10 books that will melt the heart of the most severe

Of all the books read to us are usually the most remembered by those who have caused the most powerful emotions - amused, or, conversely, have gone through the most sensitive strings of the soul, we left a feeling of a lump in the throat and a veil before the eyes .

Today Website has collected these books that can be read only by having left a pack of handkerchiefs.

Erich Maria Remarque "Three Comrades" This magnificent book about post-war Germany is considered one of the best novels about love, but somehow it like most are those who can not tolerate such novels. Probably because Remarque very true, does not leave the reader with the illusion and tells the story of the main so sincerely and openly that the reappraisal of reading will escape no one.

Jenny Downham "As long as I'm alive," Sixteen-year-heroine of this book is just beginning to live, and it is so much I want to make it. So she wrote a list of all your desires and immediately gets down to business. This honest and novel in the full sense of the word takes time, recalling that it is necessary to appreciate the important thing is to seize the moment, be bolder in the desires and enjoy the adventure that gives us every day.

Stephen King's "The Green Mile" Stephen King invites readers into the world of terrible prison on death row, where leave to return. Nothing that you read before, can not be compared with the most audacious experiments of Stephen King - a story that begins on the Road of Death and goes into the depths of the monstrous secrets of the soul. This book - a serious test for humanity. The test, which is to pass.

Annabel Pitcher "My sister
lives on the mantelpiece "Little Jamie cried when his older sister died, but his family's whole life changed dramatically at this point. This sad affair for all ages teaches us that we can not live in the past, that despite all the troubles, only the man himself remains the master of his own destiny, and everything that happens in it.

John Boyne
"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Although the protagonist of the book - a boy of nine, Bruno read her children strictly contraindicated. This is a very mature and serious history of life, divided by barbed wire on the fence of a concentration camp, who stood in the way of children's friendships. History, which for a long time did not let you go.

Jojo Moyes "Before I met you," Lu - a simple girl, leading a measured, cozy and boring life. Will - a successful businessman, energetic and full of energy. But one day everything changes: Will is confined to a wheelchair, without the slightest desire to live, Lu became his nurse. Their touching story tells that the difficulties can be overcome - even when we do not think so.

Daniel Keyes
"Flowers for Algernon" If you are looking at the same time the pleasure of reading, food for the mind and a long aftertaste, it does not pass by a small novel Daniel Keyes. He will tell you what it is - from a simple guy, janitor at the bakery, whose IQ is less than 60, to become a genius, most intelligent person on the planet. Can we thus overcome their fears and cope with loneliness?

Kathryn Stockett "The Help" tells this story of three very different women: two black maids and the white girl from high society. They are united by one thing - a heightened sense of justice and desire to change the order of things. For this they are willing to risk everything. Fabulous warm and dramatic novel, once again raises the issue of inequality between us.

Abraham Vergeze
"Dissection of Stone", "The dissection of Stone" - the story of a lifetime of love, betrayal and redemption, and the expulsion of a long return to the roots. The missionary hospital in Addis Ababa under tragic circumstances born two twins, conjoined necks, Marion and Shiva. Arts and courage of doctors, separate them immediately after birth, to determine their life and destiny.

Marc Levy's "Thief of Shadows" After reading the summary of the book is about a boy who knows how to talk to the shadows, you would expect from a novel of mystery and fantasy. But they will not find you there: Levi describes the most everyday, ordinary, devoid of the supernatural - a human life. It makes it so shrill that it is simply impossible to restrain emotions.

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