, sad moorland. And one has only to take a step beyond, everything starts to change around the magic and miracles of life start to happen. But miracles can not be those whom we expect.

It is believed that development occurs in a situation where there is a constant Challenge, a challenge. When you constantly poke a stick, you say to yourself, "Gather, rag!" And go conquer new heights.

Science and my own experience say otherwise. Development takes place from the point of rest. A few examples from different spheres.

Rest - this is not about the state of lying on the couch (although sometimes about it, too), but about the internal state. Modern psychology has shown that the psychological development of the child takes place only when it feels safe. And the development of an adult too. Remember Maslow's pyramid and its lower layers - the safety of them.

The development of the child in the womb is in accordance with natural conception, if the mother protects herself. But the nature of the hedge, - during pregnancy the woman is protected from the stress hormone, it is because the development of better going alone.

One year old child who begins to walk. It makes your steps away from my mother, and then returns to "secure base", in the very comfort zone. Because if there is no comfort, there is no daring.

I - runner. My weekly volume varies from 40 to 70-80 kilometers per week. The muscles work during a run, but the changes taking place in the muscles after a workout, when the muscles are at rest.

Do you know why we need sleep? There are different hypotheses, but they all agree that we need sleep to recover, - the body is resting, but the brain during sleep does not disappear - in the brain there are processes of memory consolidation, recovery processes.

Boredom - a resource state. If you give yourself bored, then I wonder what is likely to follow. No wonder there is the phrase "sleep on it." Invented, I podrayvil himself went to bed.

The incubation period - the hidden process and turns it when it is dark, warm and calm.

What's wrong with a constant drive? Standing drive - it's like a breath without exhaling. Drive fed by certain hormones. One of them - the hormone cortisol, a hormone belonging to the group of glucocorticoid hormones. Which is a short distance helps the body to mobilize and to heal wounds. But in the long turns into an enemy and starts to destroy our body.

In nature, everything is cyclical. Periods of stress are followed by periods of relaxation. The cold is replaced by heat. We have a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. And if we ignore the cycles, we drive ourselves into a corner.

Can be useful to call out of your comfort zone? Maybe. If you understand the features of our hormonal device. We develop only situations in which there is "optimal tension", we experience a state of flux.

The basis of motivation, optimal voltage are also hormones - adrenaline and dopamine. If too many of them there is a feeling of excess motivation - we fuss, nervous, our efficiency is low. If the state of depression (not to be confused with the state of rest), the hormone deficiency leads to the fact that we lie on the couch. And most of all is the lack of just because before that we drive ourselves so long that "dodrayvili" to a state of exhaustion.

How to create a comfort zone for yourself? I like the image that appears when you say "Put life on pause" their normal life.

Consider what you are pleased to go through these moments of joy. Give yourself the opportunity to grieve. Relax. I'm throwing myself twice a year on a month vacation. My lifestyle allows it. At this time, I read fiction, I run for fun, playing with the child lying on the couch and do other nice things. I try to relax as much as possible. But in everyday life, every day I alternate between periods of tension and relaxation, it allows you to be productive on a high note and get out of your comfort zone most of the time.

I want to finish the story about the coach. I used to run around and getting ready for the race without a coach. When the question of preparation for the hundred last spring, one was terrible, but even worse was to find someone with a stick, which will tell me about how important all the time out of the comfort zone, do not feel sorry for yourself, do not whine, and a bunch of others "not". Muffles are my own voice. And I was able to find someone who approached me. For some, the recovery was not an empty word, because of this I came to the distance in the best form and won the third place.

Think about that if your inner voice is calling you on the sofa, and there is no possibility of him to get up - it means you now have to lie on the couch, as much as you need. Until not throw up (well, if you do not drive yourself up to clinical depression).

My son loves the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda." The protagonist, a panda, in the second part seeks to find inner peace. It takes a lot of effort so far, still does not understand that inner peace comes when you are in harmony with itself. At this point, everything becomes possible and understandable - he takes on super-strength.

So do not listen to anybody, stop at least for a time, to poke a stick. And remember that you need to yourself gently. Another tender. And even more tender. And then you have a chance to be in place, where miracles happen.

Author Pauline Rychalova



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