How to start a new life: 50 tips that will surprise you

The total obnovlenieInvestor, programmer, writer and serial entrepreneur James Altusher several times sank to the bottom, and revived again - as he writes in his post for He had to change careers several times: sometimes because of the change of interests, sometimes because all the bridges were burned behind him, and he desperately needed money. And sometimes - because it was repugnant to all colleagues, and he was disgusted with them.

There are other ways to start a new life, so Altusher calls to listen to him with skepticism. This triggered a crib for him. However, he watched as she works for several hundred other people. James was able to verify this, taking numerous interviews for your podcast, read the letters in the address, and just lived the last twenty years. So, if you want to change your life, try something new, then here are some useful tips.

1. Upgrading never stops

Every day you open yourself anew. You are always in motion. And every day, you decide what is a movement - forward or backward.

2. You start from the beginning

Each title from the past that you will stand up - is only vanity. Were you a doctor? After graduating from university, "Ivy League"? Were millionaires? Did you have a family? Nobody do not care. You have lost everything. You - zero. Do not even try to prove that you represent something.

3. You need a mentor

Otherwise, you go to the bottom. Someone needs to teach you how to move and breathe. Not worth much to worry about this point.

4. Here are three types of coaches

Direct. Someone who is close to you who tells how he has achieved everything. Beyond "just"? More on this later. By the way, a mentor - is not someone like an older Japanese man from the movie "Karate Kid," in 1984. Almost all teachers will hate you. Indirect. These are books and movies. You can learn 90% of coaching books and other materials. 200-500 books comparable to one good mentor. You may ask: "What is a good book you recommend?". This question is not answered. There are 200-500 good books to be read. Whatever your beliefs, read it every day. All the others - this is a mentor. If you - a clean sheet and aiming to update, then everything around becomes a metaphor for action. You see a tree, but do not see its roots and underground springs that feed it - all of this is a metaphor for a computer program, if you correctly will reduce the facts together. In the future you will find a link to everything you see. 5. Do not worry if you do not need no passion

You care about your health. Start with this. Small steps. You do not need a strong emotional desire for success. Doing their job with love and success will follow.

6. To update you need to 5 years

Here is the explanation of these five years:

Year One: you spray to force a lot of useless Affairs, read voraciously and only rises to these actions Year two: you know who and what we must communicate. Is dedicated to daily. Finally, you realize that your aspirations resemble the game board "Monopoly» the third year: you are good enough to start making money first. But life is still far from ideal. The Fourth: you live a beautiful life Year Five: you earn wealth.
7. If you deal faster or slower, it means you are doing something wrong

Google's history illustrates this well.

8. It's not about the money. But the money - a good measure

When people say "it's not about the money," they need to be sure that they have another good measure. "And if you just do what you love?" - You ask. Note that the front of a lot of the days that you are going to hate their job. If you are a business just for the love of it, it will take much longer than five years. Happiness - it's only positive impulses in the brain. Sometimes you will be unhappy. The brain - a tool that we use, and not who we are.

9. When you say "I do X», where X - is your new career?


10. When I can start doing X?

Today. If you want to become an artist, buy a canvas and paint today, start to buy the first of 500 books, and hold the brush. If you want to learn how to write, then enjoy a three chores:

Read Contact Take your favorite piece your favorite author and copy it word for word. Ask yourself why he chose these words. Today it is your mentor.
11. How much will I earn?

For three years you dedicate thousands of hours of business 5-7. That's enough to become one of the two or three hundred of the best in anything. Top 200 experts in almost every field make a living pretty well. By the third year, you will know what to make. By the fourth year, will earn enough. Some stop in the fourth year.

In the fifth year you enter the number of 30-50 of the best in the business and amassed a fortune.

12. How do you know exactly what needs to be addressed?

Everything to which imbued with the soul while reading 500 books. Go to the bookstore and get it. If after three months you still bored, go to the bookstore.

13. How do you know exactly what needs to be addressed?

Disappointing - this is normal. Success is better than failure, but the most important lessons we learn just after failures. It is very important - do not hurry. You will find yourself again many times throughout his interesting life. And it will be a lot of mistakes. This is in the pros.

When you repeatedly abruptly changing life, your chronicle turns into an interesting book of short stories, not in a boring textbook. Many people want the story to their lives was verified textbook. Good or bad, but the book "Altusher" - a book of short stories.

14. Your choice of today will be tomorrow your biography

Take interesting solutions, and you will have an interesting biography.

15. What if I like some absurd? For example, biblical archeology and 11th century war?

Complete all the steps described above, and in the fifth year you will earn a lot of money. How? No idea. Do not try to look for the end of the road on the first step.

16. What if the family wants me to work financier?

How many years of your life you promised your family? Ten years? All life? And then wait for the next life. The good news is that choosing - you.

Choose freedom or family. Freedom from prejudice. Freedom from the authorities. Freedom from the need to please people. Then you please yourself.

17. My mentor wants me to go on his way

Excellent. Examine his way. And then make his own way. Sincerely. You also have no one puts a gun to your head?

