10 books that are worth reading because of the same title

course, do not judge a book by its cover, but some names are so intriguing that it is simply impossible to pass.

Website brought to you stories of beautiful titles which are vivid stories, interesting characters and a stunning observation copyrights.

Oliver Sacks' The man who took his wife for a hat "Oliver Sacks - famous British neurologist and neuropsychologist, author of several popular books have been translated into 20 languages. "The man who took his wife for a hat" - a modern story of people trying to overcome a serious and unusual mental disorders. Sad, kind, very honest book.

Jonathan Safran Foer, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," Foer's novel - is a poignant story told by a nine-year boy, whose father was killed in one of the Twin Towers September 11, 2001. But there is a story about the pain of all wars on the ground, on the fate of the destroyed, the losses, the fear. Incredibly Close each. And terribly hurt.

Bel Kaufman
"Up the Down Staircase" The American writer Bel Kaufman wrote a novel about the students and their teachers, children and adults, those who go against the system. The book begins with the words, "Hello, teacher!" And ends with the words, "Hello, zubrilka!", And between the two replicas of letters, emails and letters - people screaming, hoping to be heard.

Walter Moers
"City dreams of Books" The protagonist of the "City of ..." - a dinosaur. He inherits 10 pages of handwriting - the best text ever written on the white light. Traces of an unnamed author lost in Knigorode, and the hero goes there to find the mysterious genius and becoming his disciple.

Neil Gaiman "never" Imagine that under the streets of your city is a world of which most people are not even aware. It is inhabited by saints and monsters, it becomes a real word power, danger lurks at every turn, it's dark and dirty, but ... very interesting. The door to a world outside of London opens Neil Gaiman. Just go down there and be gone all night.

Muriel Barbery
"The elegance of the hedgehog" Teenage girl, intelligent and educated beyond his years, an elderly concierge studying philosophical works and listen to Mozart, rich Japanese, who had settled in his declining years in a luxurious Paris apartment ... What connects these people how to change their lives after they accidentally find each other? Light, truly elegant affair.

Angela Nanette
"My grandfather was a cherry" Ottaviano old man planted a cherry tree, and it was the best friend of his grandson. And so there was a story about an unusual grandfather, who believed that "man does not die until the cherry trees continue to live for him." A tiny book, proving a simple idea: life is a miracle.

Tim Robbins' sleepy eyes and pajamas in frogs "It makes no sense to try to retell the story of Tim Robbins phantasmagoric: that surrealism, theater of the absurd and the most delightful and talented nonsense that only can be found in the current literature. It recommended to all those who have not forgotten how to be surprised, and not afraid of non-standard solutions.

Robert Young "Girl Dandelion" How sad - fall in love with a young girl and leave her forever. But what is happiness - to find a suitcase in the attic of his wife of twenty years ago, and see it with new eyes. Wonderful story of love, fear of leaving his youth, and that miracles are not fiction, they are always with us: in the eyes of our loved ones facing us.

Jerome D. Salinger
"The Catcher in the Rye" Handbook of several generations of young rebels recalls what it was like - when your head has not eaten the system, and you ask a question to which nobody knows the answer, because none of them thought about it. About how difficult it is to fit into the world when you're 16 (or 27 or 48) - and this is the norm.

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