15 fascinating secrets of famous books

Many well-known literary works have their secrets and secret history. And sometimes read about them is no less interesting than the books themselves. < Website offers to learn a little about the new books that seemed to us so familiar.

Ruslan and Lyudmila • Alexander Pushkin em> h2> Have you ever wondered why Pushkin "Mermaid sitting on the branches?" The image of a mermaid, which is half woman, half fish - a legacy of Western culture. We are used to represent a mermaid with a fish tail, but western mermaid and mermaid from Russian folklore - are completely different characters. Most often, the Little Mermaid in the Russian tradition, portrayed as a portly, beautiful, young woman with a pale face and with long green hair. Its main entertainment - sitting on the branches of trees and combing their hair.

The Little Prince • Antoine de Saint-Exupery em> h2> All the fairy tale heroes have their prototypes. The image of the Prince deeply autobiographical - it Exupery in childhood. Rose, the little prince that loves and protects - his beautiful but capricious wife, Consuelo Hispanic. And Fox - is Sylvia Reinhardt, a good friend of Saint-Exupery, who helped him in difficult times.

The Mysterious Island • Jules Verne em> h2> We know that Jules Verne used to write his novels based on their scientific knowledge. But in "Mysterious Island", he deliberately omitted one detail: in the method of manufacture of nitroglycerine to blow up the granite cliffs lacked a catalyst (platinum), without which the whole idea for what would not work.

The Hobbit, or There and Back • J. R. R. Tolkien em> h2> Tolkien wanted to write a little tale to read their own sons, but I carried away that get a good book with maps and illustrations. At first there was only one handwritten copy of the book that the professor read sometimes gave his friends and disciples. It is thanks to one of his students, and the book was published, and later also will be continued.

Another interesting fact is that the reviewer for this book became a boy of ten, the son of the director of the publishing house, where it was first published.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves h2> The famous phrase "Open Sesame" in the Russian translation should sound like "Sesame, open up».

Alice in Wonderland • Lewis Carroll em> h2> Characters Mad Hatter and the March Hare are derived from two English sayings: "mad as a hatter" and "mad as a March hare." The saying Hatter due to the fact that in the old days in the manufacture of felt hats was used for mercury poisoning which causes chronic mental disorders. A crazy March Hare explains the mating season, the coming spring.

Macbeth • William Shakespeare em> h2> Shakespeare did not invent the story of the play "out of my head." He ably laid out medieval legend, and pretty close to the original sources. "Macbeth" is the most popular of Shakespeare's plays. She performed in the world every four hours.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban • J. Rowling em> h2> When the book "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" was released in the UK, the publisher, in order to avoid absenteeism, asked bookstore owners not to sell the book, until the school closed for the day.

Lolita • Vladimir Nabokov em> h2> It is believed that writing a novel inspired by Nabokov's sensational story of Charlie Chaplin, who loved his second wife Lita Grey, when she was 12 years old.

The Count of Monte Cristo • Alexandre Dumas em> h2> The plot of "The Count of Monte Cristo" was drawn from the archives of the Paris police. Shoemaker Francois Picot was arrested after being denounced and cast into the fortress, where he spent about 7 years. In prison Pico dug an underground passage to the next cell, where he was kept a rich Italian priest. They became friends, and before the death of the priest Francois told the secret of the treasure hidden in Milan. After his release Pico mastered the treasures bequeathed to him under another name turned up in Paris, where he spent 10 years, the wages of meanness and treachery.

Woe from Wit • Alexander Griboyedov em> h2> In the 19th century, the actress refused to play Sophia in "Woe from Wit", saying: "I am a decent woman and pornographic scenes do not play!". Such a scene they thought night conversation with Molchalin who was not the husband of the heroine.

The Shawshank Redemption • Stephen King em> h2> Stephen King has sold the film rights to his book for just $ 1. It gives the opportunity for young filmmakers and students, while leaving all the rights to work and to extract from prohibiting commercial advantage to the film.

Fahrenheit 451 • Ray Bradbury em> h2> Soon after the publication of dystopia Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" publisher Ballantine Books has issued additional special series of 200 copies of the novel were wrapped in the cover of the material based asbestos fire with exceptional properties.

Wuthering Heights • Emily Bronte em> h2> As at the time of the novel activity Creative Writing was considered inappropriate for a woman, it had to be published under the male name. A year after the book Emily Brontë died, never knowing what will take its place in the history of the novel in world literature. After the death of Emily's sister Charlotte reissued novel and added a preface, which explains that the author of the novel actually - woman.

Fight Club • Chuck Palahniuk em> h2> Once Chuck Palahniuk resting on the nature and quarreled with the neighboring camp, after which he was soundly beaten. Back on the job with a face covered in bruises, Palahniuk saw that none of his colleagues did not ask what had happened. Then he got the idea of ​​the novel "Fight Club." In the course of writing the book Palahniuk yet time to get involved in street fights, testing the experience of their heroes in their own skin.

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