18. My husband / wife is worried about who will look after the children

Then carry out their new life after a 16-hour day as a janitor. The one who opens himself again, there is always free time. Set aside a little bit of time on his business. Think about it at every opportunity.

19. What if friends think I'm crazy?

What other friends?

20. What if I want to be an astronaut?

This is not a rethinking itself, but simply a specific job. Do you like space? You have a great career choice. Richard Branson wanted to be an astronaut and launched Virgin Galactic.

21. What if I like to hang out and drink?

Read this post a year later.

22. What if I cheat a wife / husband or betray their partner?

Reread the post after two or three years when the divorce, lose your job, and no one will need.

23. What if I do not have the skills?

Reread paragraph 2.

24. What if I have no education or have a diploma useless?

Reread paragraph 2.

25. What if I have to pay the debt or mortgage?

Reread paragraph 18.

26. Why do I always feel like an outsider?

Albert Einstein was the same. Any one of us in a certain moment feels out of place. The highest degree of creativity is born out of skepticism.

27. I can not read 500 books. What is the one book I should read to be inspired?

Just surrender.

28. What if I'm too sick to upgrade?

Update stimulates the production of useful chemicals in your body: serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. Continuing to move forward, you may not be completely cured, but become healthier. Do not use illness as an excuse. In the end, do some health. Sleep more, eat. Exercise. These are key steps in order to start a new life.

29. What if the previous partner had deceived me, and I still suzhus with him?

Stop litigation and never thought of him. Half of the problem was you, not in it.

29. What if I go to jail?

Amazing. Reread paragraph 2. Read a lot of books in prison.

30. What if I'm shy?

Turn your weaknesses into strengths. Introverts listen carefully, better focused and more effective to gain people.

31. What if I can not wait five years?

If you do plan to live another five years, it's good to start today.

32. How best to get acquainted?

Imagine concentric circle. In the center you.

The next circle - friends and family.
Next - the online community.
Next - the meeting of interest and invitations to coffee.
Next - conference and opinion leaders.
Next - mentors.
Next - customers and producers of goods.

Develop relationships through these circles.

33. What if I consider myself to be the best in what you do?

After 6-12 months you will return to point 2.

34. What if I am passionate about two things from different areas and can not choose one?

Combine the two areas, and you will become the best in combination.

35. What if I so obsessed with the subject, who studies that want to share knowledge with others?

Stuff taught using videos on YouTube. Start with one student and next, whether to grow the audience.

36. What if I want to make money when I sleep?

In the fourth year of his case to give outsourcing.

37. How to get acquainted with teachers and opinion leaders?

When you have accumulated enough knowledge (after 100-200 books), write 10 20 ideas for potential mentors. None of them answered. Write another 10 to 20 new ideas of potential mentors. Repeat this every week. Make a newsletter for those who do not respond. Continue until someone responds. Start a blog about your efforts. Build a community around that, what is going to become an expert.

39. What if I can not come up with the idea?

Continue to practice in inventing ideas. The muscles responsible for the idea, eventually atrophy. You must build up those muscles.

It is difficult to reach your toes, if you do not train every day. To do this, repeat the exercise regularly. Do not expect that the ideas will start to come on the first day.

40. What else should I read?

After books to read websites, forums, magazines. But, by and large, there is a waste.

41. What if I do everything, what you're saying, but it still does not work?

It will work. Just wait. Do not try to see the end of the road. Browse your destination you prevent fog. But you can see where the next step, and you know that each step brings you closer to the end of the road.

42. What if I'm depressed?

Spend an hour in silence. This is required to restore communication with the inner "I". If you think this sounds crazy - do not do it. And continue to sink into depression.

43. What if all this scares me?

Sleep eight or nine hours a day and never gossip. Sleep - is the key to health. But it is not the only key, but simply № 1. Some say, "I need only four hours of sleep" or "I have a dream at home equates to laziness." Well, these people waiting for failure and early death.

As for the rumors, then our brains are biologically tends to be friends with 150 people. When you are alone with one of his friends, you start to discuss the remaining 149. If you do not have 150 friends, the brain makes you gossip magazines to read, to create the illusion that you have these 150 friends.

Do not be so stupid as your brain.

44. What if I continue to feel that all this does not work in my case?

Spend ten minutes a day to practice gratitude. Do not suppress the fear. Pay attention to the anger. Anger is never encouraged, and thanks to well cope with it. Thanks - a bridge between your world and the parallel universe inhabited by all the creative ideas.

45. What if I constantly have to deal with people who do not believe in me?

Find your new environment. Anyone who begins life with a clean slate, faced with those who are inciting deviate from the intended path. Biology tells the brain safeguard you from the dangers and renovation - is the risk. So get ready to say goodbye to the people who are trying to stop you.

And learn to say "no».

46. What if I'm happy to sit in the office cubicle on the current job ?

Good luck.

47. How can I trust you, once you have repeatedly failed?

Do not trust.

48. Will you be my mentor?

You have read this post!



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